A brief word to everyone who voted National in 2011


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I received this interesting email from a National Party supporter today…

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…let me say this to anyone who voted National last election – you should be ashamed by what has been revealed and what your vote ended up enabling but anyone voting National this election is responsible for it.

Don’t let shame turn into blame. Vote this corrupt Government out on September 20th.


  1. Hey, first-time blog-posting-buddy, not changing your vote this election is a bad move. Vote them out or expect more of the same.

  2. First-time blog poster – why are you so afraid of the left?
    I really appreciate your integrity in posting on Whale Oil.
    And you have really succinctly summed up the horror show that has been going on beneath the surface of the National Party.
    Can I ask you why, after all that, and you seem intelligent – you still will not even look at the other side?
    Whale Oil has spent 6 years discrediting the left using blogs and mainstream media – so much so, that their message has not been heard in an unbiased way for some time.
    Words like: lolly-scramble, shambles and infighting have repeatedly been used by the mainstream media. Is this what put you off?
    The lid has been lifted, can you really ignore it?
    If they get another 3 years – lord help us all.

  3. National supporter …please dont vote for National again because you are NOT voting for the old National Party …you are voting for NACTIONAL…an entirely different dangerous and dirty beast…a Party with an agenda which is not in the best interests of New Zealanders but to their overseas money making cronies

    In comparison the old National Party under Hollyoake, Muldoon, Bolger was a fairly decent and straight shooting, if conservative , right wing party …but its interests were for New Zealanders and New Zealand

    Winston Peters NZF is closest to where the National Party would be if it had stayed on track…

  4. I feel the same as your correspondent. I am filthy on Slater for the mess he has created for the National Party, and to lay a complaint against John Key for releasing the email, the narc is going to blow to bits if his ego gets any bigger. His name and site are seriously damaged goods now, and as well as depression, he has caused suppression for himself and his egotistical moderators.
    The power tripper has seriously shot himself in both feet. Perhaps he should head back to Israel and take protection from the iron dome he loves so much, because there’s some serious incoming abound him.

    • James, I am filthy on Slater as well so where do you place the man that encouraged and lead him: Shonkey Donkey!

      If you think Shonkey was Slaters victim, then read the whole story.

    • I am astounded by his complete failure to note the irony of his complaints about his privacy being breached, when the book shows numerous examples of him gloating about having other peoples private emails and his intentions to publish them. Such a momentous piece of hypocrisy.

  5. Key actually has more similarities with Ronald Reagan than Richard Nixon. Reagan and his cronies wrote the book. Nixon was your old school corrupt politician. Reagan turned corruption into a complete system of government.

  6. I absolutely loathe what Tories have done to New Zealand. My family emigrated here in the 1960’s and New Zealand was an egalitarian paradise.

    Tories (ACT) within Lange’s Labour in the 1980’s, Shipley, Richardson and now this ‘dirty politics’ FJK crewe have ruined this country. Inequality, poverty, selling assets, privatising social services, manipulating media and political polls, nudge-nudge-wink-wink syruping back-room deals, personal attack politics and hate-speech via the odious Whale-Oil.

    Good riddance to Collins. Looking forward to more whale-dumps to get rid of Key. Looking forward to more nails in the National coffin between now and September 15th at theTown Hall.

    Let’s vote a better, more caring and socially responsible government on September 20th.

  7. Dear National Party Supporter

    Please don’t vote without critically understanding what it is you vote for.

    You’ll see the nickname NACT on the TDB, the Standard, and other leftish sites. It denotes an extreme form of politics which is outside the old National/Labour consensus that has prevailed since 1947, when the first National government adopted the progressive stance instituted by the first Labour Government from 1935 and which made NZ famous. The policy shift between elections was tolerable to most citizens and worked for the welfare of the New Zealand people in general. The new Right represented by the new National Party is subverting that consensus by stealth, exploiting fear, uncertainty, and the affable ignorance of the voters.

    You clearly have a conscience and intelligence. Please do not vote for the new National party unless you really do wish to see an alien neo-liberal agenda entrenched in the country. If you do not, and you know the worth of your local candidate and approve of them, vote for them but withhold your party vote. You don’t need to give it to the Left if that is against your conscience. If your local candidate is one of the 17 (I think it is) new National Party candidates, please treat them with extreme suspicion until you have assessed them to your satisfaction. If you can’t in all conscience vote for your local candidate or the wider party, cast a spoiled ballot. That itself is a big message.

    Finally, if you really wish to make a difference to your party, join your local branch and resurrect democratic, local control. Make the party one which you are not angry with: and then the old consensus will return.

    Be assured, you have nothing to fear from the Left. The Left, unfortunately, has much to fear from the new Right.

    All the best.

  8. I had the same experience as your correspondence on Whaleoil today.
    The damage done by slater and judas to the national party must have you lefties and the German brat wurst laughing your heads off.
    WOBH groupies are all too scared to stand up to slater and his narc mods, and if anyone centred does they block you. They have actually got a chimp as a mod, and his avatars a selfie.
    It is soooooo ironical that slater has contributed to the downfall of the Nats when all along, he has been throwing suspicion on the german brat wurst. All those that he has slagged are gloating and will continue to do so way beyond the election. And, with revelations of more email releases, more reputations are going to be tainted.
    His patronising groupies would do themselves a justice by removing their rose tinted glasses, and having the balls to comment on other blogs such as this one.

  9. There are plenty of other parties to choose from. Loyalty is something you should reserve for those who show some respect for you.

  10. If I can summarize this man’s dilemma as I see it: Yes – he is angry because of the National Party being manipulated by a foul-mouthed egotist blogger, but No – he won’t actually do anything about it. It just shows how absolutely blind the Nats supporters are. Laissez-faire politics. When Labour went neo-liberal in the 1980s at least there were a few (notably Jim Anderton) who decided enough was enough and split. Who in the National Party is prepared to stand up and do the same now? – absolutely no-one! Gutless wimps, that what forms most of the National Party.

  11. I am the person that emailed Martyn with my concerns.

    In response to Marcus’s comment, yes, at the moment I am angry with what is going on through Whale 0il (although in consideration to the rest of my family I’ve calmed down a little since yesterday).

    My concerns however go further than the National Party and I would welcome a full independant enquiry sometime on the whole political system – not only National.

    I am not as blind as Marcus suggests. I come from a very strong Labour family, was a supporter of theirs for many years and will now be voting in an election for the 17th time.

    Thank you for all your comments, particularly to Petrus, whose advise I found a little more positive and helpful for my situation than the those who were very negative.

    My dilemma was who would I give my vote to if I change. I know you all have the answer, but I’m sorry I cannot vote for the left with the possible coalition partners that may be involved.

    Kind regards

    • Gail –
      This is from the other end of the political spectrum. For many years I was a staunch labour voter. Then come the fourth Labour government, and the Neo-Con ‘policies’ of the likes of Roger Douglas, Richard Prebble and their mates that was the most shameful a betrayal of their constituency as can be found in this nation’s history. Ordinary New Zealanders were given over to Corporate profiteering, their livelihoods destroyed, the productive basis of the NZ economy eviscerated – all owing to a crackpot economic theories of the Chicago School of Economics that – set this – ignores completely the role of money, of banks, of debt and of time to paint its picture of how an economy works.

      What it amounted to was the licence to loot, and this country has been bleeding to death (along with just about every other stupid enough to sacrifice its national wealth to foreign private ownership and American corporate hegemony) ever since.

      The sense of betrayal and disenfranchisement stays with me yet, as you might observe from my general contempt for politicians – all politicians – as a class.

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