The Daily Blog Breakfast Club Ep. 1

By   /   November 21, 2014  /   12 Comments

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The Daily Blog Breakfast Club, Live from Verona Cafe on K-Rd, Auckland – a weekly current affairs show with TDB Editor Martyn Bradbury. This week – Chris Trotter & Selwyn Manning.

TDB Video, Live from Verona Cafe on K-Rd, Auckland – a weekly current affairs show with TDB Editor Martyn Bradbury.

This week’s panel:

    Chris Trotter & Selwyn Manning.

The issues:

    1 – What now for the New Labour leader?
    2 – How is Key balancing the geopolitics of the China relationship?
    3 – Did Roger Sutton think he worked at the Rock Radio Station?
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  1. Maria says:

    Choice! Finally an alternative narrative on the screen!

  2. Grant says:

    Yes, Yes and Yes !
    Citizen A reincarnated. I love it !
    For me watching that was like a dehydrated flower being watered again . Some real ‘get your teeth into’ analysis of real issues.
    One question .Why can’t Chris Trotter speak like that when on other forms of media like Radio Live? It’s almost like there are two Chris Trotters wandering around out there !

  3. Ah, nice to see “Citizen A” (or a semblance thereof) returning!

  4. wild katipo says:

    Wow!….now THAT …was good. Very good.

    I would suggest if possible it is a more regular occurrence for the Daily Blog. Well done . 🙂


  5. Kim Dandy says:

    Thanks TDB, just what I have been waiting for…good honest discussion about topical events. Look forward to the next instalment.

  6. Stuart Munro says:

    Good work guys – nice to get a little context on Little. He might very well do, but early days yet.

  7. adam says:

    Martyn, this is a way better medium for you. Blogging is not you natural sphere.

    I for one, am glad you are back doing this, as it is a greater use of your talents.

  8. Murray Simmonds says:

    Congratulations to all involved in this production – Brilliant! Just BRILLIANT!

    At last, something worth watching on TV (or the contemporary equivalent if it).

  9. downwithnats says:

    Great to see. So much more bearable than expositions by Hoots and Goer on tv3.

  10. Joceje says:

    Great, are you going to continue?

  11. Brewer says:

    Off topic sorry but I think folks here should know about this:

    Amnesty International has partnered with several other human rights groups to release Detekt, a free tool that allows Windows users to determine if their machines are infected with spyware. It’s part of a wider effort to maintain a modicum of privacy in the face of mass surveillance programs.

  12. Cagey says:

    Thanks – this is awesome.

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