Labour wins the Internet



I’m sure I’m not the only one who tried to vote online for the leaders debate and couldn’t because the website was down. The next option was the txt vote, 75c a pop of course. So I’m not surprised that National ‘won’ the debate given that it wasn’t exactly a fair voting system.

Labour clearly won in the social media though and to me, this is the type of ‘voting’ that gives a more accurate reflection of what New Zealanders think.

PM John Key’s dismissal and deflective reaction to the hard-hitting questions and rebuttals by David Cunliffe was very obvious and when I jumped onto Twitter, I was glad to see that people other than me noticed that.

This dismissive attitude has been a running theme in this National led government over the past 6 years and it is becoming clearer that New Zealanders have simply had enough of it. We need and deserve answers to these questions.

National may have ‘officially’ won the leaders debate but in this day and age, social media gives a more accurate indication of how people are going to vote on Election Day, and from what I saw online, I’m not that concerned anymore.


  1. Given the National Party’s influence over the bloggosphere I’d consider it unlikely they didn’t pay people to text vote for them.

    The only vote that counts will be Sept 20th.

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