Silly Maurice Williamson – National’s cronyism is reserved for Milk companies, corporate Hollywood, friendly media outlets, casinos and Rio Tinto – not partner bashers


Oh dear, this looks potentially disastrous

A National Party Minister contacted a top ranking police officer after a wealthy businessman with close ties to him was arrested on domestic violence charges.

The Prime Minister was alerted to the phone call from Maurice Williamson following Herald inquiries with police. It is understood his office has questioned Mr Williamson over his involvement with Donghua Liu’s criminal case.

…poor Maurice, he’s gotten terribly confused hasn’t he? He thinks that National’s mates rates cronyism extends to those rich buddies who bash their partners. That’s not true, that’s only available to the highest appointed members of the National Party.

National’s mates rates cronyism is limited to Milk companies their partners run, corporate Hollywood when it bashes unions, friendly media outlets like Mediaworks, casinos like Sky City, Rio Tinto, private schools, Charter schools, South Canterbury Finance, Farmers and tax cuts for the rich.

Who does Maurice think he is by trying to smooth over a domestic abuse case? The President of the National Party? While we all agree politicians should help their constituents, contacting Police over a domestic abuse case for someone sinking $70million into a project and whom Maurice has lobbied for in the past starts to fail the scratch and sniff test doesn’t it?

Let’s see if the media actually stay on this latest example of the disgusting cronyism that infects and corrupts all parts of National’s decision making process or whether Whaleoil will miraculously be handed something about David Cunliffe’s ancestors that will deflect attention?

My guess is that desperate for a distraction, Paula Bennett will announce a new policy to make all welfare recipients mandatory organ donors.

If this is all true, he must resign as a Minister. It’s simply unacceptable to be as involved as he is reported to have been.


  1. One really wonders what an experienced Minister like Mr Williamson was thinking.

    Though there are two sides to every story the evidence presented thus far is damning and methinks Mr Williamson may have plenty of time to look at rainbows in Pakuranga sometime soon.

  2. What on earth would possess Maurice Williamson to emulate Shane Jones and Dover Samuels. This has been happening with politicians of all colours and it needs to be stopped.

  3. Feather thy nest with lots of good old “guanxi”, that is the motto of the modern day National Party ministers and MPs. They have learned the Chinese way of “I scratch your back, you scratch mine”.

    The “handyman” Williamson recommended that his Chinese businessman friend buy a holiday house next to his, and he offered some good old Kiwi diy handyman work to fix something in his “neighbours” home.

    And when he called the senior cops, it was not intended to be understood as trying to influence anything, yeah right. At the same time he claims he never really talked with the guy (!?). Yes, he probably does not speak one word of English, I suppose. Only the “remote” Kiwis that have not met many new Chinese migrants may believe that.

    I trust that as much as Judith Collins’ comments that she did not intend to be seen to have a conflict of interest, and that her dinners were really totally “private”, with the Chinese border official and the boss and so of her partner’s business.

    How great cultural habits rub off, and how quickly they learn, these Natsi boys and girls. But when there is lots of dosh and more involved, motivation is never lacking, my life experience has taught me about most human beings.

    Time to fold your tent for good, also in your Pakuranga electorate office, dear Maurice, I reckon. I am sure your friend has a few more diy jobs to do in his holiday home, while you have plenty of time at your hands then.

    Go and take a hike, and save yourself more embarrassment, please!

  4. “In East Asian societies the boundary between business and social lives can sometimes be ambiguous as people tend to rely heavily on their closer relations and friends.”

    I like that sentence from the Wikipedia entry on Guanxi!

  5. I am actually a little saddened that Maurice has made a stupid mistake like this. Strange as it may seem, I actually had a margin of respect for this man as he is one of the least ideological of the National Party and seems to be willing to look at matters on their merit rather than always from a right-wing perspective. But he made a big blue here. Only he will know whether it was deliberate or a mistake but it is certainly another embarrassing chapter for the National Party. The path to the winning post in September now doesn’t seem quite so easy.

  6. Please allow me to use common Bogan parlance .
    Fuck maurice williamson . Good riddence to the bastard .

    • He should’ve taken the opportunity to go to America as the Justin Bieber of LGBT speechmakers… National won’t be living Oravida loca much longer.

  7. Maurice Williamson, along with the late Rob Storey as National’s Ministers of Transport, introduced laws that opened up the Kiwi Coast and virtually destroyed our shipping industry back in the 1990’s.

    You might ask; What has this to do with Disabled? My answer is that many unemployed, including this sector, started to compete with disabled in other jobs and Disabled lost….not to be forgotten for 2014

    Doug Hay
    Cordiinator – DLANZ

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