National’s ghost crime stats



Police made burglaries vanish
Police altered official crime statistics to make hundreds of burglaries disappear, a Herald on Sunday investigation has found.

A damning report obtained by the newspaper reveals the burglaries were instead recorded as more minor crimes, or as incidents, which are not counted in crime statistics at all.

Five police staff, including then area commander Gary Hill, were sanctioned over the incident, and an “extremely disappointed” Police Minister, Anne Tolley, has moved to reassure the public this is an isolated incident.

About 700 burglaries were “recoded” in the Counties Manukau south area over three years, an internal police investigation has found. It found that about 70 per cent of the time, the offences should have remained burglaries.

There are just some sectors of the state that a Government should never try to screw. MFAT, the Judiciary, Treasury and the Police are some of those parts no Government in their right mind want to cross, sadly for the Government they have picked fights with MFAT and the Police.

Murray McCully is currently learning how much fun a Department wanting to harm him feels and the Police are now giving National a taste of this medicine. The complaints have obviously come from within the Police because only those involved in the process would know to complain about it. The pressure to mask the crime stats is clearly a political one and the Police are leaking the consequences of this pressure.

No day is ever a good day to be Anne Tolley, but this week looks like it will be unforgiving.


    • Yes.

      And the violent crime stats manipulated too!

      And Nats proudly stating that violent crimes have reduced after issuing new statistics – after the sexually violent and domestic violence crimes were removed from the overall violent crime statistics.
      Why didn’t National announce this too?
      That the violent crimes stats are down because we removed the domestic and sexual violence crimes from the stats – and that actually the sexually violent and domestic violence stats are increasing at an alarming rate. Why didn’t they speak about it truthfully? Why did they prefer to deceive?

      They think the public are stupid, and maybe we are, to let them get away with this manipulation of crime statistics.


  1. Geez it looks like this making water from wine miracle of lower crime reporting is an illusion.

    National cut the police’s budget or forced the police to make “savings” that have amounted to almost a third of the budget from 2008 and since have frozen what budget they have left.

    And somehow, almost like defying gravity with a lead balloon, National are claiming reported crime is down by over 30%. This I believe is a first for the NZ Police to cut so much crime and yet do it on a substantially reduced budget. How could this possibly happen?

    If I were a Key National minister I would slash the budget mindlessly then ensure that what is about to really happen, crime going up, will not come back to bite me.

    Firstly I would insist all innocently and business like that crime stat’s must fall. I would know it’s not possible in the normal recognised honest sense of law enforcement, apprehending criminals and suppression of crime so the only thing left is to use ones imagination, the sky’s the limit!

    Then this request will be a key requirement and a performance issue and should be accompanied by the unspoken alternatives if the results don’t materialise.

    The veiled threat is there, don’t play the game and you are out, but how ever you achieve this miracle (wink, wink) I don’t want to have my fingerprints anywhere near this except to claim a victory for lowered crime.

    If you guys in the police stop reporting crime yourselves well who would know?? Not the dumb public because they still trust government statistics quoted by ministers

    After several murders and serious crime its strange how the people of West Auckland don’t feel safe, don’t feel like crime is going away rather getting worse. Funny that!

    The numbers not only looked unreal but highly suspect. Yet another contrivance to erode public confidence in an essential public entity under Nationals watch.

  2. If fudging the facts by police is a reality, then what else is being manipulated to suit this government’s agenda?

    I doubt this one is a sole issue.

  3. Ghost chips, ghost jobs and now ghost crimes !

    National’s crime reduction strategy revealed:-

    “Crime…what crime??”

  4. Collins responds with her usual sulking and blames Jacinda Ardern. Pathetic. Much more likely to be insiders leaking through sheer frustration as noted already. Luckily they have made enemies across a broad range of govt departments. All strength to you whistle blowers.

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