Using State Spies to attack political opponents – why the SIS are gaining new surveillance powers


National will only be able to get away with what is being revealed by the IGIS report into the Secret Intelligence Service if we, the people of NZ, let them.

And. We. Should. Not. Let. Them.

State spies editing intelligence to give a false impression of a political opponent of the Government is as bad as it gets. The only thing worse than what they’ve been caught doing would be an open FaceBook conversation between Key, the head of the GCSB, Military Chief-of-staffs, Cameron Slater and Vladimir Putin about mounting a military coup.

The news media crucified Helen Clark for signing a painting she didn’t paint, crucified her over a speeding ticket and crucified her over water saving shower heads and power saving lightbulbs, yet here is the Prime Minister’s Office directing the use of the State Intelligence apparatus to hand someone as unstable as Slater edited state secrets to attack Labour with.

Other questions are now raised, did Judith Collins feed Slater for the same purposes? Why was Key allowed to declassify intelligence reports for political gain? And why were the security reviews for these new SIS powers never written?

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All of this is an abuse of power that tracks directly into John Key’s office. The idea Key, who runs the state spy agency and who rings Slater regularly, didn’t know what was going on is simply unbelievable.

But that’s not the only unbelievable part of this gross abuse of power. Using Muslims to frighten NZers so Key can ram through new SIS powers under urgency before Christmas is divisive hate politics at their most Machiavellian.

What is truly horrifying about allowing the SIS to break into our homes and plant cameras to record us for 48 hours without a warrant, is that these powers have already been given to the NZ Police.

When the Police were caught illegally spying on the Urewera ‘terrorists’, Key ‘punished’ them by retrospectively cleansing the Police of any illegality and he legalised that kind of warrantless spying. The NZ Police, who have shown time and time again that they are a law unto themselves with very poor legal oversights, should not have such extraordinary search and surveillance powers and the Search and Surveillance Bill remains one of the great civil right erosions committed by this Government.

In the case of the Police, the media spin was these powers needed to be used against organised crime. The trick however was that for the powers to be invoked, the definition of ‘gang’ had to be met. That definition was 3 people who knew each other and had the same motive. That allows for far more people than just organised crime.

The reason why the SIS are now gaining these powers is that there must be some trepidation within the police force to start using these powers against activists, so the SIS will gain them and do it instead. On The Nation last weekend, Chris Finlayson let slip the most important aspect of this new power, that it won’t be just used against religious groups. This time around the bogeymen being used to spook us is Islamic Terrorists, yet the power for the SIS to break into our homes, plant spy cameras and spy on us for 48 hours without a warrant can be used against everyone.

We were conned into letting the Police have this power, we are being conned again to let them have even more power in the wake of a damning report showing they are abusing the power they currently have.

Key dismissed Dirty Politics and Nicky Hager as left wing conspiracy theorists and the NZ public believed him and re-elected him with an even larger majority. The scope of criticism in this report however demands a Royal Commission of Inquiry, and that is what must now be demanded by even those who voted National.

This isn’t about right wing or left wing, this is about Executive Power and its misuse. If we tolerate this, if we simply shrug and say it’s politics as usual, then we stand for nothing.

Our democracy deserves better than this.


  1. Totally true. But what do you suggest? If you start a petition against it I am happy to sign. Can any one think of ideas? One of the problems is that there needs to be a way to collectively voice an opinion and get that opinion out there and fast to generate real time change.

    Also someone needs to lobby the Labour party members before they destroy themselves even further by collaborating against their own and the countries interests.

    JK is not called the ‘smiling assassin’ for nothing and you don’t make 50mil by not promoting your own agenda.

    It is time for the people to rise up.

    • Ironically the Internet Party that no-one can find a use for these days was able to get membership opinions and policies created by using a free website program (Loomio) to perform precisely the function that puzzles you.
      The IMP was evolving a process that could have made NZ a true democracy before Labour destroyed it. I suspect that Labour is secretly rather pleased.

    • I think it’s time for a sustained ‘Gaffe’, ‘Tricky’ campaign against Key.
      Gower , Garner , Obrien etc were all too keen to continually criticise anything and everything that an honest David Cunliffe did , with these labels.
      So in the interest of fair and balanced journalism, and considering that Key is clearly a recidivist cheating, lying, bullshit artist, (why do people kid themselves to believe otherwise), I figure on last count, they need to call Key a ‘Gaffe’ making ‘Trickster’, 126 times, to even things up !

      • Call him Honest John, say it straight, say it often and say it sincerely. If up is down, and black is white – then the PM is Honest John. Counter propaganda 101.

    • Ive signedAvaaz petitions in the past but now realise they are not what they seem,it is a George Soros fighting arm for Israel against Palestine,just bing Is avaaz genuine? .
      I asked what happened to previous petitions , they never answer,so now we know why the petitions were never presented,and avaaz say it was a member instigated ,but not so ,the latest petition is not worth signing it will never be presented, members donate money to avaaz thinking they are helping the people,they are providing money for the likes of George Soros and other like people. in aid of Israel fight against Palestine, that is my take on it ,please check it out .I will never sign another avaaz petition. If a petition is organised by genuine people to stop the sis forced law to be done by end of year dont use avaaz

  2. Classic Crosby Textor the SIS has now issued a report and apology to both John Key and Phil Goff.

    NZSIS “failed to take adequate steps to maintain political neutrality” but still poor John Key got caught up in it and needs an apology too.

    No resignations though from Dr Tucker.

    Discourse – give SIS more power – but apologize first cos the public need to feel reassured there is some control and accountability over SIS. But John Key or his office was not involved and Labour and everyone else have nothing to fear:)

    The best lies are half truths.

        • Sorry Adam I pressed a thumbs down instead of thumbs up.

          Yep seems to be the sleepy hobbits might have more understanding that we all think. The election was punishment to Labour for endorsing the right wing agenda (with more taxes) not a nod for National to pursue it.

          That’s why so many didn’t vote and Labour lost the most votes. And it was Labour that bought down Internet Mana not National.

          Now Labour are endorsing the SIS powers even though they helped bring labour down. All I can say is Labour’s stance is like family violence when the violent person’s biggest supporter is their partner being beaten up. But only the helpless bystander can see it happening and are powerless to help.

          • I wonder if Labour are a hidden wing of National. They agreed to the passing of more power to the sis bill,What or who can we trust,even the Greens said they would work with National.have all parties been bought out ? Its very scary,we have to stop the bill ourselves ,we cant rely on MPS or anyone in parliament,

  3. This is slightly off topic but in Spain the left parties have surged in popularity using completely different methods.

    this is an extract…. just trying to get ideas out there

    iePodemos is founded on the politics of hope: its English translation is “we can”. It was founded only this year but won 1.2m votes and five seats in May’s European elections. And now it has topped opinion polls, eclipsing the governing rightwing People’s party and the ostensibly centre-left PSOE – the Spanish Socialist Workers’ party. There are few precedents for such an explosive political ascent in modern western Europe; in Spain, a discredited political elite appears to be tottering.

    ” But Podemos was the child of the indignados movement, a party that emphasises bottom-up democratic participation: where the indignados had neighbourhood assemblies, Podemos has “circles” that take similar forms. There are even circles among Britain’s Spanish diaspora in London and Manchester. The funding for its European campaign was largely crowdsourced, and its policies and priorities are decided partly through online voting.

    • So all we need is record unemployment including 50% unemployment among young people? It is true though, that at some point the elites push things too far and the people eventually decide they’ve had enough. The question is, how close to that point are we in New Zealand?

      It is a matter of getting people to see things for how they really are. Obviously massive social failure on the scale they have over there is one way to do it. The real trick is to get the message across before the disaster happens.

      • Yes and another thing which is horrifying is the reported amount of ‘rare and unusual’ stranding events of whales and dolphins around NZ. If it is the oil and gas sea floor testing and we aren’t allowed to know what and where they are testing shouldn’t all the alarm bells be ringing? Or are they worthless lumps of lard in the way of oil/gas profits,( god how weird as not so long ago the whales were the oil). John Key is a sick and twisted little dick man, funny how one rotten tomatoe like him can turn the whole pack of mush minded creeps rotten. These people are sucking everything dry, change everything now.

          • Or alternatively run around in a hot sweaty suit totally inappropriate for the hot summer temperatures in the asphalt jungle doing the ‘ wannabe yuppie lets please the boss ‘ quick step.

            Truly ,…we need village idiots like yourself to give us some humorous diversions from the serious issues at hand at times.

        • Kate I have been worried about this too. Talked to a Greenpeace activist who wasn’t reassuring. Seismic testing kills whales if they are nearby. The three big sperm whales which died at Golden bay probably a casualty. Also Orcas at Southern coast. Murderers and liars. as if the planet needs more oil. What to do though?

      • If you work on the amount of contracts with ‘zero’ hours and contractor jobs. I would say we are already at 50%. Workers in NZ may be working but not with any guarantee of a job or as an employee. Look at the petrol station employees. No guarantee of hours and they have to pay for other people’s dishonesty to boot. It sounds like the practice was widespread. Yes they are working but not employed with any guarantee of working. When they complain – zero hours as punishment so they don’t complain. Also they do not have the money to complain. That’s just one sector come to light.

  4. So the NZSIS, who had John Key as Minister in charge at the time, provided politically biased information to the Office of the Prime Minister, who was John Key at the time. The Prime Minister’s Office then gave a politically biased blogger Cameron Slater advice on how to request that under the OIA and it was provided in record time to Slater who then used it to smear Phil Goff.

    But John Key claims he knew nothing of this? So he’s openly declaring his incompetence then? If as Minister in charge he knew nothing of the information exchange, that was provided to the office which is run for and on his behalf then he is grossly inept and should stand down. He doesn’t have the skills necessary to manage the heavy burden of political management required of a Prime Minister.

    I actually believe that he’s lying through his teeth, again. There’s no way he didn’t know about this. But okay, let’s take his lies for what they are, what they mean is he’s an incompetent fool.

    Either way, liar or idiot, you have to go John. Resign now.

  5. In a sense, this is the same tactic (but far more serious and of greater magnitude ,of course ) as the tactics used to control dog owners and gun holders (Think small lap dogs and legitimate deer stalkers not criminals ) .

    On the basis of a few incidents, punitive and generally ineffective ‘legislation ‘ is rammed through.

    This business , however , is a more fabricated situation.

    It was interesting that in the case of Finlayson , – he was being asked about security on a far more domestic issue – that of the guy who escaped to Brazil. After waffling on about reviews to ‘ensure it doesn’t happen again’ – hot on the heels of that within the same week another guy skives off to Aussie pulling the same stunt.

    The moral of this story?….they cant even control their own domestic issues and their trying to convince us these invasive powers are needed to curb international geopolitical issues?


    This is a govt that is towing the line for Uncle Sam , – not because we need greater protective powers, – but because John XkeySCORE wants to make damn sure we are tied in with the USA and the TTPA.

    Anyone who works in security knows that NO SECURITY is ever 100%.

    If it was,…we wouldn’t have had a good laugh at John XkeySCORE when he was at a barbie drinking beer (as usual ) with one of the young royals in attendance when a member of the public casually strolled onto the grounds and introduced himself to the royal in question.

    And THAT demonstrates TWO THINGS :

    1) that the whole ‘risk of terrorism’ is a convoluted mock up – in other words…if we had serious ‘terrorist’ activity going on this country that royal would have been in big shite. We are still the peaceful place we always were.

    2) That the only ‘risk of terrorism’ has been brought on by John XkeySCORE himself,…WHY?….because he’s the moron who’s been going out of his way to get us involved in a foreign war.

    And any ‘terrorism’ that occurs on our shores from fighters from that war can then be directly attributed to the actions of this ‘prime minister’ in his eagerness to curry favor with the USA and the five eye spy network.

    Thusly , he is directly culpable if anyone was ever harmed by ANY terrorist activity that was imported here in retaliation for this govt’s willing involvement in that foreign war.

    Oh , and actually a third point : does it not appear STRANGE that in this undeclared war he has involved us in,….that the flavor of the month is to not only commit us to a war….but to use this as an excuse to bring in all sorts of repressive powers and laws …which has nothing to do with any terrorists here…but only to exercise power over the population?

    And that with all the lies about public mass surveillance being told just before the election ( to which he was caught out blatantly lying to the public ) that with these ‘sophisticated’ new powers – that they have no more greater success rate than the old tried and true methods which are far less threatening regards the loss of civil freedoms…..

    This liar John XkeySCORE has GOT to go.

  6. Cheryl Glynn’s report also mentioned the Slater/SIS/PM’s office staff issue was done without Key’s knowledge!

    Yeah right! The whole sordid business reeks of Key’s modus operandi!

    The report clearly indicates Nicky Hager was right and Key was wrong! Lying toerag!

    John Key should be put under oath in this and other matters he’s lied about!

    • “Cheryl Glynn’s report also mentioned the Slater/SIS/PM’s office staff issue was done without Key’s knowledge!”

      There’s no way Key can prove he was not involved – that would be proving a negative. If the report absolves Key by stating “he was not involved” (or words to that effect) then it’s BS. Surely the only thing the report could say is that no evidence was found directly implicating Key in the whole farce?

      In any case, he’s responsible for the actions of his staff. His staff have broken the law. That’s on his head. He should resign.

    • Yeah, & the great thing is we are getting away with it & keeping you snivelling, losing left from forcing your crap ideas on NZers.

  7. The Sad truth is that the million or so people who voted for National two months ago are not interested in any of today’s reports. Only a faltering economy will loosen Key’s grip on power. Then Labour will jump into the vacated seat of government and give us a slightly different flavour of neoliberalism. The only thing we can count on is warming temperatures, rising waters, freakier and deadlier weather events, and a world that increasingly resembles a Kafka nightmare.

    • I just don’t believe that is true. In fact I’m really sick of hearing people on this site referring to how much the general public “doesn’t care” or what a bunch of sleepy hobbits they are. Anyone who is a regular visitor to this site should be well aware of the considerable effort that is put into spinning the news and the general approach of this government

      Yes there are people who don’t want to believe that John Key is dodgy, that would be a real challenge to their sense of security in the world, but we know there are people inside the National Party itself who aren’t happy about the dirty politics and I would say the majority of kiwis would be unhappy about this if the info was laid out on a plate for them. It’s actually a real testament to how useless our media is that we’ve got to this point.

      • Aaron, I never mentioned the “general public.” I stated that the million or so who voted for National don’t care about these reports. If those people feel that they are doing well economically under a National government, a report that is critical of the “PMs Office” becomes an inconvenient truth for them. Many of us do care but there are too many of us who are lost in or bury our heads in “distraction media” (Chomsky). The truth is blinding for those who seek it but there is a general lack of curiosity amongst enough people to keep us in crap governments for the foreseeable future. You don’t have to be a regular visitor to this site to understand how the corporate media works and how it looks after the interests of those it represents. That is a global phemomenon. By the way, anyone who is a regular visitor to this site should be well aware that the term “Sleepy Hobbits” is one that is consistently repeated by this blogs principal author. Good on you for caring and having the strength to fight on.

      • ” I would say the majority of kiwis would be unhappy about this if the info was laid out on a plate for them”. This comment simply underlines what we are saying. Why should we have to put the evidence on a plate for them?
        The comments that TDB attract are mostly from people who take the trouble to read extensively. If anyone needs to be spoon fed they are precisely the ones who are the problem with this country.

      • There is a rumour that someone has already approached ‘the Guardian’ newspaper about the possibility of a NZ edition of the Guardian.

        There is an Australian edition already of ‘the Guardian’.

        ‘The Guardian is the 2nd most read online newspaper in the world. Having such a progressive newspaper that has New Zealand content would really help this country.

        The Herald is so biased with propaganda, advertorials and trivia, it should not even be described as a newspaper.

  8. The joke is our partner in the 5eyes relationship is the one that is destabilising the world, creating the instability in which security organisations thrive. The USA created the mess that is Iraq and Syria and also promoted the revolution in Ukraine. Ironically these are seen as being the evils that the spy agencies are protecting us from.

  9. Heres a few interesting statements courtesy of this mornings herald, regarding NZSIS information releases :

    !) The interesting dual meanings ,- Inspector General of Intelligence and Security , Cheryl Gwyn …. said she ” found no evidence of political partisanship but did find that the NZSIS failed to take adequate steps to maintain political neutrality ”.

    How very , very interesting.

    So on one hand we have an organisation not guilty of ‘ political partisanship ‘ – ‘ but failed to maintain political neutrality ‘….

    Doublespeak ? anyone?…so which is it? – not retaining political neutrality is the same bloody thing as political partisanship for goodness sake’s !!!!! Talk about mincing words to cover it all up !!!

    And do they take us as that NAIVE to really think we’d fall for the line John XkeySCORE had nothing at all to do with any of this when the mongrel was caught out consistently lying to the public about mass surveillance ???

    With Ede just several doors down as one of his senior advisors?

    And doesn’t it stretch the imagination and insult the intelligence of the public for them to want us believe there was no collaboration at all on this???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And also Gywn’s findings that a ‘staff member ‘ in John XkeySCORES ‘office ‘ guided Slater in his OIA request regarding the briefing, …..oh come on , will you?

    Even if the information was ‘declassified’ it was recognized the release of that information to a right wing attack blog would OF COURSE be a politically partisan ploy and definitely not a ‘ neutral ‘ political action.

    And here we are being asked to believe John XkeySCORE was some sort of Pollyanna and sugar wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

    After this govt we can firmly believe pigs fly , the earth is flat and there are no sheep on our farms.

  10. If you think about it, this was the nail in the coffin for Phil Goff with his leadership. He looked foolish and it changed his career. He’s got every reason to be angry. But he doesn’t even get a resignation from SIS or apology from Slater let alone John Key, minister in charge of the SIS.

    That was also the start of the leadership revolving door of Labour which help their downfall in the polls.

    So lets give the blundering SIS more power – they got it wrong 3 years ago with Phil Goff, what chance has an innocent member of public got, when they get their ‘report/intelligence’ wrong again and ‘spin’ it.

    We used to be innocent until proven guilty now it is the other way around (apart from with Princess Di aka Judith Collins). When all evidence points to her guilt but she is of course cleared.

    • An innocent member of the public has absolutely no chance against the SIS, the GCSB and the police special forces unit. They also have unlimited access to our money and $$ from the U.S. to destroy these people and their family members. Lovely!

  11. But WHAT are we going to do? Is there any legal recourse against Key? Is there any point in a referendum? Cheryl Glynn’s report will be forgotten in a week. We’ve got to take some sort of action. I don’t know how or what. Does anyone know what we can do?

    • A good start would be to determine what the nature of the problem is. You can’t have security without trust, and you can’t trust someone who misuses their power.

      State security ultimately belongs to the Commander in Chief, to make this all about Key would be a mistake. Questionable state security is more a problem of citizenship than a problem of politics, and understanding the problem involves asking the basic questions about the security relationship between NZ’s foreign head of state and the forces driving the push for war and more surveillance.

      Talking about the link is sometimes considered to be taboo and portrayed as hate speech. If you know what it is then you should also know that there is no point in trying a attack it head on, a better approach is to minimise your exposure to risk.

    • There’s not much an individual can do but if every individual does what they CAN do – complain to lazy journalists/TVstations, ring their MPs, write in comments threads – then it WILL have an effect. That is what a ‘groundswell’ IS.

    • Could we get someone like that man that took John Banks to court , ,take a private prosecution on the grounds of misinformation and corruption against the people of nz,it would have be done now with a proviso that no bills or actions can be taken until after a case has been heard,just an idea .we are desparate.

  12. Our mainstream media doesn’t hold Key to account it’s like the coverage is rehearsed in his favour people believe the Greens had a policy to print money, or why hasn’t it been made clear about the passing of the tpp with the contradictions or the “gentlemen’s agreement” President Obama says doesn’t exist. In America in the 70’s there was a national committee on public doublespeak.

  13. Pick the spelling mistake: “Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it’s set a rolling it must increase.” (Charles Caleb Colton)

  14. Ho, Ho, Ho it is Christmas time for National again. The left are throwing themselves against the tide of public understanding that this is small cheese of interest only to the vanquished.
    Of course when Clark did it that was different.
    3 elections in which every effort was made to slag off Key which ended in total defeat and you are all going to line up for a 4th!
    Talk about never learning a lesson no matter how reinforced it is.
    The only task for the right now is to encourage the left to continue to slag him off and go for 5 in a row.
    Dumb and Dumber.

  15. Time to petition Sir Gerry for the crook’s removal.

    The Nixon quote I want to hear from Key is “You won’t have Key to kick around anymore.”

  16. So how come Key wasn’t called to give evidence under oath, after all it was his office, which he was responsible for.
    You would have to be deaf, dumb, blind and stupid to believe that all of these goings on were without Key’s notice. More likely under his orders I would have thought

  17. My scumbag Prime Minister just said on the news that Ede did not permanently delete emails (germane to the enquiry.)

    Okay John, Ede didn’t, did someone else do it? You?

    • How strange, he didn’t want to answer the questions she asked, he wanted to answer some other ones. On Campbell Live he tried the same thing.

      (I should’ve tried the same trick with my school exams – the old Peanuts cartoon “I got all the right answers they just asked the wrong questions!”)

  18. One is left totally bemused as to, what of or when, the departments and/or staffers purportedly reporting to the “Dear Leader John Key” are his responsibility.
    PS: You do Tricky Dickey a disservice – why he was a duplicitous bastard he was responsible for some major progress in foreign relations. To date the “Dear Leader” John Key has only a plundering of the public purse in favour of the elites as a memorial.

  19. Would an extremely large pile of signatures, signed for a ‘vote of no confidence’ against the present PM, on the governor Generals desk, make any difference?

  20. Can NZ citizens demand a snap election? Surely there must be some way, albeit, storming Parliament, that we can show our dissatisfaction with the PM and his mob? I know, I was called an election, but personally I think it was rigged, so not an answer.

  21. @ Brigid, Stuart Munro, Kim Dandy and Frank Macskasy –

    Constitutionally, it seems that our Governor General is the one with the power to remove a (corrupt) Prime Minister and disestablish the related government.

    For this to happen the PM doesn’t need to be corrupt, any more than Gough Whitlam was corrupt when Sir John Kerr disestablished his government in 1975. But it is the lever to pull.

    If the NZ power bloc equivalent to the one that told Sir John Kerr back then to sack Mr Whitlam, were to want our PM sacked, I would expect them to use this method and to succeed first time. Axiomatically and ironically, however, like punishment ‘which is least effective when it is most needed’, the provision most intended to protect ordinary citizens from a corrupt elite, would be when exercised by said ordinary citizens at its least likely to work.

    But that doesn’t let us off from trying. Until we have proved that the official channel doesn’t work it can continue to be alleged that we didn’t really mean business.

    It’s worth noting that this hasn’t been tried in AotearoaNZ before and that therefore it hasn’t mattered whether the Governor General is actually a rubber stamp or not. The ignored anti asset sale petition as I understood it could be ignored because it presented asset sales as something which could be legal but which those who signed would prefer not to happen.

    This case is different because we would be would be petitioning the Governor General about manifestly corrupt behaviour that could never be upheld as being in the public interest.

    Sir Gerry might be quite aware of why he was so peremptorily shunted from GCSB to GG (he had to be got out of the way of the shoulder-tapped crony). As he had done nothing wrong and people might have protested at what looked like a hasty demotion, ‘honourable promotion ‘ to GG would have been used to try to cover what the move was really for.

    He will be well aware of things like how to tell rangatiratanga from kawanatanga and how what’s happening now fits in with ongoing treaty breaches. If he gets approached now by a movement asking him to exercise the most important of his powers, it may surprise us how well he rises to the occasion.

    • Hi George

      That’s great there is a petition but it needs updating – as it was set up prior to election!!!!

      How about another petition with John Key should resign as minister in charge over SIS bungle!

      • Hi SNZ –

        I just took a quick look at the petition, thinking it might be stale but the number of signers has increased and minutes are still ticking away since they signed, so it seems to be still live as well as just as relevant even after the election.

        I’ve saved the url for transplanting later so I’ll be able to keep an eye on it…

    • it wont be passed on they never are avaaz is not genuine,dont waste your time on them . a petition that is publicly generated would be better .

  22. 333 says:
    September 21, 2014 at 9:21 am

    I’m tired of this world. . . So many basking in the glorious ignorance :(.

    Just wait NZ till we follow Aus, US, UK etc with the fake t3rr0r @Axe, Militarized PoPo, indefinite detention with classified evidence, . . . etc etc the laundry list is endless. We are now firmly wedged under their UMBRella. People are asleep, slouching toward their own self imposed slavery. The people get the leader they deserve I suppose, . ..and supposedly what we deserve is the so called smiling assassin. The masses are morally compromised, that is the problem here, . . .morally and mentally impaired, unable to use that most precious organ located in thy skulls, no awareness, only conformism.

    When people describe our country by the preponderance of sheep, . .. they aren’t talking about the 4 legged variety. 🙁

    • There was only 2 days and the 2 days are up.Key never gives any time to the people he dosnt give a damn about NZ and he makes no pretence about it.His agenda is to hand us over in 2015 to the cabal and corporations,only so many weeks left ,if he can ignor and wriggle out of this blip (in his eyes) until Christmas he is home and hosed and we are lost.We must rise up now.he will ignor everything ,our hope is the govener general , but I think Mr Matapare is frightened of Key. Maybe the Maori people could do something,come on Hone.

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