Key’s arrogance as a leader



There is a lot that could be said about John Key at the moment but one thing that really irritates me about him is his complete lack of remorse or regret for the lies he’s told or the things he gets wrong.  He’s never sorry.  It makes him something other than human if he never makes a mistake.  And I know he’s made them.

He made promises to the people of Christchurch, he broke them.  He made promises to the Pike River families, he broke them too.  Not one word of a sorry or I got it wrong, just not much progress, sometimes none.

He’s lied so much over these last six years, I literally trip over them at every turn.  Owning shares and how many, he lied, he wasn’t sorry.  Knowing certain people like Kim Dotcom and Ian Fletcher, secret meetings, asset sales, spying, he lied, he’s never apologised for any of it.  It’s his track record, there are hundreds of them now.

Nicky Hager has recently released John Key’s latest pack of lies and dirty tactics.  Anyone who gladly associates with a human being like Cameron Slater has no place running our country.  I want no part in anyone associated with Slater, and the fact that several National politicians call him a friend is sickening, and he’s certainly not sorry for that, he should be, and now he’s started lying about this too.  He is denying the closeness of the relationship now it is not convenient.

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I want a Prime Minister that is human, real, not fake and dishonest.  If John Key is such a wonderful leader as many profess, then where is the truth and what is he afraid of?  I want to see remorse, mistakes, reality.  All those things the rest of us live with when we make a mistake or say the wrong thing.  I don’t want to hear waffle, I want to hear sorry, I got it wrong.  I don’t want our leader to be fake, lying and covering things up.  I want honesty, integrity and humility, lots of it.  All these traits seem to be sadly lacking in John Key.

He repeats the same lines over and over, uses similar wording often, he’s scripted, John Key is told what to say and when to say it.  Crosby and Textor must be scrambling for lines right now.  Simply put he’s a fake.  It’s all a front, none of it is him, none of it is real.  Don’t be fooled any longer by his false words, it is time to get our integrity back, September 20th please use your vote and use it wisely.


  1. Hypocrisy 101: He even has the audacity to steal Nicky Harger’s lines and throw them back at him. Example. Nicky Harger tells a T.V audience that the reason for releasing the book was because the National party were using dirty tactics to cause distraction, instead of talking about policy.
    John Key in an interview yesterday accuses Nicky Harger of creating a distraction, when instead the National party should be talking about policy.
    How dumb does he think New Zealanders are? Is he hoping that we will all have a nationwide brain fade, or that no one can read!

    • This is what they do. They troll pages to see what the left is saying about them and then they say the same thing about the left?? Not working.

  2. Stop blaming the leader.

    New Zealanders are by and large a bunch of selfish, aging White people, afraid of their children, and the Brown Skinned people amongst them.

    They don’t care about the future, just a good pension and a few holidays before they go.

    Their own children have stopped breeding, why should they care about the future of this country?

    • Very cynical, but I tend to agree with you.

      After all, plenty of NZers think JK is a great bloke, they’d love to be friends with him and have him over for a barbie.

      He’s where he is because NZers voted for him.

      Thank god for alternatives like InternetMana and Greens!

    • You might as well say that a teacher has no obligation to try hard because “the kids are ratbags.” Key has a job to do, and the attitudes of the constituency do not diminish his responsibilities in any way, shape, or form. His failing to keep his ministers in check and/or respond to serious questions with serious answers is an indictment on him alone.

  3. Those familiar with myself , well know that I am not the sort to reflect poorly on anybody, not unless there is a very serious and genuine reason to do so. However, where everybody’s favorite Faux PM is concerned, there are many and various ways I could describe a character like Key. And I have to admit, some of them are not very appropriate . But occasionally, it is possible to do so in a few simple words , and if there is one good ol’ Kiwi slang term to describe an individual such as Mr Key, that would have be, he’s a “Right Gripper.”

    • I’ve been saying that for ages, only I would call him a narcissistic sociopath. In relation to an earlier post, JK has been called a narcissistic for a long time within our group, unbelievably he tried to call DC a narcissist, only tried it the once that I heard. Seems like it wasn’t taken up by his supporters!

  4. @ Mike . What a strange thing to say ? I’m an ageing white person and I’m hugely concerned for my country and people generally as are all my friends who are also aging and white . I could care less if others are brown , yellow , tan , black , black and tan , spotty , hairy , humped up , leaning , slouching , scratching , mumbling , shambling etc . So long as they love and are happy . The reason why some people are choosing not to have kids is because under jonky-stiens steerage , it’s financially , nearly impossible to have a kid on a medium wage . A grand a week goes nowhere if your partner stays at home to be a mother/father . Make that two grand a week and you might just scrape by . That’s 100 K a year , then less tax , less daily , increasing costs etc . Then God help you once your kid starts school . If you’re poor , your kid has a high chance of being in prison by the age of 18 .
    Selfishness isn’t a race thing and I’m offended that you suggest that it’s exclusively a white persons curse . It isn’t . Worse still , in these heady days , your opinion is divisive and polarising when we must all stick together to defeat our common enemy . Lets wait until after the election aye ?
    This is for you @ Mike x . . I’m sure you mean well .

    Getting back to business .

    Is jonky an industrial psychopath ? If he’s a psychopath and he brings down our country if he loses , the shrapnel from that will scatter around the world . OMG ! Here’s some advice . Please don’t take it . But here’s some advice anyway .
    Withdraw all your money from the foreign banks prior to the election . Just in case jonky-stiens mates tank our economy out of spite . And if you watch this gem , you will realise he has mighty powerful friends .
    Meltdown .
    Remember the BNZ / Labour loses to National / Labour hands BNZ losses on to Bolger who has to spend money he promised to pay to retired workers for their votes bailing out said Bank to stop it crashing ? Remember that ? No ? Best look it up then .
    And the difference is that today ? The stakes are much , much higher . We’re witnessing the end of a regime and regimes never go quietly .

    • ”Worse still , in these heady days , your opinion is divisive and polarising”
      You forgot to mention racist and offensive.

    • @ Countryboy ..thanks for posting the link….. now I understand why a housing bubble means homelessness ( it seemed a contradiction in terms before). I also see that where Dubai has the Burj Khalifa, Auckland will have the Sky City Casino and these represent banking bubbles also.

    • Yes, I also worry about the financial situation, and who controls Key.
      It seems that America’s endless wars against the people of the World, and it’s desperation to hold on to Power, will lead us all to ruin.

      Would it be selfish of me, or a good idea, to withdraw our scant savings from the bank and bury them in the garden instead? after all, the interest rate on our term deposits, will only be enough to buy a few tins of beans. Or should I buy the beans now and bury them in the garden?

      By the way, I’m another Mike.

  5. Thankyou Samantha Anderson you have done it again! Completely nailed it and put it in a nutshell, you are such a talented writer and see things very clearly. We want a real human being with feelings ie compassion for a start and sadness or sorrow, embarrassment etc. Not just some puppet who repeats lines verbatim and is cold and calculating busy squirming out of lie after lie. I think the saddest thing in this whole saga is how ignorant and even stupid the masses are that believe him carte blanche and even when the facts slap them in the face they still believe the spin fed to them. There are none so blind as those that will not see! Thank you once again Samantha for seeing it clearly and presenting it so well.

  6. Right. Now lets get out there and make those political advertising signs more appropriate! Obviously the recent trashings of those ‘vote national’ signs are bothering FJK, because he mentioned them in his interview yesterday, without even being prompted about them.
    Good to know something is rattling him.

    He also mentioned (unprovoked) the burning of effigys – note he used the plural – have there been others that I missed?

    And the other thing that he mentioned, unprovoked, was the ‘kids’ chanting. Seriously, I don’t think you can call NZers of voting age, ‘kids’. They are voters – not kids!

    We need lots more of all of this going on – every day, until FJK’s psychopathic heart cracks wide open, and he begins to reveal himself, as his real self – in public!

    Opinion and belief.

  7. Samantha: Youv’e absolutely hit the nail right on the head here.

    “I want a Prime Minister that is human, real, not fake and dishonest.”

    Sometime ago on these pages, I wrote that “I want a PM that I can look up to and respect – not one who makes me cringe every time he opens his mouth.”

    But you have to realize WHY he was put there. The nats didn’t want a CAPABLE leader, nor an ETHICAL or HONEST or well-informed person to put in charge of the country. Above all, they didn’t want anyone “revolutionary” or even “revisionist”. They wanted a teflon puppet – someone who would not rock the economic boat in which they had “made it” in the past, and in which they would like to continue to “make it” in the future.

    Someone with no social conscience who would maintain the economic status quo, uninterrupted by the realities of the mess the world is in and the part that globalization and corporatization had played in it. They wanted someone who would do as he is told by The USA/Northern Europe economic machine, which is controlled by extremely wealthy, overbloated lobby groups both in the USA and in Europe.

    John Key was their man and he hasn’t disappointed them.

  8. Another irony here is that Key made so much mileage out of Christchurch and Pike River. He looked statesman like back then along with courageous strong leadership and a touch of humility thrown in.

    But it turned out to be nothing more substantial that a cheap façade exploiting people who proved useful to him and National for a while.

    What a mockery!

  9. say you were a JK fan for a moment. The question you would have to ask is , why? Why if you are so amazingly popular, and have been pretty much amazingly popular all the time you have been leader of the National Party, why do you feel the need to run a dirty tricks division inside the very beating heart of your government, why would you do it- for a couple more percentage points in the polls or what

  10. One thing I notice amongst my contemporaries is the number who don’t really want to admit they voted National at the moment when they’re actually confronted. Basically I think most of them just got caught up in all that ‘tired of Helen’ thing (and with justification – given she chose to have a lay down and do sfa in the 3rd term).
    But I can’t really understand how people got taken in by this stereotypical ‘used car salesman’ 6 years ago.
    I’ve even heard him described as ‘charismatic’ ffs!
    They got taken in by all that “I-did-it-tuff-solo-mum-state-house-bog-in-thebackyard-shit, at a time when that was the normality for a good many people! (I note there’s been no journalist that has chosen to look at John Key’s past in the context of the era). For most of my so-called liberal sex drugs and rocknroll Onslow College-going protesting supposedly progressive contemporaries (mainly from Khandallah and its surrounds), I suspect it was just a desire for change. Thank Christ I had to commute.
    They’ve subsequently encountered the benefits of AMEX GOLD and Platinum, they satisfy and justify themselves that they’re now mature – all the while making Caci Clinic appointments, pretending their fucked-up children are their best friends and they’re ‘down with the kuds’, they’re generally overweight or pot bellied grey hairs popping various ‘legal’ medication.
    They didn’t just get out of the frying pan into the wok – they really did get the fire.
    We’re now at the point where we ride along the wave of pretending NZ is an egalitarian society. Do you realise there are now 3rd-world countries in Africa and parts of Asia that have superior internet connectivity, who have investigative journalism (with journalists – pardon the expression – who have balls – and who seem to be a lot happier without the aid of synthetic aids!

    MY biggest wonder is how the fuck did anybody EVER get fooled by John Key in the first place? The guy was slime at the start and he’s graduated to rock snot status now

  11. The filthy bile just keeps on oozing from the leeching envious left. JK will wipe the floor with your evil and foul candidates, leading us to the promised land. Suck it up left-wing filth, your appointed representatives, like yourselves, are losers. Doubt if collectively, the scum you want to represent your envious tastes, will reap 25% of the vote.

    • Yes IMcK you may even be correct; partly
      However one would wonder about one’s fellow NZers
      If you are correct then we are really f****d as a society
      When we do eventually wake up and FJK has long departed
      Aoteoroa we may reflect on ourselves.

    • If you are going to post this kind of thing, it’s best if it doesn’t sound like a 10 year old wrote it. “Envious tastes”? Ha!

  12. The very best point made in this very good blog is use your vote wisely. Think of the relief we would all feel to see the Keyremlin overthrown the night of September 20th. All this lying, bullying gone in one democratic stroke.
    Three more years of Key,Slater,Farrer,Joyce,Collins,Ede,Parata…….I could go on,what a truly frightening list.
    What a terrible consequence for our country.
    Please,everyone,we have a chance, do the right thing.

  13. My my Ian. What a potty mouth. I suggest you step away from the keyboard. Step outside. Breathe some fresh air…relax…let your anger go

  14. Jesus ! @ IAN MCKINNON really needs a hug . I’ve not seen such an hilariously dark diatribe since Slater flapped his maw and we all know where that got him . It’s so funny ! It’s like a script from a horror film . Is it a script from a horror film ? No ? It should be . Hahahaha !
    What would your mother think Ian ?

  15. Why on this side of the political spectrum have we still got real compassionate caring women I could just hug.

    I as a male at 69 have always admired women for the added love and compassion they have brought to my otherwise empty life.

    I know this sounds like a love letter, but how does the man say how he really feels when I see our side with your compassionate manner and the other side with cold callous women that would have you stitched up like Odgers, Collins , Horwood and many more we are learning of in the book on the far right that are so shockingly inhuman . Example Collins;

    “Any news here Whale? Can we get the prat harpooned? And shamed, and fired, and tarred ‘n feathered?”

    And then to come onto this string and I read lovely women here, with caring thoughts, thanks for your warmth it gives old battlers like me some reason to go on.

  16. “I want a Prime Minister that is human, real, not fake and dishonest”. Yes, so do I, so do a lot of reasonable people. Unfortunately, according to the latest Colmar Brunton Poll, the majority do want a PM like that and they are determined to vote him in again, not matter what. What is it with New Zealanders that they must be a such a bunch of brainless whelps to imagine that a lying charlatan like Key is somehow an asset to this country?

  17. They’ve all been infected by the neo liberal disease….this disease is carried by vector blowflys such as John Key , who , having landed on a pile of diseased neo liberal shit… proceed to suck it up , fly off to another pile of neo liberal shit…and lay eggs.

    Out of these eggs crawl disgusting wriggling maggots such as Slater and Hosking , who , feeding on this pile of neo liberal shit…develop and mature into yet more disease carrying blowflys.

    It s called the great circle of non life , or , in derogatory terms…neo liberalism.

    And we all need to sanitise thoroughly this huge pile of neo liberal shit in order to break the disease cycle……therefore this election…..

    Vote Left !!!

  18. John Key has become intoxicated by his own publicity and manufactured image over the years. I remember when he first emerged in the 1990s and when he contested his first election as leader. He conducted himself in public with appropriate dignity and certainly gained the respect of a lot of people, whether they would vote for him or not. I remember when he visited my work place and I thought to myself I wouldn’t vote National but if anyone could defeat Helen Clarke, it wouldn’t be so bad if it was him. He actually seemed genuine in those days – a people person, personally engaging and connected to the “ordinary” New Zealander.
    This ordinary bloke has risen to great heights but has lost a lot of the charms that took him there. Lies, media manipulation, espionage against his political opponents, hiring despicable media hitmen like Slater, refusing to acknowledge the reality of New Zealand’s social problems, subservience to foreign powers and corporations. It is very hard to respect someone that engages in such activities, much less so if he happens to be the Prime Minister of New Zealand and he openly glorifies what he does.

  19. What left-wing filth are we getting bombarded with today? Maybe Bradbury is still in bed, lazing, as is the norm for left-wing leeches.

  20. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Be very afraid if the Nats win by a clear majority so that they can govern alone, without having to rely on another party.

    • I don’t think there would be too many of the previous partners who would go around again are there? Surely Dunne, Peters,Flavell and maybe even Craig have had their suspicions confirmed this weekend and I don’t think they would accept the invitation for another turn around the dance floor.

  21. Is anyone going to start to use the term ‘Manchurian Candidate’ to describe John Key? His wind-up toy soundbites exposes his lack of depth.

    You have to remember that Jenny Shipley (a board member of the Chinese Construction Bank) and Judith Collins (remember Oravida?) scouted John Key to the National Party.

    • P.S. NOBODY,( and members of the public..)
      Do NOT omit to notice that “Jenny Shipley”, significantly is now chairman of the Board of Genesis Electricity.
      YES, she just LOVES the fact of Privatisation of Electricity during her time.
      First in line to gain from profits.( Sell off .)

  22. (..the “promised land” – Ian McKinnon are you per chance, a crypto Zionist per chance ? That would make sense, a sociopath full of hate. Talmud for you? (wink wink )
    Let me give you the biggest loving hug.( Poison to the likes of you. )

    John Key has for me always “stood out” as a NZ Prime Minister, for the TOTAL absence of any humanity. Total absence of any sense of concern or caring for people.
    I have never been fooled like many others, by his “appearances” at barbeques, etc etc.
    That kind of stuff is shallow public relations exercises.

    Ditto the timely(election year) cozy articles about him & wifey in certain popular magazines..(Never mind his “Book”. WhoTF does he think he is -a significant character in NZ history ??? )

    The most alarming thing is- John Key’s clearly proven LACK of principles & ethics.
    Does this and the fact that he has followers indicate how far we have fallen as a nation of people?

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