John Key commits NZ to a new US war in Iraq




So let me got this straight. Fundamentalist extremists funded by Saudi Arabia have burst out of the Syrian war and taken over vast swathes of Iraq, the country the West bombed for democracy, and the US will need to work with Iran to prop up whatever remains of Iraq and John Key wants to get us involved inside this cluster fuck?

Hands up who isn’t comfortable with directing drone strikes in Iraq?

Our simplistic and idiotic media seemed to have taken Key’s assurances that NZ wouldn’t send boots on the ground into Iraq as some sort of answer when in reality NZ was always via its 5 Eyes spy network going to be involved in the targeting side of this new conflict.

We may not pull the trigger on these drone strikes, but we sure as hell point the gun.

In his rush to sign NZ up for new military adventures in Iraq, Mr Key seems to have forgotten the cost while reviving his war lust.

Let’s remember the cost

The US war in Iraq has cost US$1.7 trillion with an additional US$490 billion in benefits owed to war veterans, expenses that could grow to more than US$6 trillion over the next four decades counting interest.

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…let’s remember the dead…

The war has killed at least 134,000 Iraqi civilians and may have contributed to the deaths of as many as four times that number, according to the Costs of War Project by the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University.

When security forces, insurgents, journalists and humanitarian workers were included, the war’s death toll rose to an estimated 176,000 to 189,000, the study said.

…let’s remember the other wars America engaged in…

The 2011 study said the combined cost of the wars was at least US$3.7 trillion, based on actual expenditures from the US Treasury and future commitments, such as the medical and disability claims of US war veterans.

That estimate climbed to nearly US$4 trillion in the update.

The estimated death toll from the three wars, previously at 224,000 to 258,000, increased to a range of 272,000 to 329,000 two years later.

…don’t forget we don’t include the indirect deaths or costs…

Excluded were indirect deaths caused by the mass exodus of doctors and a devastated infrastructure, for example, while the costs left out trillions of dollars in interest the United States could pay over the next 40 years.

..and what did brave John Key have to say at the time???

…that’s right, Key’s concern was that if we didn’t rush into this immoral war with America we may miss out on a free trade deal.

A money man who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.

Add to this new submissive role to America comes news that National want to change our foreign policy to support more of America’s war. As Idiot Savant points out at No Right Turn..

“what really takes the cake is the removal of the requirement that military operations “be acceptable to the New Zealand public”. No, they don’t provide any justification, because there cannot be one. It runs contrary to the fundamental principles of democratic and accountable government.”

This is why our bid for a seat on the UN Security Council is such a joke, why would any country vote such a spineless extension of America’s hegemony onto the UN Security council?

Let’s leave Key with a poem. A 21st Century version of James K Baxter’s ‘A Gunner’s Lament‘…


The Drone’s Lament

A Muslim kid lay dying
In an opium field south of Bamyan,
And he said to his GCSB drone,
“I reckon you’ve got it wrong, man!

‘And if I could fly like a hell fire missile
To your whare
An IED and a Koran could never drag
Me away from vengeance.

‘A cup of rice and an AK-47
Looked better than another occupation,
And they told me that Muhammad
Would have fought in the Afghan battle.

‘On my last leave the village was bombed
Like a bucket full of guts.
The girls screamed in unison
And I weeped for the girls.

‘Like lambs to the abattoirs
In the name of freedom
You flew 13609 kilometres
to kill for that liberty,

‘And what you found in Afghanistan
Was mud and blood and fire,
With the Yanks and the Taliban taking turns
At murdering the poor.

‘And I saw no reason for it
In a drones blazing eye –
We fought for the crops of poppies
And you are fighting behind the poppy.

‘So go tell my family
To get another boy
Who’ll stand at night against your death
And who’ll cry when the bombs blow,

‘And tell my youngest brother
He can have my rifle
To fire at the soldiers on the mountain road,
But not to aim it at the children,

‘And tell my mother to wear black
And carry the missile’s fin,
Because the kid she kept from the cold
Has eaten the white man’s sin.

‘And go and tell John Key
Sitting in Wellington,
However long he scrubs his hands
He’ll never get them clean.’



  1. Key is a charlatan and now a war monger, why does he remain so popular?
    Time for Kiwis to become more informed and realise Key does not work in our best interests he is only concerned about the rich and his own personal relationship with Obama and Cameron.
    Today’s article in SST about his relationship with Obama should concern us there is nothing for NZ to gain with our so called friendship with the USA. The US will screws us over TPPA and expect our support in any future conflict.
    Key has surrendered our sovereignty.

    • @Mooloo Magic – well said.

      The word treason comes to mind, regarding Key. He’s a first class traitor! His latest trip to the US is enough evidence to support this fact!

  2. Key is a half-wit. He tried to explain the situation in Iraq and made himself look like an ignorant twat, but a dangerous ignorant twat.

    No need to have an independent foreign policy it seems, I consider this government to have committed treason against the NZ population with respect to GCSB, Telecommunication etc pieces of legislation, clearly with the real agenda hidden.

    The following link represents an alternative narrative on the Iraq situation, somehow it seems much more complex than our arse licking dumb PM could convey, not to mention a totally opposite view of the real situation and agenda!

    • John Key is an embarrassment to any informed and reasonably educated person. He cannot even talk comprehensively half the time, but as the local media always present him in the best of light, as a successful son of a widowed mother living in a state house, he gets away with so much.

      His “insight” into the Iraq crisis, the Middle East situation, and global strategic policies in general, are infantile at best.

      This is not just about some “designated” supposed “terrorists”, this is not just about ISIS, this is a tribal and religion linked civil war that is developing, mainly between disgruntled Sunni tribes and the dominant Shiites, and also the assertive Kurds in the north.

      Isis have joined ranks with other disaffected, like former Baath party followers, who have taken up arms, also with various other predominantly Sunni faith adhering groups.

      And Iran will follow their agenda, same as some other regional powers, like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria and Israel, all having some fingers in this highly dangerous cocktail of a conflict that is about to explode the whole region.

      Imagine Key and Obama, like little boys sending their toy aeroplanes in the form of drones out, to “sort” all this out? All they will do, is make things worse, and only cause more hatred and also damage to the US and other “western” countries, who are perceived as interfering foreign powers, nothing else.

      Maliki is desperate, that is why he asked the US to send fighter planes to do the job that his armed forces in disarray cannot and will not deliver.

    • I think it is important to distinguish between half-wits and self-serving liars.

      Key came out of nowhere, and was obviously selected by TPTB as their hit-man for NZ, to facilitate further looting and polluting of the commons, to facilitate further undermining of everything wholesome and good, and to ensure wealth is transferred from the many to the few at an ever faster pace.

      He has been remarkably successful at carrying out the looting and polluting and sabotage agendas with his ‘smile and wave’ strategy. No half-wit could keep up the act for so long.

  3. @ David – your opening statement – “Key is a half-wit. He tried to explain the situation in Iraq and made himself look like an ignorant twat, but a dangerous ignorant twat.”

    In the same evil mold of that other dangerous ignorant twat, war criminal GW Bush jnr!

  4. So I watched the interviews with Key on both the Nation and Q+A.

    What a bloody boot-licking mercenary opportunist he is, what a traitor, I must say.

    Over his 5 day visit in the US he has moved from the usual, cautious, non committal position, to now openly supporting drone strikes, on “designated terrorists”, as he kind of put it.

    Who “designates” them then, the US, Obama, or the local regime in power? What kind of “terrorists” will there be now, those in Iraq, those in Ukraine, those in Saudi Arabia, those in Pakistan, those in any other place, they are habitually all called terrorists, who oppose the government, of whatever type, voted in legitimately or not?

    The ISIS or ISIL as they are mostly called, who are of course ruthless, inhumane, brutal fighting units now occupying much of Northern Iraq, they are actually more than what they seem to many. Informed sources have according to BBC and Al Jazeera repeatedly stated, the Sunni forces are now a collection of joint forces, including former Baathist supporters, tribal and other groups, not just the islamist fundamentalist radicals. Key does not seem to understand this fully, we are having the start of a religious and tribal war in Iraq, not one fought merely by “terrorists”.

    Key appeared like a “wannabe statesman” to me, an almost childish, out to please kind of man, crawling on the floor, with his tongue licking the shoes of Kerry and Obama so clean, they are now so shiny, they take delight in Sucker Key, from that distant little country, that Obama now may want to visit some time.

    And then Key thinks he can convince various other countries, especially small developing ones, to vote for New Zealand to get a seat on the UN Security Council? Has he perhaps already heard, that the chances are so slim now, it won’t matter? That may explain the sudden cuddling up to Obama. That explains the “warm” and “friendly” relationship Key has with Barack Obama now, even looking at “private parts” in the White House gardens!

    Well, well, well, so he is so over confident now, seeing his top drawer dirty laundry information, passed to journalists and handy bloggers, thus doing a “good job” by discrediting Cunliffe and Labour, that he can change his political position as he pleases.

    Now it is all out, Key has NO problems with drone strikes, and collateral damage is nothing New Zealand should be concerned, he says, as New Zealand is not sending the drones itself. Never mind that the Five Eyes collaboration has been enhanced since he took over with his government, and that New Zealand is a fully integrated member again since about 45 years ago.

    The misinformed, largely so distracted, politically indifferent and disillusioned public back home does not ask many questions anymore, Key seems to think or know, so he can do what he and his government like. They will be sold new steps with the handy MSM spin machine that is willfully collaborating.

    And the TPPA will also be stitched up, some time after Obama has been welcomed here like Will and Kate, the young Royals, and thousands will turn out to wave the US flags, and try to get “selfies” with Barack and Michelle, wherever possible.

    New Zealand seems lost now, it has been sold out, in spirit and in material terms, the people have little alternative left, that is at least this election, as Labour has been too busy stuffing up, and shooting themselves into their own foot.

    Get me a one way ticket out of this place, I cannot bear anymore of this SHIT here!

    • Correction: “Never mind that the Five Eyes collaboration has been enhanced since he took over with his government, and that New Zealand is a fully integrated member again since about 45 years ago.”

      I was meant to write, that New Zealand has been a fully REINTEGRATED member of the Five Eyes Network again, since about 5 years ago.

  5. Jane Crowther Chris Stark Kriez Cu I am coming back from Waiheke early for this tonight and have specifically put both my healing on hold as well as re-arranged appts for tomorrow.
    I realise it is short notice for many but NZ is now a target with John Key’s unilateral blessing just as
    Blair made the UK one.
    Some may not consider that v serious or likely.
    7/7 showed those in UK that was not case.
    I used to use those tubes every working day in London.
    Key’s TPPA agenda for NZ just one more tick on his checklist too.
    The USA’s man in Parnell, incidentally if he wins in Sept expect US troops announcement to be stationed here as they now are next door. Under TPPA we will be fully subservient too. FACT!
    Really hope to see as many as can in Orcland but protesting this on air, on talkback, on media threads can be done by anyone anywhere EVERYWHERE.
    Wear a sign.
    Carry a placard to work.
    On your car
    Make or be the media on this ..
    When I was in UK NZ used to be admired the world over for standing up to bullies.
    With a US backed PM like Key we may as well be their 52nd state.
    Soon enough will be if he has his way and Kiwis stay quiet this time.
    Positively stroppy politically savvy womens group Aoteroa 2014

    • Amen. I am hoping for another candlelight vigil if Obama heads down here. Drone strikes – Not in my name.

  6. It’s his filthy, lying, war-mongering, turd-coated, tongue that will never be clean again.
    Given his heritage a few hundred thousand less Muslims may be an irrelevance, perhaps even a blessing from his hating vengeful God.

    My hand is up !!!


    Forever 9 11 On A Green Hill Far Away

    Somewhere there in “Palestine”, screaming behind a wall
    She’s just a little nine year old, but she’s already seen it all
    Just like her Mum before her, her Grandma before that
    When the Sighin’ist comes knocking with a rat-tat tat-tat-tat

    Ahmed was her Grandad, he farmed an olive grove
    On a green hill not so far away, nature’s gift his treasure trove
    Family farm for centuries, handed down from Son to Son
    Generations sprouted from the seed sewn when it was begun

    Grandmas tended to the home, kids fed the chickens, watched the sheep
    They raised their sons and daughters there, their sacred troth to keep
    But hungry eyes looked upon their lives and wanted it for their own
    A reign of terror, finally forced them to flee their ancestral home

    For Ahmed’s friend’s and neighbour’s land was eyed with envy too
    Against parcel bombs, hijackings, murder, there was nothing they could do
    No atrocity was uncommittable , and all done in Jehovah’s name
    How can it be, when such evil’s done, it’s God who gets the blame ?

    The League of Nations told the pukka sahibs to hold and hold it well
    The resolve of even the most resolute, exploded with the David Hotel
    Sighin’ist’s terror reigned supreme, a line was drawn upon a map
    And Ahmed lost his life that day, cut down in a gunman’s trap

    Wholesale landgrab butchery began that day, does still
    That the dispossessed still stand and fight is a tribute to human will
    Their tactics used to fight it are as brutal of any of God’s creature’s
    Just remember:
    They’re simply visiting what they’ve been taught upon their Sighin’ teachers

    Sighin’ist has grown, against his weapons no sure defences
    Tanks, gunships, missiles, mines, bulldozers, security fences
    Still the monster lusts for land and power, and murder reigns supreme
    To resist is to be named as terrorist, that’s what that nine year old has seen

    So now, tell that child now that it’s right for her to be compost
    That her life of terror and misery is a justified collateral cost,
    for Sighin’ist appeased and where Uncle Sam needs it to be
    And never will that far off green hillside be a life she can ever be.

    Seaweed 2004

  8. “ISIS” – I can’t help grinning at the convenience of this new name for the “Jihadists” – I think we’ll hear less and less about “Al Queda” and “Taliban” from now on.

    Why? Because the Al Queda/Taliban thing has become rather messy and embarrassing for the Yanks. Let’s face it, the good old “US of A” supported and armed the same bunch of chaps when they were freedom fighters (“Mujahideen”) against those goddamned Rusky commies in Afghanistan, and then of course, fought against them in Iraq and Afghanistan as the “Al Queda” devils !

    It’s ironic of course that the US also supported President Saddam Hussein in Iraq, until he wouldn’t play ball, and so they then decided he was no longer a friend but a dirty dastardly despicable dictator ! It’s also ironic (not) that they currently support and arm Al Queda fighters in Syria – but that’s OK, because those particular Taliban extremist are now “Syrian freedom fighters” against a Syrian president who won’t bend over for the Yanks!

    Now that Aghanistan and Iraq are both a complete fucking mess (11 years, $3 Trillion and 11 years after the crusade to free the Iraqis and the world of the dastardly dictator, this terrorism overlord, and his imaginary weapons of mass destruction), the solution is to bomb the shit out of the NEW dirty terrorist scum, ISIS. Because of course, we know that the best way to rid the world of terrorism, and not radicalize millions of poor and innocent people to hate the West’s guts, is to BOMB them again !!!

    And John Key is bravely offering his support to any unilateral action against these new terrorist demons….YAY !!! Why wouldn’t anyone be happy about that, FFS ??

  9. Why can’t we take these war-mongering bastards to the War Crimes Tribunal? Will Mr McCready do it for us? Or the Greens?

    Where does Obama and Key get off thinking they can be judge, jury and executioner by sending in a drone? It’s against the United Declaration of Human Rights in every sense and article.

    Or should we just wait a hundred days and give John Key and his war-mongering mongrels the message on 20th Spetember?

    • ‘Why can’t we take these war-mongering bastards to the War Crimes Tribunal?’

      Because the war-mongering bastards own the War Crimes Tribunal. The WCT is only for minor criminals from powerless nations and those who oppose global hegemony by the current crop of fascists in control of everything.

  10. Key has ‘no problem’ with anything that serves to interests of speculators, money-lenders, corporation and opportunists. He has ‘no problem’ with lying continuously about everything. He is doing exactly what he has been trained to do and what he is paid a high salary to do: screw the uninformed masses on behalf of the 0.1%.

    Key, or a clone of Key, will lead the next government because the bulk of the populace can’t be bothered to become informed and prefer to watch rugby/cricket/netball/tennis/golf (and for the moment soccer) between trips to the shopping malls and fast food outlets to buy crap they don’t need and which often does them harm.

  11. If Obama makes a trip to NZ, I hope we protest while he is here about this. Another candlelight vigil! I’m in.

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