Dear Toby Manhire. Bad call on backing Farrar


Oh dear.


I say this as someone who regards Toby Manhire as one of the smartest journalists/commentators/columnists this country has, and I think Toby has made a terribly dumb call here.

Let’s see if Toby is still singing Farrar’s praises after whaledump.


  1. Yes I agree and Megan Campbell who was the commentator on TVNZ’s Q&A the other day was working at one point for her mate Farrar. She should be out! I cannot understand why they don’t have Sue Bradford on the left commenting now she is no longer in a party, she is the one both TV and the Herald should use. Unlike the Pagani woman who is not on the left at all.

  2. Bad call Martyn. Farrar is a right-wing blogger, for sure. And yeah, it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it. Nature abhors a vacuum. And say what you like about Farrar (be my guest!) but the contrast with the sociopath Slater is stark. One of these guys is a complete scumbag.

    • Seems like a good thing DF is electing to be held to account (even if it is just a basic complaints process with no real teeth). Strategically it was the best/only move he could make.

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