Why Maori TV’s Te Tai Tokerau Poll will be proved wrong



If Hone Harawira had a dollar every time the media wrote off his chance of winning Te Tai Tokerau, he would have more money than Kim Dotcom.

Remember the by-election? Hone was 1 point ahead of Kelvin in an exact remake of the current Maori TV poll, how much did Hone end up beating Kelvin? By 9 points. That’s right, on the day, past the landline biased polls, Hone thrashed Kelvin convincingly.

I love how no one ever looks at the past results for some insight before breathlessly holding up the current one.

That’s what has happened in the past, that’s what will happen on Saturday.


    • I’m pretty sure the poll was conducted using the Reid Research company, which as we all know only uses landlines.

  1. It staggers me to think how on earth Native Affairs could stand there and speak of results that clearly do not match reality! And to top that off the keep asking inane asinine (not relevant and basically stupid questions) relating to our Maori electorates! Why? I’m not a journalist nor a media savvy person but this aint news nor journalism! Its sensationalizing particular matters to suite a particular perspective. In my opinion they have been seduced into the same rubbish that mainsteam media promote and that saddens me the most. I only know these people from the TV but I’m hoping with belief that soon they will revert back to a kaupapa Maori tikanga and kawa and tell it like it is, not how their bosses or their channel might say it should be! Mauri Ora!

    (Oh and I had to giggle my arse off when the Maori Party candidate suggested his internal polling up north had him at 40 something percent and Hone and Kelvin much lower – again must be the National Party spin doctor manual he been reading from – tell them something and keep telling them because someone out there will think its factual or the truth!!! Comon mate!)

  2. Felt angry and depressed at the media response but not surprised,
    hope the email dot com has will be checked and verified,of course Key and Hollywood would say it was a fake,but for the so called Media of NZ to just say,” oh that’s it, its a fake”, is so disappointing. What happens now,? havnt heard a word from key is he working up his smirk and lies to get off the hook,or packing his bags for Hawaii.

  3. I really hope that Hones electorate can discern truth from media smear campaign re the Mana Internet partnership it will be devasting not to have Hone in parliament if they can’t!

  4. It’s a difficult electorate to poll and the past may be misleading.

    The Oct 2011 Te Karere Poll had
    HARAWERA 42%
    DAVIS 35%


    The result was
    HARAWERA 43.31%
    DAVIS 37.1 %

    What if National and Maori Party voters adopt the tactical advice so often given to the voters of Epsom ?

    Of course, that would never happen because Hone and his family are so much respected in the North.

  5. laila harre in her news(8 I think?) said the poll was apparently 2 months old.? Wouldn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is endorsement of davis by cuneliffe when its only a 1 seat win for labour but the probable loss of 3 to 5 seats of inet mana block.? Cuneliffes strategy seems same as nationals…kneecap hone to clip inet mana out???? wtf? Labours happy enough to capitalise on the kidney puch delivered to Teflon johns credibility.Not to mention all the corruption exposure and world wide media exposure.

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