How sexist is Fairfax media? Since when was ‘Female dominated’ a bad thing?


Poor old Labour, if it’s not $100 000 bottles of wine and $15000 books that never existed and were a distressing example of our mainstream swallowing a National Party manufactured smear with no self reflection, it’s their new list being described as “Female dominated” by Fearfax. Yesterday Fearfax media headlined the Labour Party list as “Female dominated” but obviously came in for some social media flac because you will note of you go to their site today, they’ve changed all the headlines from ‘female dominated’ to “Women to the fore on Labour’s ‘talented’ list”.

The absurd, baseless sexism I gave seen from some on social media towards this List and it’s barely proportional attempt to get more women into Parliament isn’t surprising, but it is infinity disappointing. From my time on this planet I’ve learned a couple of things, and one of those things is that in terms of group dynamics, any decision making process that only has males in it is doomed to either be efficiently greedy, efficiently violent or an efficient clusterfuck.

I just don’t trust decision making processes when it’s all men, every group I’ve ever worked with has succeeded BECAUSE of the input and insight and minds of women not despite it. We desperately need more female voices and brains in all levels of decision making, and that starts at the top in Parliament.

True equality will be when mediocre women can get as far in politics as mediocre men can, which is why Paula Bennett is such an important role model.

Labour’s decision to push as hard as they can to get more women in should be celebrated and rewarded, not denigrated by sexist headlines like ‘female dominated’.


  1. “True equality will be when mediocre women can get as far in politics as mediocre men can, which is why Paula Bennett is such an important role model.”
    Well said

  2. PS have you dug around for the last time the media reported a party’s line up to be “male dominated”.
    I do believe that it was noted that National had very few women at the last election, was it? It was not however, comment #1 about the party, though.
    Yes, still a very long way to go

    • From what I’ve seen pretty much anything and everything, which involves holding power or making the big decisions, can be and usually is male dominated.

      And it attracts almost no comment from MSM. They pretty much NEVER call that sexist.

      Because its the status quo.

      • Indeed. I look forward to some critique of National’s list and how it will undoubtedly be unrepresentative of non-white NZ and overwhelmingly male. But the MSM won’t bother with that, because as you rightly say it’s the status quo (and most of them are white males too).

        This gets right up my nose (and I write this as a white male). Did these people never do an OE and experience what it is like to be a foreigner and not part of the historically-dominant slice of society?

  3. There may be some other role models in the National Party that could be mentioned as well. One would think anyhow the way people are talking is that to be a politician you had to be someone extraordinarily talented. Some are, some aren’t. As can be seen in successive governments we’ve had and this one in particular. It’s great to get a variety of people bringing their talents, skills and life experiences. This more than anything will bring change. Stupid that the conservative, misogynistic, eurocentric males think that it is such a poor strategy. Good that Labour has run with it. Bad that once again the MSM portrays it with such disdain. Do they not employ critical thinkers as journalists anymore?

  4. Since when was 45% dominated? Surely it would have to be 51% at least?

    Still, the MSM, Granny Herald and pollsters aren’t that good with figures are they possums?

    BTW how’s Conservative Colin’s women and homosexual balance going these days? Or Jamie’s for that matters?

    • Looking at that rather creepy photo of him sitting in the middle of a paddock it looks like he’s wearing the eye liner,so I guess he figures that he doesn’t need women.

  5. Women are only deemed worthy to the National Party when they vote National. The rest can jump in the lake.

  6. Maybe Fairfax dont have any love or respect for their own mothers.

    I wonder if this is the attitude they give their mums?

    • I get the impression that they’ve all been, or still are, Mummy’s boys. Hence their massive egos and refusal to admit when they’re wrong
      arrogance, combined with a ‘born to rule’ attitude.
      Key, Henry, Hoskings and Smith are all classic examples of Mummy’s Boys.
      And don’t we hear all about it in the Womans Mags all the time. Yawn!

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