MANA Pasifika Says NO To Discrimination


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Headline: MANA Pasifika Says NO To Discrimination

 Posted on July 20, 2014 by admin in James Papali’i’Vice Chairperson of MANA Pasifika James Papali’i  feels for Ms Tupou and her children after they were served with trespass orders from their  local swimming pool in new market. With no warning or explanation from the pool staff Police ordered this aiga (family) to leave the pool because things had gone missing from the lockers when they were present.
“This is a case where the aiga were presumed to be guilty, firstly by the pool staff, and secondly by the police. The humiliation and stigma inflicted on to this Pasifika mum and her children is just not on”, said James Papali’i”.
“MANA Pasifika is right behind Ms Tupou and supports her complaint to the Human rights conciliator Dame Susan Devoy”, said Papali’i.
“Although apologies have been made by the pools management and the trespass orders lifted, the damage has already been done”.
“This type of discrimination, harassment, and judgmental behaviour by people in positions of authority should not be left unchallenged and MANA Pasifka hopes that Ms. Devoy  investigates the incident further and hold those responsible accountable”.
For further information please contact James Papali’I, (021) 033 0884

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