I spy with 5 lidless eyes something beginning with 1984 – why latest Snowden revelations mean Key is lying


Let’s remember what John Key has told the NZ Public regarding our fears that his new GCSB spy laws allowed for a mass surveillance state…

“we do not carry out wholesale collection of metadata”

…how can that be true when we now learn that the manner in which the 5 eyes work means exploiting wholesale collection of metadata???


The idea that NZ would be exempt from this mass surveillance is simply insane. John Key has either lied to the people of NZ or Ian Fletcher, his old school friend he appointed as GCSB Boss, is protecting him by not telling him.

John Key is either lying or he is ignorant. Neither option is what we demand from our Prime Minister’s role to be the first guardian of our civil liberties.

We are a stooge for the American’s and have become a mass surveillance state for the privilege of being a stooge. That needs to end this election.


  1. Key needs to front on what NZ spies are up to

    Prime Minister John Key has questions to answer following the latest Snowden leaks detailing New Zealand’s involvement in the Five-Eyes spying network, the Green Party said today.

    Information released in a new book by journalist Glenn Greenwald on National Security Agency (NSA) whistle-blower Edward Snowden includes top secret briefings for the Five-Eyes network, of which New Zealand is a member.

    “These briefing documents directly link New Zealand spies to a global mass surveillance network,” said Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman.

    “Prime Minister John Key has no choice but to start answering questions about what it means for New Zealand to be a member of the Five-Eyes network.

    “It’s becoming increasingly implausible for Key to claim that New Zealand is not participating in the type of activity that the other Five-Eyes partners have been found to be undertaking, when over and over again we’re seeing evidence to the contrary.

    “For the first time we’re clearly seeing the Five-Eyes network’s approach to data collection, and their ambition to ‘sniff it all, know it all, collect it all, process it all, exploit it all and partner it all’.

    “The documents also show New Zealand’s spy agencies were instructed on how to use X-Keyscore, a type of search engine for NSA’s database that enables users to access our private information.

    “It’s also been revealed that New Zealand knew about diplomatic espionage by other members of the Five-Eyes network. Any involvement by New Zealand’s spy agencies in this sort of spying would be incredibly damaging for our international relations.

    “Being a member of Five-Eyes sends a clear message to other countries that we’re part of the American network. It’s a serious compromise to our independent foreign policy.

    “New Zealanders have the right to know what our spy agencies are up to, and what this means for our own private information.

    “Journalist Glenn Greenwald is clear that the lack of oversight of spy agencies is the problem. New Zealand is no exception to this.

    “We need a wide ranging independent inquiry into New Zealand’s intelligence agencies to ensure proper oversight. In response to the Snowden leaks, other countries have taken this step; New Zealand must follow suit.”
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    Subjects: Security and Intelligence, Parliament and Politics

    Green Party Parliamentary Office, Parliament Buildings, Wellington, New Zealand

    Green Party Parliamentary Office, Parliament Buildings, Wellington,
    New Zealand
    Authorised by Metiria Turei and Russel Norman, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

    • It would be damned bloody naive to expect the PM, the Chief of all spy agencies, as he oversees them, to do what you suggest.

      He will NEVER FRONT UP, it is this naivety amongst the public that is the major problem here, to even “trust” a government minister or Prime Minister to “come clean”, so to say. He is PART OF THE BLOODY PROBLEM!

  2. Oh, “Mr Key” will never “tell a lie”, he is a smart man, also “convenient” with the truth. It is just the same like with other questions or issues, it is simply “perception” that he will claim is not true.

    Judith Collins was only perceived to have a conflict of interest when dining and wining with Oravida managers and owners, and a Chinese border official, Mr Key may be “perceived” as not having been quite frank or transparent. But he will find a way out of this, as usual.

    And the MSM will lie down and go back to sleep. How convenient it is “budget day today”, all talk will be about that.

  3. And what about “heartbleed”???

    Why was this hardly discussed in the media here in NZ, it was a few weeks back all over media in Europe and North America, but little was reported about the biggest security hole in heaps of websites, possibly even this one, using Open SSL.

    See this for details, and how the NSA exploited the gap for years:






    Yes, and just a week or so ago, there were reports of a security gap in either Internet Explorer 7 or 8 (I think the latter one), and how that gap had likely also been exploited by the NSA and their affiliated agencies.

    The public is largely asleep at the wheel, seem not concerned, and rather gets distracted by the newest, exciting advertisement for some fast food or whatever else is “sexy”.

    Too may sheeples make it damned easy for the NSA and GCSB to do what they are doing. The government can relax, it seems.

    It is time to bloody well have this debated in Parliament and the useless MSM here!

    • Yes, and just a week or so ago, there were reports of a security gap in either Internet Explorer 7 or 8 (I think the latter one), and how that gap had likely also been exploited by the NSA and their affiliated agencies.

      Nobody should be using IE 7 or 8 – both have been out of date and unsupported for years.

      • Have mostly been using Opera, and only occasionally Firefox, which on some operating systems has to be “compromised” with Explorer, due to preset system features.

        I hardly ever use Internet Explorer, and I think you are not quite right about support, but support is at least “flawed”.

  4. John Key is either lying or he is ignorant. Neither option is what we demand from our Prime Minister’s role to be the first guardian of our civil liberties.

    I suppose that depends upon who you’re guarding the ‘civil liberties’ for – the people or the corporates. I’m sure that John Key figures it’s for the corporates and so he’s ensuring that we don’t actually have any.

  5. My experiences tell me that my Yahoo email account is “hacked” and observed by one agency, or more, given what I have experienced for some time.

    It is clear to me, given some sensitive information I have referred to, especially relating to government welfare reforms, have made me in the eyes of the NZ government an undesirable person, yes an enemy, and they will do all to stop media and others starting to seriously research information I have referred to, as this represents a serious challenge to the government. They do not want people to know what really goes on.

    They will never admit to it, but that is what my impression is. The government has much to hide, and they are bending rules and making deals that suit them 24/7.

    So far they are managing well, as the MSM themselves are so much distracted, given the total wide spread bias against beneficiaries.

    It is really a total disgrace what goes on in New Zealand, you do NOT live in a FREE country, that is a lie.

    This is a modern day “strategic colony” of the powers that run the US, the corporates that dominate much of the world economy, and those supporting it, make no damned doubt about it.

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