ACC minister fails in mission to change culture


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Headline: ACC minister fails in mission to change culture

The latest damning report by the Auditor General shows that the ACC Minister has failed to fulfil her mission to fix the sick culture at ACC and real change will not come till a new Government is elected, the Green Party said today.

An investigation by the Auditor General, just published online, is critical of the way ACC handles complaints from complainants, describing it as “not effective”, non-responsive, flawed and failing at times to even record complaints as complaints.

“The Green Party is just one of several groups and individuals who have been pointing out the failures in the ACC complaints system for years,” Green Party ACC spokesperson Kevin Hague said.

“It’s unacceptable that it’s taken the Auditor General to report again before ACC takes long-standing concerns about its complaints process seriously.

“ACC Minister Judith Collins came into the job over two years ago claiming she’d fix up the culture of disentitlement at ACC, but this report shows she has failed in that mission.

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“The only real solution is to change the Government and get ACC back to its core principles.

“Again, the Auditor General has shown that ACC views its role to be about cutting costs and its default position is to decline claimants and saving money.

“The Green Party has previously laid out a ten point plan for rehabilitating ACC and bring it back to the core principles it was founded on.

“The latest Auditor General investigation shows how an ACC ombudsman is urgently needed to deal with ACC’s poor complaints processes, and the high number of ACC decisions that are overturned on appeal.

“ACC is suffering from multiple system failures driven by a very sick culture that the Minister has failed to change,” Mr Hague said.

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  1. Yes. As the AG pointed out to ACC in her findings, ACC have a 78% failure rate.

    Some minister of ACC we have.

    All the reports and investigations that have been done on ACC over the past few years, and nothing has changed.

    I know some people who are on ACC income. They certainly deserve their ACC weekly compensation. Some through work injuries, and some through sexual violence, and some with a combination of both!

    What actually happens to these people who are newly vulnerable, and trying to reshape their lives, is that are bullied, and threatened, by their ACC case managers, and the ACC toadie assessors. ACC actually seem to reap some delight in the re-traumatising of the people they are charged with caring for.

    Medical care is way at the back of the queue, as the ACC case managers dig their way through their ‘processes’ and policies, and some of these in direct conflict with the AC Act, as many a court case shows.

    It is nothing more than a money sucking insurance company – all about the actuarials, and lets see how we can get out of helping this person – lets try and dig up something that will get us out of paying them any money.

    You never know when a drunk driver will maim you when they drive headon into your car. You never know when you drive around a corner and a cement truck crashes headon into your vehicle – killing and maiming.
    You never know when you will be minding your own business, having a good life and family, and then all of a sudden everything is turned upside down and inside out because you are raped, or your child is raped. You just never know. And this is the purpose of ACC – to look after you, and to help you back into your new life.

    But this is not what actually happens with ACC. What actually happens is that the psychopathic tendencies of the ACC, and it’s case managers kick in about now, and they push then drag you, in your newly vulnerable and still adjusting state of physical and mental disabilities, along a path from hell.

    With the information I have, I would say that they are certainly disgusting in EVERYTHING they do. And I don’t think the Green Party 10 point plan grasps the true reality here. Their 10 points are great, but seriously, how will they tackle the huge problem of the existing ACC staff, who are entrenched along their path where psychopathy is rewarded by their employer in the name of KPIs – KPIs are bonuses for kicking people off what they are entitled to, and stopping the newly vulnerable from getting the right assistance.

    Some of the psychopathic clerical workers (ACC case managers), actually believe they know more about the claimant than the GP, or the specialist.

    They all need to go – all the current ACC staff – including the minister. But the Greens will need to try harder and find the right plan – otherwise it is doomed to be forever the failure that it is today. Try harder Greens coz what you have right now – the 10 point plan, needs much more work – perhaps another 20 or so points. Stop talking to the bureaucrats, and start talking to the abused and bullied claimants.


  2. ACC Minister Judith Collins came into the job over two years ago claiming she’d fix up the culture of disentitlement at ACC, but this report shows she has failed in that mission.”

    You can safely assume this much: When Judith Collins says one thing in public, she means exactly the opposite.

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