Hager’s Dirty Politics – the legality of using stolen emails



I wonder if Key is humming, “I’ve got one less problem withoutcha” as he deletes Cams number from his phone?


One of the attack spin lines being run by National Party apologists in the media is that Nicky Hager has used stolen emails and as such the entire work is a hypocrisy and left wing conspiracy theory.

Let’s just smack down this spin lie that using hacked emails is a crime. Public Address have done an excellent job of informing us all what the law says…


Publishing Dirty Politics

Let’s start with Hager.  He claims that the book is based on thousands of pages of emails between Slater and others which were leaked to him out of the blue by an unnamed person or persons.  He says the emails were obtained during an attack on the Whale Oil site following Slater’s comment “Feral dies in Greymouth, did world a favour.”  There is no suggestion that Hager was himself involved in the hacking of the emails so the question is: was Hager entitled to publish the emails he published?  

The answer is yes, as long as the public interest in the emails outweighs the competing rights of those who wrote them.  So how do we work that out?  There is a pretty good argument that material in Dirty Politics is in the public interest.  The public interest is particularly strong where information relates to the behaviour of elected politicians.  Dirty Politicsis making some serious allegations about that behaviour and it’s arguable that the public should hear them.

People also have no right to keep secret communications which reveal wrongdoing.  This “iniquity” defence could justify many of Hager’s disclosures including, for example, the alleged exchange in which Slater and political commentator, Matthew Hooton, provide details of Hager’s address to lawyer, Cathy Ogders, who wants it made available to “vicious” individuals whom she appears to believe will have it in for him.

…so it’s legal for Hager to publish these hacked emails because the over whelming public interest in seeing how the National Party abuses power outweighs Slater’s privacy. I would add here that Hager has thousands of emails, some of a personal and sexual nature and Hager hasn’t released ANY of that. Contrast that with the disgusting way Slater used information that was stolen from Matthew Blomfield and did not hesitate to humiliate him.

Hager has been far more ethical with this information than Slater ever would and Hager has the law on his side. When a Right Wing Troll or mainstream media apologist tries to use ‘but the emails are hacked’ smack that lying clown down with the law. It’s legal for Hager to publish stolen emails if the public interest outweigh the personal privacy, and in this case where we are suddenly made aware of blackmailing of MPs, trawling brothels for information on Journalists, hacking into political party computers and taking information from the SIS then I would declare the public interest threshold has been met with just one of these issues. The combination of them plus all the other hateful cruel shit these maggots get up to mean trying to hide behind the stolen emails line is just childish bullshit beneath adults.

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I don’t care how Hager got the emails, every NZer has an obligation to thank him for what he has exposed within the heart of our Democracy.

Now – why shouldn’t the Prime Minister read the book before the election and address the serious allegations it exposes, and don’t say ‘Nicky Hager is a left wing conspiracy theorist’ because that’s not an answer.


  1. Spot on Martyn.
    SADLY the Lame Street Media is doing it’s utmost to not talk about the revelations of sleaze and undemocratic behavior of our Government.
    But just so they can say they did report-talk about it, they have slots where they talk to nearly everyone who has a negative spin to add to it, letting them get away with ‘oh no I didn’t’ type replies, dressed up as balance and facts.
    Yet when any one who wants to get an answer to these raised points is interviewed they are interrupted galore (to make then look bad, stop their flow or reasoning becoming apart)……e.g. Last night with Plunket, DAILY on TV1 and 3 interviews.
    It’s appalling. We in NZ are at serious risk of being taken over by a bunch of right wing ‘news outlet’ sympathizers, who are helping the right wing extremists who are trying to take over the democratic process and stay in power forever, with the use of the unsupervised secret services against anyone who disagrees.
    And as for the idiotic middle class people that back (F)JK and the Nationals. When the working class have been subjugated and stripped of their money, where do you think the wealthy will look next to exploit………and it certainly wont be their wealthy mates.

    To shorten a perfect quote…..
    …When they came for…..XXXXX………..I said nothing
    ….when they came for…..YYYYY………I said nothing
    …When they came for the Jews I said nothing, because I wasn’t a Jew
    When they eventually came for me, no one said anything

    • Look at tne middle class in America … Now the new poor, living in caravan parks cause they’ve had to sell their homes to pay for their medical bills. .. The comfy self centred middle class here need to make UP !

  2. Excellent Post ! The Dark Side should be getting very , very worried .
    Nicky Hager must be causing serious embarrassment to those who pretend to be MSM journalists . All those puffed up , pompous , smoothly dressed , greased up show ponies should be wincing in their make-up mirrors .

    • But an article in today’s Otago Daily Times by John Armstrong of the NZ Herald, strongly supports Hager’s stance. I cant believe it. If he continues in this vein, I’ll suggest that the Pope deifies him.

  3. The RWNJ would have us believe that Nixon just handed over the Watergate evidence of his wrongdoing.

    The truth is that whistleblowers and journalists had to take considerable risks to bring him to justice.

    As with Nixon, so with Key.

  4. @ Kevin .
    Until recently , I would have agreed with you .
    However , this ‘ situation ‘ will get bigger ( Perhaps is already ) than the Right can handle . Not even the most determined MSM patsy will be able to keep a straight spine under the crushing weight of information to come . And I don’t necessarily mean just that , which Nicky Hager potentually has to offer . There are greater , for more damning and fataily damaging material out there that just might sink our entire political system .
    Was that not a consideration , during the Wine Box enquiries ? That when all the material was weighed up . After careful consideration of the facts and after the consiquences of the actions of certain individuals was measured against any benefit to New Zealand should they be made accountable for their swindling crimes , it was decided that making those few filthy scum hand back our money through the chaos of the total political meltdown that was sure to happen , it was decided to let those few scum slip away with our money in the interests of maintainging a status quo .
    Those days are gone Scum . I’d just like to say that to you . And you’ll be reading this . You’ll be reading this and as your guts tightens around its rich contents , your arsehole will be wanting to evacuate those proceeds of your crimes against us into your Calvins .
    I’ve been saying , way back in the heady days of Tumeke , ” Hear that scratching sound in the dead of night ? You fuckers ! That’s the sound of the Truth scratching at your kitchen door . ” It’s coming for you . Here it comes . “

    • Yes, I remember you saying something like that. So very much hope you are right, but nothing much seems to stick to Teflon – especially when the MSM also use a lot of oil for cooking our media.

  5. Yes Martyn.

    Lets discuss the content of the emails, rather than how the emails were attained.

    Is anyone going to do this – make the content more real than the slagging off of Hagar?

    It’s time to stop giving Slater media time, and just ignore him. Lets bring out the corruption without using his name any more. Blimey next thing you know Slater will be standing for Nats as a politician! I am fully fed up with hearing his name. Lets attack the issues and revelations instead.


  6. The questions that really need to be answered are:

    How when I have been waiting 16 months for OIA answers from the Ombudsman’s office and members of the press I have spoken to say they to can wait many months too and The Dominion’s request was declined, does that slimeball Slater get an answer to a sensitive security question in under a week? The usual procedure is to refuse under some pretext but tell you you have the right to approach the Ombudsman, knowing that will take months if not years. Clearly Nicky Hagar is on the money on at least this if nothing else and it goes right back to KEY. How come he knew the exact question to ask? How come he got an answer in under a week? “After all he needed it before the election that’s why”.How come he could clearly know what the answer from his OIA request was going to be before he got it. F.F.S. someone join these dots write it up in a way that a good number of these mesmerized National party supporters and voters are left with no where to hide, PLEASE!!!

  7. Mmm.

    And when was Jason Ede moved from the PMs office to the National party office? And why? Was it before or after the hacking and the emails? Has anyone interviewed Jason Ede?

    I reckon everything FJK and his cronies do, needs to be scrutinised.


  8. This is what you get when you vote in a neo liberal….a disease carrying blowfly like John Key….who feeds on that shit , lays eggs , and out of those eggs hatches fat , disgusting , wriggling maggots like Slater and Hosking……

    Which then go on to be vectors for more of the same disease…..infecting the entire system….and the only way to clean it all up is to sanitise the whole stinking mess….

    But You ,and I , …. can all do our bit by starting with FUCK JOHN KEY !! ! FUCK JOHN KEY !!!

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