Hager’s Dirty Politics – Farrar oxygen stealing stunt backfires


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Oh poor David Farrar everyone. The wee babe is on the verge of a hysterical breakdown because he concludes after reading the hideous catalogue of hate and filth that his friends have vomited up in Dirty Politics that he must have been invaded and now he thinks he might step down from politics.

Let me get this straight, Dirty Politics has  given us insight into the infected spite his friends have injected into politics AND David Farrar might step down from politics as well?

Folks, that’s a two for one special!

Now you may be calling me on being cruel here. ‘Poor Dave was all scared and terrified and his personal rights have been invaded, surely Bomber you are kicking wee Davey when he’s down and that’s not nice’, you might say.

Sure, that would be true IF Farrar had been invaded and his computers hacked, but Hager DIDN’T get his information that way, a former employee of David’s handed Hager the information. So suddenly there hasn’t been a hacking or invasion, just a disgruntled staff member. Now I f I recall, Farrar couldn’t scream happily enough when former staff members started leaking from Kim Dotcom’s house, but now it’s done to Farrar suddenly he needs a cuddle because he’s been so freaked out.

Cry me a fucking river David.

This bullshit hysterics did exactly what it was supposed to do, steal oxygen from the cruel realities that have been established within this book. He is misdirecting and the media allow themselves to be played AGAIN by giving it oxygen. You would think after reading the book that the mainstream media would start refusing to get tricked, but here they are getting tricked. Again.

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It’s only backfired because the source to Hager isn’t the spooky scenario Farrar tries to paint. It’s insightful that his comment from reading the book isn’t, “Christ my friends have been evil and I am ashamed to associate with them’, oh no, the pompous little git is “It’s all about me, it’s all about me, it’s all about me’.

As we crawl towards the election, we as citizens who don’t want this type of filth in our political system need to apply pressure to the media for not holding these bastards to account and we should demand at every political event to ask why the Prime Minister hasn’t yet read the book yet.

As for Farrar. I’ve never liked the nasty little piece of work to begin with. He twists and manipulates and tries to underplay climate change while masquerading hard right as lite right, but the revelations of what his ‘friends’ get up to makes him more repugnant than ever.

I genuinely hope he feels the wave of revulsion at a  street level as people who have read the book pass him. He deserves that.


  1. Highly agree, no tears from me either. Farrar’s blog piece goes on and on and on about feeling violated by being spied upon, yet just a month ago its sweet to spy on opponents – “This is an unprecedented fall out between allies. I can’t say I blame the Germans. Spying on your opponents and enemies, but not your allies” http://goo.gl/sze3a1 . His piece is nothing but a four year old having a supermarket tantrum over a bag of lollies that they are nether going to get.

  2. Who the hell is David Farrar? No, don’t tell me. Please. I just want to able again to ask ‘Who the hell is David Farrar?’

  3. Web 2.0 is a bit old so #NetHui was a bit of a fizzer this year, but I did learn that one of dpf’s little projects is to bring us blackboxvoting.

  4. Please, please David,do step down ….while you’re about it leave the country too, you belong with your Republican mates in US. Bye…….

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