GUEST BLOG: Curwen Rolinson – My Shortest Blog Ever



Earlier this week, FailOil penned a piece criticizing, among other things, my bowmanship. He then added insult to injury by misspelling my name (again), and inaccurately stating I’m no longer on NZ First’s Board of Directors. He wishes! The final barb was his description of my TDB output as “TL;DR”. (and yes, it frequently is. Working on it)

With that in mind, I’ve taken his editorial criticism on board, and produced my shortest blog ever.

It’s subtitled “Ways FailOil has Improved New Zealand”. And I could only think of one and a half:

> Inadvertently helping to expose the #DirtyPolitics imbroglio slash fiasco; and showing New Zealand exactly what sort of cretinous calumniate the National Government is prepared to work with when it comes to hacking at and smearing its opponents.


“Curwen Ares Rolinson is a firebrand young nationalist presently engaged in acts of political resistance deep behind enemy lines amidst the leafy boughs of Epsom. He is affiliated with the New Zealand First Party; although his postings here should not necessarily be taken as indicative or representative of NZF’s policy or views.” 


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  1. You forgot to mention the hours of entertainment WO has given to New Zealand in showing up the lefts many short comings.

    • But one really fantastic thing was how Whalecrap helped to bring to the attention NOT ONLY the corruption of Mrs Collins, but also Slater himself . We appreciate completely the gross ineptitude of being publicly caught out for all to see , and the direct links to Dirty Politics and the Key govt that demonstrated totally the inherent corruption contained within these individuals.

      We wish to extend a mighty thanks to Mr Slater for bringing us the honesty , integrity and refreshing candidness of Mr Dotcom as well , and the revelations of Mr Snowden , Mr Greenwald , Mr Assange , and Mr Amsterdam which made the exposure of all the lies and deciet of Mr Key possible.

      We also would like to extend a further thanks to Mr Slater for providing the impetus for these upstanding individuals of virtue and statesmanship in helping to precipitate the conditions whereby we all learnt about mass surveillance in this country and had a good laugh at Mr Keys expense in watching him squirm , lie or at least attempt to – and ultimately fail .

      An especially humourous high point was reached when Mr Key withdrew in record tIme OIA data which not only was totally irrelevant in his defense but drew the criticism of the SIS and the GSCB in potentially endangering and / or compromising our nations security.

      And Im sure it wasnt lost on our dear readers about the episode with Jason Ede and the IP address leading straight to the PM’s office. Also – as an added bonus – was the hilarious revelations concering Mr Feeley of the SFO…and investigations now under way to determine just who was / is complicit in the smear campaign used against him.

      We appreciate also the sitcom regarding the blackmailing of an MP in another right wing party and the ‘placement’ of several National candidates using smears and hit campaigns to discredit other candidates from the same party.

      Yes sirree…it truly has been an expose’ that NO current investigative journalist save other than Nicky Hager could have covered,…and while this is by no means a complete compilation of this brilliant series……we certainly can thank Mr Slater for one of the most comphrehensive, detailed introductions of political corruption and filthy underhanded right wing fascist methodology ever revealed in this country past or present.



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