Jason Ede is back – but no media can interview him?



Well, well, well. Jason Ede, the main figure connected to John Key’s office and the Dirty Politics black ops is back with a company with deep ties to the National Party.

One thing you can say about the right – they look after their own.

Now Jason has a plush new job amongst his right wing friends, one asks, why the hell have the mainstream media not interviewed Jason yet about his time at the centre of allegations concerning Undermining of the Serious Fraud Office, Undermining of the Financial Markets Authority, Undermining of the head of the SFO, Intimidation of witnesses, including Mr Gapes, Use of personal information regarding Simon Pleasants to incite threats, In respect of the Minister, the corrupt use of personal information regarding Simon Pleasants to obtain an advantage (section 105A of the Crimes Act), Use of that information (section 105B of the Crimes Act), Accessing the Labour Party computer system in breach of section 249 and 252 of the Crimes Act, The use of dynamic (ie changing) email and computer addresses to avoid detection and the handing over of SIS info to Cameron Slater that went well outside the normal protocols for such information.

It’s incredible that TV3’s 3rd Degree had the money and resources to use Slater as a source again to track down 3 of Kim Dotcom’s former workers in the Philippines for the shock horror revelation that he may have called NZers ‘cheap arsed farmers’ once and yet not one single member of the entire NZ news media can seem to track down and interview Jason Ede, a person who can connect whether or not Key’s office was fully aware of the dirty tricks he and Slater were hatching for the National Party .

The reality is that mainstream media want to ignore Dirty Politics now for 3 reasons…

1 – National won a massive win and msm don’t want to annoy the National Party army of voters who see questioning Key akin to spitting on the All Blacks.

2 – They don’t want to investigate Dirty Politics any longer because most of them are all complicit in helping and enabling Slater and want that conveniently forgotten.

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Look at this picture…


…what’s missing? Conveniently all the mainstream media contacts Slater fed.

3 – The mainstream media will tell you until they are blue in the face that they are not biased and did cover the Dirty Politics scandal, the reality is that the main 3 themes the news media covered in Dirty Politics were 1) That Kim Dotcom was the hacker, 2) Hager was a hypocrite for using ‘stolen’ emails and 3) Key’s assertion that the entire thing was a communist conspiracy.  The mainstream media have not fully investigated one single allegation inside the book.

Not. One.

The Police raided Hager’s home using 50 Police hours to do so and the response by most in the mainstream media has been ‘he should have been expecting it’.

Hager did more actual journalism in one book than the entire mainstream media have managed in 6 years under Key.

The double standards are stark, the Herald managed to call drunk student chanting ‘Nazi Chants’ and claim that Donghua Liu had bought a $100 000 bottle of wine, a $15 000 book and $150 000 in donations and demand Cunliffe’s resignation, the National Party are caught lying about mass surveillance and under hand tactics that would make a drug cartel blush and they are given excuses for the lot.

The mainstream media of NZ are the reason why we can’t have nice things like corruption free politics.



  1. “Ware said the move to hire Ede was not political. “The decision to hire him was mine and mine alone – or to contract him I should say. I can 100 per cent tell you it was not a political decision.”

    Yeah, right.

  2. “Hager did more actual journalism in one book than the entire mainstream media have managed in 6 years under Key” Hear, bloody hear!

    If it weren’t for journalists like Woodward/Bernstein, Dirty Politics in US would have not have been stopped at the Watergate investigation.

    Where are our Bernstein/Woodward??? It will take stamina and commitment, even beyond Hagar’s to expose level of manipulation, the public were so easily “reassured” “business as usual’, “left wing smear campaign” blah, bloody blah.
    The police raid is to intimidate anyone thinking of taking on this task…

      • The subject is journalism, not climate science denial, evolutionary biology denial, earth science denial, conspiracy theories, quote mining and vaccination phobia.

        So no, Ian Wishart doesn’t fit the bill.

  3. Agree Martyn.

    At the moment, msm won’t investigate anything relating to Dirty Politics, because to do so, just might confirm media’s very close links to Cameron Slater as the source of information delivered! The same source FJK wants used to attack opponents!

    I’d also be interested to know what’s happened to the emails Jason Ede pilfered from an open Labour site! I was under the impression Rawshark gave these details to a few journalists to release. But nothing has come to light yet! Wonder why that is?

    In continuing protecting FJK and National, msm isn’t doing itself any favours. The longer it continues to betray its public, the worse the situation will get for media and its journalists. Eventually the pressure will go on, with the public holding media accountable, expecting some hard investigative journalism and that will be the day of reckoning for msm!

  4. Full marks to Martyn, the best summary of the sad MSM I have ever seen.


    If this summary of the true facts doesn’t finally incite the list of opposition parties TO FINALLY CALL for an emergency forum to plan for action against a corrupt National driven self interest media that is destroying our country then we really are history and a very corrupt country now.

    The Opposition Political parties must step up here, and unite with a common voice to legally challenge Government to rid the corruption and commercial self interest inside the media.

    National have also taken control of our Taxpayer publically owned media TVNZ/RNZ and this is the only avenue left for the opposition political parties to pursue changing for the benefit of providing an effective media voice for the Citizens of NZ as they battle against the evil policy changes National will attempt to change over the next three years.

    For The opposition parties to have any true independent media voice
    They must take National to court and force NZTV/RNZ to be broken into two distinct parts so that both Government and opposition can have equal share of self operating capability and independence.

    • Good luck with getting that. Would be interesting to see the left try and campaign to get state funded partisan media.

      • You just don’t understand anything ever, do you Gosman?
        It’s people like you that are willingly bringing our country to the brink of economic, environmental, moral and social destruction.

  5. “3 – The mainstream media will tell you until they are blue in the face that they are not biased and did cover the Dirty Politics scandal, the reality is that the main 3 themes the news media covered in Dirty Politics were 1) That Kim Dotcom was the hacker, 2) Hager was a hypocrite for using ‘stolen’ emails and 3) Key’s assertion that the entire thing was a communist conspiracy. The mainstream media have not fully investigated one single allegation inside the book.”

    Could it be, that they are not only “blue” in their faces, but in their majority “blue” at heart, that is in their personal political orientation?

    Look at them, the ones reporting on TV news, the ones reading the news to us, the well manicured, well dressed, well rehearsed young and not so young in the “media”. They are all members of the middle class, many from the upper end of that class, they chose their career for whatever reason, and it is a fact that modern day journalism is nothing much else but working for corporate or other privately owned enterprises. The publicly owned media has done all to join the private media, to look as similar as possible, and is due to the contracts they have forced, to earn so much through advertising, like their competition.

    They socialise via Twitter and want to be noticed and build a personal career, to become a “broadcaster” or “media personality” of renown, they have stuff all interest in the poor buggers out here, who struggle, unless it offers a story. That may have to do with crime, death, fatal accident, severe physical or mental impairments, so it is popcorn or wet tissue kind of stories that “sell”.

    Forget the “fourth estate” here, Jason Ede is one that is part of the Nat network, has ties to the PM and most influential people, and gets protection. For anyone hounding the man down, he may be presented with trespass notices, libel suits and worse.

    Nicky Hager though is more of a decent chap, humble and honest, so he is easy game, for the police, some in the media that have a dim view of him, and he simply has the “wrong” political views or associations.

    And so many have fallen into line, amongst the MSM, after months of biased undermining, insults and attacks from the likes of Plunket, Henry and Hosking, Cunliffe was slaughtered, and some blame Labour’s demise all on his leadership. It was actually the manipulations of many in the mainstream media that decided the election, and they are happy with Key, can rely on no state run media competition that is worth noting, so they can carry on and make more money, with advertising, cheap scandal and shock-horror reporting, lots of sports, light-hearted cooking and DIY shows, and the people continue to have what they are used to. Do not think, it only hurts, that is the message, I presume.

    • Very very well said Mike.
      Rod Oram wrote an excellent, revealing article in today’s Sunday Star Times
      regarding the stifling of alternative points of view outside the
      Neo Liberal narrative.
      It’s a worry and shows how corrupt this country has become!

  6. I go back to National’s 1975 election slogan “New Zealand the way you want it”. National have now got New Zealand the way THEY want it – compliant, subservient and apathetic. What a sad way to go for a once dynamic and freedom loving country.

  7. Jason Ede & I are gagged from giving media interviews by many of the same people . The difference is his gag is silken .

  8. Great article and agree with all the comments. There is now a snowballing amount of corruption occurring throughout NZ. Even people in the courts are being replaced – by pro Nats. As a person’s contract comes up, it is not renewed. The courts are the last bastion of democracy and they are being infiltrated and replaced by people with a political gender. The point I am making is that corruption and dirty politics is encircling the country. Police, councils, courts. Soon the schools. Anyone being found out like Ede are not procecuted but soon even if he is, the courts will be filled with political appointees. We really are going towards a police state. Raids like Hager and KDC will become normal. The police will not be independent any more as they will be required to make arrests and seize information based on an instruction higher up.

  9. Ede pops up like a floater in the Hudson the day after Election weekend and is now on a ‘jobs for the boys” make work scheme at a well known Nats den?

    Be interesting when he finally spills. Or against hope when a journo earns their money and connects the dots.

  10. “Hi there EDE my name, I have no shame. Look for someone else to blame, I have no shame.”

    That must be what goes through the man’s mind, I think.

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