Radio NZ apologise to me for getting it wrong


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Radio NZ have contacted me, reviewed the claim by their host that I had an advance copy of Nicky Hager’s book and they have concluded they got it wrong, they have called me and apologised and will make a statement on Morning Report today correcting the claim that I had an advance copy of the book.

I am grateful they have acknowledged my complaint and corrected it.

Radio NZ can ban me, but they can’t lie about me. That’s just rude.


  1. Good to hear Bomber. You might be banned but many have not forgotten. Jim Mora has been sent to the Russian Front anyway and his tepid journalism ability shown up daily by Janet Wilson.

    I wonder where tory Suze got her fake scoop from. Presumably via someone she trusted or was she just following orders? It made no sense to regular readers of TDB.

  2. Just heard your apology – not really an apology they are “happy to clarify” that you didn’t receive advance copy!

    • Yeah I heard it too… not an apology, but it was a retraction, so I think that’s about the best you can hope for! They don’t like being shown up, even if they are “happy to clarify”.

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