Ignoring protest in Tauranga



Ignoring protest in Tauranga


  1. So what happened then??????
    If the compliant MSM isn’t telling us, this ‘article’ didn’t do much to justify the statement that Herald is biased by not mentioning ‘something or other’…………..

    • The NZ Herald has been New Zealand’s tory mouthpiece since even before the National Party was born. When the Liberals became the first properly organized political party at the beginning of the 20th century the Herald used to write diatribes against Richard Seddon. They also supported the actions of Massey’s Cossacks in beating up protestors during the 1913 strikes. Nice people eh?

    • “Mr Bridges attributed most of the negative feedback as coming from online bullies, also known as trolls.”


      Hey guys, ever notice when he’s being interviewed that the harder Bridges tries to do ‘on message’ responses, the more it sounds like he’s getting blown by a concealed donkey?


  2. I imagine they reported the farmer protest shutting down Waipukurau over the Ruataniwha dam proposal

  3. What an awesome creature Maui’s dolphin is. Look at the wikipedia page. There are only 55 left and they don’t breed for 6-7 years! This calls for a state of emergency to be declared!
    But, oh no, business as usual from the government, the whole world is disgusted and revolted to see this beautiful mammal which wears the uniform of an all black being left to extinction.

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