Where. Is. Jason. Ede?



Where. Is. Jason. Ede?


  1. No doubt the Taxpayers Union will be tracking him down as I write.

    Slater works privately, albeit with help from Government ministers, but Ede was employed by us. Did we get value for money? That’s what the TU will be trying to establish.

    And to those who say he was working for the National Party, did he pay rent for a Beehive office?

  2. I’ve also found the lack of footage on TV of journalists running after a fleeing Ede surprising. Even when they can’t get a comment, they normally show footage of them trying, and paint the picture of a man being evasive. In this case…nothing. It’s unusual to say the least.

    He is after all one of the central players in the Dirty Politics scandal. If anybody knows what has been going on it’s him, shouldn’t he be a major focus of journalistic enquiries?

    • JK said there’s nothing to see here, so there’s nothing to see here.

      No need to follow up on it. Easier to just copy and paste press releases.

  3. Dirty politics couldn’t work without dirty journalism.

    Mainstream journalists were a vital part of the conveyor belt of sleaze, intimidation and smear tactics by the government against their political opponents.

    Jason Ede is protected from ever having to face the glare of Television Camera lights or journalist’s microphones being thrust at him, because the Mainstream Media were complicit and still are.

    For a mainstream journalist to dare to ask for an assignment to question Ede could risk their job or put a shadow over their career, or worse.

    The police force complete this circle of intimidation by hounding Nicky Hager for daring lift the lid on the vile nature of media manipulation carried out by Ede and his compliant friends in the media.

    The message is clear dare speak truth to power in New Zealand and we will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

    Mainstream journalists get this message. They know what to do. (or not do)


      The above link is very good read on the nature of “Dirty Journalism”, of how leading main stream media journalists fully guilty of dealing in stolen emails, and actively working hand in glove with Cameron Slater in spreading political smears, have never been questioned about their filthy behaviour, and who from this pulpit of untouchability have joined a chorus of right wing politicians and paid party propagandists in denouncing Nicky Hager for exposing it.

    • I keep watching Campbell Live in the hope Aunty John will do a Ede story. No such luck so far, he’s too busy playing with trains and doing fluffy tales.

  4. Goodness me, you’re not still going on about this are you? For your information, there was an election way back on September 20, the people spoke, the people moved on.

    Take the hint and move on yourselves for goodness sake!

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