What has Colin Craig done for his Press Secretary to quit 2 days before election?



This is VERY strange. 

Colin Craig’s Press Secretary Rachel McGregor, has quit 2 days before the election, allegedly telling ZB that Colin Craig was a “very manipulative man”.

I’ve met Rachel many times in the past as Colin’s Press Secretary, she is a smart, capable, and intelligent press secretary and one of Colin’s strongest staff members, for her to quit two days out from the election and make statements like Colin is an incredibly manipulative man suggests something very big has happened behind the scenes.

New Zealanders should know what that is before they vote on Saturday.

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What has Colin done?


  1. It matters to Rachel what he has done really, and she should pursue retribution at a personal level – employment court perhaps?

    This means – Colin Craig is out – so all good for that side of things.


      • Frankly either left or right is better than the Conservative Party. They are a collection of extremists. Hell, even the National Front support them.

    • Brooke Sabin was an ignorant man for bailing up Craig by surprise and took great delight in imforming him “your press secretary has quit” Sabin didn’t even give the girl chance to tell Craig herself, very bad journalism. Craig was very silly in giving Sabin a reply, Sabin should have been told to clear off and make mischief somewhere else.Craig has a lot to learn about journalists who do anything to get a story ,Craig is probably not up to parliament yet ,far to compliant and gullible.National would use him for office boy and a vote .

  2. I’d just like say I absolutely loathe Colin Craig, the tenacity to get his snout in the trough, policies seemingly made on the fly. Manipulative would certainly be a trait. To believe many of his policies one must be extraordinarily gullible.

    Over the weekend some Conservatives advertising arrived along with NZ First, attacks in it directed at Winston Peters. For all his faults, Peters has style, Craig is just pure creepy.

  3. Colin Craig – the Frank Spencer of Politics – Whatever he’s done, it must be pretty bad! Maybe Whaleoil will know what it is? LOL

    • LOOL !!!! I was thinking he looked like Frank Spencer earlier as well !!!

      Still ,…guess its not so nice to pick on peoples physical traits…one only has to recall those childish comments made by our ‘supposed ‘ PM about Mr Kim Dotcom and Mr Glen Greenwald earlier on in the week…

  4. In the immortal words of William S Burroughs from his readings ‘ Words of advice to young people . ‘

    ” Never do business with a religeous son-of-a-bitch . But if you do ? Get it in writing . Never trust someone with God on their side to tell them how to fuck you on the deal . “

    • Quote:
      “” Astronomers using the Hubble orbital telescope found a “supermassive” black hole lurking at the heart of the only dwarf galaxy ever observed to host one, they reported on Wednesday.

      Rachel MacGregor is reportedly very upset.””

      What exactly has Colin Craig been up to? 😉

  5. He called a meeting and told his staff John Key is one of the most straight up, honest, regular guys he have ever met.

    They all looked at each other and immediately realised Colin was probably less intellectual than a hamster and with a lot of “For fuck sakes Colin” cleaned out their desks and resigned.

    Or something like that!

    • @ xray: judging by what’s been made public thus far, I’d guess that it’s a domestic matter, ie, something to do with interpersonal relationships.

  6. Wooh..theres hope yet!! msm better be giving MR Creepy Craig a hard time instead of nit picking Laila Harare bout KDC …..ha ha ha like it countryboy

  7. Just shows me that a bored rich man is playing with peoples emotions and all of those who joined him are a ragtag bunch of losers and hasbeens. Why would you leave a good job to go and work for a man who is buying political loyalty. Hope hes not claiming all the money he is spending as a loss against his income tax. Political parties are made up of people who think alike, not those who allowed themselves to be bought. And this applies to the Internet party hacks as well.

  8. I reckon the reasons behind the departure relate to the Witch from Winz. Rankine is party CEO and has probably told Rachel she wont be going to Wellington after the election and Colin backed Rankin

  9. religious people in politics always ends in inappropriate behaviours with sheep or some type of deviancy, can set my clock on it

  10. I have been around a long time and experience has taught me over the years that anyone who puts up and pushes this holier than thou, self righteous front, is not quite the perceived image they promote.

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