Are Cameron Slater and Judith Collins bare-faced liars?



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Are Cameron Slater and Judith Collins both bare-faced liars?

Both of them.


Here is why I ask…

In the latest revelations, information disclosed by Rawshark/Whaledump to the NZ Herald alleges in further leaked sensitive information from   disgraced former Justice Minister, Judith Collins, to far-right psychopath and National Party blogger;

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Former police minister Judith Collins is depicted in alleged social media conversations discussing the leak of evidence in a high profile case to blogger Cameron Slater, according to new information from the hacker Rawshark.

The alleged evidence was a video connected to the controversial Urewera raids that showed those arrested in an unfavourable light after charges against them were dropped, according to comments attributed to Slater.

The emergence of conversations between Ms Collins and Slater has sparked claims from both parties that the hacker has given the Herald manufactured forgeries.

When Herald reporter David Fisher inquired further, Collins replied;

Ms Collins said she had “no record” of “Facebook conversations” after the Herald sent her material supplied by Rawshark. “I believe you have forged documents. You are likely to have been taken in by a criminal. I am now considering lodging a complaint to police regarding what I believe to be forgeries.”

To which Fisher asked with perfect reasonableness;

When asked why she referred to Facebook when the Herald never said where the transcripts came from, she said it was the only social media outlet she used other than Twitter.

In the same report, Cameron Slater ‘tweeted’;

“Latest smear is false, I have never had FB conversations with @judithcollinsmp.”

Collins also stated, via Twitter;

“I have no record of any FB [Facebook] conversations with Whale Oil. Cam Slater has advised that he had no FB conversations with me. Forgeries?”



Let’s check the evidence, shall we?

Claim: that Facebook and Twitter are the only social media outlet she uses other than Twitter.

Truth: Collins Collins does indeed use emails, as she candidly admitted on 14 August;

“I’m just not going to go into the details because the fact is I’m perfectly entitled to send emails to a close friend of mine, and I’m absolutely entitled to be as gossipy and friendly in those as I want.”

– so her insistence she uses only Facebook or Twitter is false. A lie.
Claim: that Slater has never has Facebook conversations with Judith Collins.
Truth:  On page 45 of Nicky Hager’s exposé, “Dirty Politics“, he wrote;

“They talked often by phone, and in the evenings  and weekends they chatted via Facebook. In work hours Collins e-mailed him directly from her sixth-floor Beehive office.”

The entire chapter 4, “The Crusher and the attack dog“, is devoted to many Facebook conversations between Collins and Slater.

Interestingly, on page 144 in the ‘End Notes’ section of “Dirty Politics”, Nicky Hager refers to footnote #6, Chapter 4, as;
“6. Judith Collins, Facebook messaging to Cameron Slater, 27 August 2011. Collins’s Facebook  messaging is recorded under the name ‘Facebook User’, presumably for fear of her words reaching the public, but there is no doubt it is her.”
It appears that Collins has attempted to hide her Facebook tracks by using a general pseudonym – hence why she seems confident that she has  “no record of any FB [Facebook] conversations with Whale Oil. Cam Slater has advised that he had no FB conversations with me.”And why did Slater state I have never had FB conversations with @judithcollinsmp”. Not ‘Judith Collins” – but instead  “@judithcollinsmp”.
Hair-splitting much, Mr Slater?
It appears that Slater and Collins are being pathetic in their attempt to be ‘cute’, by differentiating who-spoke-with-who – as Key did recently when he insisted that then SIS director Warren Tucker spoke with “Key’s Office” instead of “Key directly”;
8 August 2011:
What happened is Warren Tucker didn’t come to me, he went to his legal adviser and his legal advisers told him this is the process they have to follow and when he was going through that process it was at that point he told me he’d release it because he has to tell me that under the no-surprises doctrine,” – John Key,  post-Cabinet press conference.
22 August 2014:
In the context of that video, ‘me’ meant my office,” John Key, media briefing

Splitting hairs. National Party style. Cute.


It is simply not remotely credible that Collins and Slater did not converse via Facebook. As Collins admitted on 2 September, “Facebook […] was the only social media outlet [I] used other than Twitter”.






smells like media bullshit


Meanwhile, it should be noted that Judith Collins’ and John Key’s media strategists have given them new lines to use in public;

Judith Collins;

“You are likely to have been taken in by a criminal.”

John Key;

“At the end of the day, I don’t know whom this criminal has been hacking.”

” I don’t know what’s real and what’s not. It’s not my job to prove that.”

“The responsibility is on the criminal to demonstrate that they are actually real or not,” says Mr Key.

Expect those phrases (or variations thereof) to be repeated like Key’s latest mantra.

It is another indication how desperate National is to discredit Rawshark/Whaledump.

There must be something truly awful in the works if the Nats are expending so much effort to smear an anonymous leaker.

The propaganda mill has just be churned into over-drive.




NZ Herald:  New leak claim hits Judith Collins

TV3: Hacker – Slater, Collins Facebook messages authentic

RadioLive: AUDIO – Judith Collins on her chapter in “Dirty Politics”

Fairfax media: Key’s ‘position correct’ on SIS briefing





john key is scared of your vote

Above image acknowledgment: Francis Owen/Lurch Left Memes



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  1. “Facebook User” is what the person on the other end of the FB chat sees instead of your name when you deactivate / delete your account.

  2. Most voters seem to be too ignorant and stupid to recognise they are lied to constantly by ALL politicians.

    Okay, National are telling more lies and bigger lies than the others at the moment but politics in NZ has always been about lying. There is no ‘better brighter future’; there is no ‘sound economy’; there is no ‘surplus’; we just have a bunch of liars orchestrating looting and polluting and overpopulation for short term gain and longer term loss. All politicians are raiders of the commons, working to the agendas of global banking cartels and corporations. .

    The mayhem that will follow on from all the short-term thinking that has characterised NZ politics for decades just hasn’t arrived yet. But it’s coming faster than most people (uninformed fools) think.

  3. “I believe you have forged documents.”

    A forgery is copy of something. If there was no relevant original Facebook message then a truthful statement would refer to false documents, not forged ones.

    “You are likely to have been taken in by a criminal.”

    What Collins is implying that the evidential value of the material from Rawshark is suspect. The same strategy was applied earlier on in the piece with the false accusations that messages were stolen from Slater, when in fact they were copied, not stolen. Evidence obtained by theft is inadmissible, evidence obtained by making a copy of something is not.

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  5. Who regards email as a “social media outlet”? And @-naming is normal practice in this context. Splitting hairs. The post feels like a draft satire on leftist hysteria, making it hard to pick out what matters.

      • Of course I am appalled; but I’m looking for change, not congratulations for piling on.

        My issue with the post is that you are undermining the argument by giving prominence to frivolous hyperbole and preaching to the choir, instead of using the information more effectively. You make it too easy for critics to dismiss instead of taking it seriously.

        When I say it “feels like a draft satire on leftist hysteria” I mean of course one written by critics, mocking the left by exaggeration and weak links. To me, you are playing into the stereotype. Even if my perception is wrong, it is still part of communicating with a diverse audience, and therefore something I hope you take into consideration when you write.

    • Zolan, so, lying politicians aren’t within your area of interest, eh? Whats the best that the next time a Labour poli is caught out, you’ll change your log-in and post about the dastardly deeds of leftist liars.

  6. Key has never said he doesn’t lie, so that must mean he does lie right?
    At least Nixon had a shred of decency when confronted by impeachment,

    when he said the words that went around the globe, “I have never lied”

    Key lies every day, it’s in his genes.

    • Ahhh…. but John Key said when he was first elected that he “isn`t interested in the truth, only the law”
      I just don`t know why people have such short memories.

  7. These crooks always turn blame on the accuser.

    Key/Collins et al have been consistent when cornered they attempt to destroy the messenger that sends evidence against them.

    First Goff,
    2/ Hager,
    3/Winston Peters,
    4/David Cunliffe,

    See a pattern here?

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  9. Consistently good work from your Frank.

    So the National party song sheet now says sing ‘criminal’.

    Criminal is a good word to associate with the goings on in John Keys national government.

    I bet that slime farrar is singing their dirty ditty too.

    Along with their Ansell lubricant the mudlarks in the national party dirt machine could not be straight up and honest if they tried.

    But on the good side every time cam slater and judith collins open their foul mouths the nats lose more votes.

    God bless their rotten souls 🙂

  10. It should be noted that Facebook can, and will, provide their records if required to do so by a competent authority. Such as a Royal Commission.

    This could be a key element in ending Crusher’s career, rather than just sending her into exile on the back benches for a while.

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