Hager’s Dirty Politics – Release the emails and prove Key wrong



It is vital in this crisis control of the meltdown that Key comes across as relaxed and not agitated, if he does he gives the game away on how damaged they are. He has to keep denying and claiming he hasn’t read the book to escape specific questions, which is why Hager’s threat to release the emails will be so damaging.

Whaleoil knows what he has said and he knows how badly he has been compromised and he’s already busily spinning that the emails may be true but the conspiracy theory isn’t. That defence is a joke when you read the emails and then see the timetable of events occur as per the emails. This is a conspiracy theory BECAUSE it’s all about National Party conspiracy theories!

Let’s see the emails! If the media and Key are right and Nicky is a liar, let’s see the emails! The media will then admit the emails are true and the intense scorching glare goes back on National come Monday morning. 

Nicky Hager’s book is like a busted candy machine – it just keeps giving. As more and more people actually read the book the fury builds


  1. One problem with releasing the e-mails might be that it also reveals Hager’s sources. What do you think will happen to these “sources”? It won’t be pleasant, we can be sure of that.

      • I don’t think releasing the emails will reveal the source. The source won’t be named in the emails? And any info regarding the source can be redacted.

  2. What a tremendous Post to drag myself to of a morning . The thought of jonky writhing between his thousand thread count Egyptian cotton sheets gives me …. ? ‘ Pleasure ‘ doesn’t quite make the grade in terms of the rewarding feelings I feel . More a building sense of sated vengeance .
    When bennett began her rampage against the most at risk ( At the behest of jonky , of course ) while jonky’s hoards had just given themselves salary increases and improved levels of entitlements and during a particularly punishing East Christchurch winter , I had the grim task of going to a house in Bexley on business .
    When I got there , I saw a very angry dog snarling at me from behind a far too low and far too frail a fence . I knocked on the front door , beside which was a growing stack of empty Pizza boxes , and waited . I heard a young woman shout ‘ C’min ! ‘ . I opened the door a crack to check that the dog was being held back . Luckily it was clawing at the kitchen door , trying to get at me .
    I followed the voice to a bedroom where I saw the young ( More a child ) woman and her three little daughters all rolled up in bed , fully dressed , eating chips for breakfast . She’d long run out of money for the power ‘ manager ‘ and the only way they could stay warm was to all get into bed and wait until the sun came out . The wee kids , dirty little things with matted hair and filthy feet sat there giggling and happy enough but Jesus ! What a thing to see .
    Poverty kills . It kills the spirit . It kills the soul . It kills enthusiasm . It kills creativity . It kills hope . It kills people . Poverty is death incarnate .
    Rich little jonky loves money . That can’t be denied . He loves money and he has a lot of it . Did he earn it by working for an hourly rate ? If so , quite the rate I’d say .
    No , he ‘ earned ‘ his money by being very , very clever and very good at what he does . He legitimately swindled other people of their money . By being just that bit cleverer , sharper , swifter , sneakier , more secretive , more cunning . A Forex Trader with a natural ability was how he was described by a colleague . And there are fools out there who still think he’s ‘ the best man to lead the country ‘ .

    • Well told Countryboy. Yes it’s very hard to have a cold shower in the middle of winter – and I expect this will be why the children were dirty. Not by neglect of the mother, but rather her not wanting to make them have a cold shower that might make them ill – and then of course there would be medical bills. But most of all, when you are that poor, you don’t want others to see it – so staying in your unheated shelter is the option of choice.

      You know what, the dirt you witnessed on this family is easily visible, but the dirt on this government is invisible to the naked eye – but lurking just below the surface of their designer suits, BMWs and palatial homes, and overpaid by the taxpayer life-styles, and clean skin, crawls millions of cockroaches, just slithering around there under their skin. Writhing abusive creeps this government are.

      I bet if you needed something, that woman and her children, would give it to you if they had it. The poor look after the poor, and the rich look after the rich.

      A disgusting state NZ is in. Lets fix it.
      Lets get rid of rich politicians whose souls have long been taken over by the devil.
      Lets look after this woman and her children. There are so many like them. Lets hold their hand and lift them up. It will likely be hard for them to reach up and take the hand, so lets do it gently, and with love.

      Opinion and belief.

  3. Yes. Let us all see all the emails.

    Lay them on the public table, and then see what happens next.

    Come on Hagar, ink out the name of your informant, and show us the true, and undisputable evidence, in full living colour.

  4. Labour seem very quite on this issue except for D C telling us that he needs a shower.
    Perhaps the release of the rest of the stolen private information might reveal some unwanted information on the left.
    The only person who has shown any real anger is mr Goff and we know he wants an end to DC .

    • I believe Cunliffe is staying quiet as tonot be dragged into the mud with the pigs. I’m sure he is disgusted, but joining in with the lowest of the low will not help him or his party. I think he is doing the right thing. Once the investigations have come out and the emails released he can take a thought out and measured approach to the information. I think his reactions to this show class – something that is sorely lacking at the moment from this govt.
      He’s playing it close to his chest until the time is right.

  5. Labour is considering releasing proof, through documentation, their data base was hacked into by National.

    In Parliament over the past few months, Key has consistently make snide comments re Cunliffe’s and Labour’s donors and the fact he has more dirt in his bottom drawer to pull out and use if necessary. Now we know how he got the details! He’s been caught!

    Key can’t slide his way out now, saying neither he nor his office were involved in any of this sordid business! The evidence against him and National is beginning to surface and the sooner it does, the better!

  6. Neo liberalism is like a huge pile of shit. And disease carrying blowflies like John Key land on that shit , suck it up and lay eggs , ….and out of those eggs crawl disgusting , fat , wriggling maggots like Slater and Hosking ….

    These in turn mature into blowflys and find more neo liberal shit to land on ….repeating the cycle…therefore,….the only true way to eradicate such vermin is to sanitise the whole system.


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