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My vote in this year’s election, is up for grab’s.  I am so far undecided which party to give it to.  It is there for the taking if someone wants to have it.  I have read and read about who is promising what in their policies, but for me, I need more than just words.  I need to see the next possible leaders in action.  I need more than the media presents with bias to us.

At five months out from the General Election, I am waiting for a party to convince me to vote with them.  I need to hear and see with my own eyes some passion and commitment to the people of this country.  I want to see the leaders of our political party’s show me honesty, integrity and transparency.  A fighting passion to get things right for all, show me the drive to get there, show me leadership, convince me.  We need a leader who will step up and inspire his/her party, party members, and the general public.  I don’t want to vote for the best of an average or bad bunch, I want to know with certainty what I will get from my vote.  I have questions I would like some answers to.

I want to see the next leader of New Zealand make rousing speeches that inspire, to stick up for the citizens, for those who really need it.  To listen to what the people actually want, and then do that.  I want to be able to trust them, for them to be transparent and honest and to convince me they are through their actions.  I want to see passion for our future and emotion because you care, you really care.  To show strong leadership, and to have the skills to use it.  To have the dreams and knowledge together to help us become a country where we lead the world in innovative thinking, we invent things, we are achievers, we lead, we don’t follow. Let’s make this place great.  It’s  not too much to ask.

My vote is available if they want it.  So I ask the leaders of each political party to convince me.  Please tell me why I should vote for any of you?  I really don’t want to waste my vote on voting against another party.  I am choosing to vote with someone this time.  The question is, who?

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  1. I’m curious, but what’s wrong with the Green Party in this regard? They’ve been on the front lines on issue after issue, and have been quite well spoken about what they’d do differently.

    People have quite rightly criticised Labour for mostly being just the anti-National and not making their policies clear, but I don’t see this problem with the Greens.

    As for forward thinking, the Greens have long been banging on about things like clean energy incentives, and have recently released a crowd-sourced ICT policy document. What more do you want?

    • Let’s not forget the Greens talk about sustainability and use of renewable energy and resources. All this talk about mining, drilling, and fossil fuels is just for short term gains at a hugh loss environmentally for the planet, and here’s the thing here: fossil fuels such as oil will eventually run out that’s why its called “fossil””. The Greens talk of energy that is clean, renewable and will create jobs, and ensure a planet for our children and grandchildren to grow up in

  2. Well Samantha dont hold your breath.

    If you expect either National or Labour to come to your aid you will be disappointed. I suspect that National will say almost nothing – maybe they will re-announce some working existing policies as ‘new’ but otherwise I think they are relying on the likes of labour to make all the noise.
    Labour wont come up with anything worthwhile. Already we have seen things like their ideas on campervan registration – which is pretty much lunacy as far as it being a serious policy. Labour are besotted with identity politics (thus their ideas re campervans – ie: appealing to a small group) and they seem unable to see past this sort of thinking.

    You will have to look at the minor parties. Lets face it – the policies of either national or labour on defense, foreign relations, health etc are really the same. The running of these areas is done within the departments.
    Its from the minor parties that some changes will come. eg: charter schools (ACT), insulation (Greens), gold card (NZ first – and dont laugh – the gold card is very popular among the over 65’s), etc.

    As for me -Im thinking Conservative at the moment. Why? – well among their policies are: Take referendums seriously – binding (as they do in Switzerland), must better controls of alcohol and ‘legal’ highs done at national level (and not to dump it on local goverment), remove maori seats, Funding follows the child (education), and other policies.
    If they become part of a government they will get one or two of these through – which is more than will happen if either national or labour ever ruled alone (which I dont think will ever happen under MMP).
    I dont see anything in NZ first, Act, Dunnes party (his time has come to get the boot I think – especially as his son is working for the legal high industry) or Greens. Persoanlly I see the greens as dangerous. Theyve only ever been a party of negatives – ie: ‘Stop this or that’ and i dont think they have a mind set of policies that will do anyone any good.

    Whatever you do – it will have to be as a result of a minor party – the two big ones wont be helping you.

    • “As for me -Im thinking Conservative at the moment. Why? – well among their policies are…better controls of alcohol and ‘legal’ highs done at national level (and not to dump it on local goverment), remove maori seats”

      “Persoanlly I see the greens as dangerous. Theyve only ever been a party of negatives – ie: ‘Stop this or that’ and i dont think they have a mind set of policies that will do anyone any good.”

      Good analysis Barry, you should donate some money to this doco

    • What is wrong with stopping air and water pollution?

      Did you used to swim in the river as a child? Why do you wish to deprive children of that now?

        • Andrew says:
          April 27, 2014 at 10:39 am

          Because “stopping” air & water pollution is essentially impossible.

          Really, Andrew?

          Is that the best you can offer? “Reducing over time”?

          How long is “over time”? Five years? Ten? Twenty? And in twenty years, will National and it’s blind supporters come up with new reasons why “stopping air & water pollution is essentially impossible”?!

          So you grew up in a (relatively) clean environment – but now want to deny the same to future generations?!

          The only reason we have pollution is that supposedly “responsible” human beings permit it to happen, with the excuse that “we can reduce it over time”.

          How very ‘responsible’ of you.

          • Google ‘clean rivers england’ and see what can be achieved when minds are set to it and people think it is important.
            Water pollution is NOT inevitable and impossible to avoid at all.

  3. Kia ora Samantha, I agree with you. Policy is not enough to vote on alone, it is how a party uses their policies and how their policies are made that elevate some parties above the rest. If you want to see more action from the parties, not just their leaders, I suggest perusing through the different parties websites and seeing what local events you could attend, or maybe ‘liking’ them on Facebook and following their campaigning updates. Or following individual party leaders/ MPs.

    I often find, well in the Greens at least, that the MPs are often the ones who spend the most time out there in the community – tackling and informing people about the issues that face us as a country. I have been to several public meetings this year run by Green Party MPs, which have been both enlightening, and accessible. I think just focusing on the leader/s of a party is not going to give you the full spread of what a party is doing out there. After all, each member has their own portfolios in which they concentrate on. Perhaps if you go onto parties websites and see which MPs hold portfolios in areas of interest for you, then you could follow what they are doing on those particular issues.

    Also, if you want to see what a party is doing, other than what mainstream media presents, I suggest signing up to newsletters and press releases from each party – that way you can read what they are doing and what they have to say about it from the root – and not through various layers of bias.

    Good luck – I hope you find what you are looking for!

  4. I don’t think we should vote on the speaking ability of the leaders and all that. I just vote on policy and strategically. MANA gets my vote based on policy, and since Hone wins his seat a party vote for MANA can lead to another seat.
    Greens’ policies are looking good too.
    I’ve been bitterly disappointed with Labour’s policies. When the GST off fruit and veges, and the first $5000 tax free policies were dropped, I thought we were in for some real change. The $60 a week for newborns is good, but that should be a footnote, not a major policy. And the Kiwi-insure thing seemed like another insurance company starting up – whip-de-do.
    Cunliffe’s public speaking ability is good, but even he can’t motivate anyone with those policies.

    • fatty says:
      April 26, 2014 at 2:21 pm

      I don’t think we should vote on the speaking ability of the leaders and all that. I just vote on policy and strategically.

      Ditto, Fatty. Well said.

  5. @ Barry . Whew ! I was worried there for a moment . Your first four paragraphs were vaguely interesting . Like watching a five legged fly walk up the kitchen window as an alternative to watching 7 Sharp . Then just in time I realised you’re an idiot .

    Moving on .

    Yes , oddly I like the Green Party because I like Russell Norman and Metiria Turei . There , I’ve said it . I like those guys . They’re genuine , intelligent and elegant in my view .
    I’m fucked if I’m voting labour Neo – Lite , A.C.T ( As in Arseholes , Cunts and Traitors ) or those other goofy , goony , narcissistic egotists wanting my money to pad their fat arses with .
    Yep , I like The Green Party .

    I hope that helps you make up your mind Samantha . x Whatever you decide though , please vote . You must vote .

    • Countryboy….

      I think you need help. If you think watching 5 legged flys crawling up a window is interesting – then……….

      (Mind you – that would be less painful than watching 7sharp. Try channel 13 (never the twain) – or 7 – Qi – theyre both interesting in their own ways. – but if you want to watch flys – then all the best.)

      I just hope you DONT vote…

  6. Excellent summary – I heartily agree.

    Clearly, not every election cohort throws up charismatic leaders – so we are left with a choice between a collection of “less-than-inspiring wannabe’s” . . . We can go for “zero-integrity Key” or for Cunliffe who “bumbles rather than inspires”, or for Norman who is undoubtedly the most politically-gifted of the bunch, but heads up a party that is “too extreme in its policies” for most voters . . .

    Hobson’s Choice???

  7. Currently, I am ‘torn’ between my Party Vote going to the Greens or to Mana. (My electorate vote will go to Labour, as electorate contests are still FPP.)

    I am leaning toward Mana.

    Not because Mana is “better” than the Greens or the Greens are “better” than Mana – both have excellent policies.

    The one factor that influences me toward Mana is that Hone Harawira needs support in Parliament. If we can get Annette Sykes, John Minto, or Sue Bradford back into the House, it will help push Mana’s policies, as well as support Hone.

    Who can forget that until Sandra Lee was elected into Parliament in 1993, under the Mana Motuhake/Alliance banner, life was lonely and tough for Jim Anderton as he stood alone against the neo-liberal tsunami washing over the country.

    Of course, the ideal would be a Green-Mana Alliance. Now that would be the Dream Team!

  8. On the issue of “charismatic” leaders, a word of caution.

    We’ve had “charismatic” (or “strong”) leaders before. David Lange springs to mind as the most obvious. And Muldoon was the archetypal strong leader.

    We can see where both led us.

    As an alternative, the qualities I look for in the leaders we elect are,

    * articulate

    * quick thinking

    * a sense of humour

    * honest and upfront

    * compassionate

    * willing to listen

    * not buy into personality-politics

    * committed to offering policies that are clearly thought through, and will benefit the country long-term, instead of short-term gain

    The question though, is, are New Zealanders ready for such a leader? Or does the superficialities of the “blokey smiling Everyman Leader” count for more?

  9. Is this a Green Party blog?…….. if so Internet active then why have only 30% of their 3000 members Bothered To Vote On The List Selection? and Can These Low Numbers Be considered truly Representative. ?

  10. This is what happens when the major parties loose their way.

    With National being the ‘do nothing’ party and labour being the ‘do anything thats not sensible’ party – voters will slowly but surely go looking for an alternate. At the moment in NZ the alternates are fragmented – but they will get together sooner or later. they will be extreme – which means the greens are on a beating to nothing. Its a back lash against PC, identity politics and a growing feeling that the government isnt listening.

  11. Hi Samantha, my $’s worth after a long time observing and occasionally, in my more idealistic youthful years, even voting for ‘charissmatic’ leaders who don’t get elected or do, and then prove to eventually be as conflicted as Blair ( Nu Labour) was in the UK or Obama ( Democrats USA).
    Having confessed that however, in NZ have also totally more intuitively been onto ‘concocted’ ; almost ‘invented’ would be leaders like John Key, Jamie Whyte and of course Colin Craig, so I too am not a ‘Follow the Leaders’ ( only) kind of party voter any more!

    Minus Crosby Textor mentored Key, National would have been dead in the water a good while back.
    Perhaps look at actual doers ( in their own electorates as well as areas of expertise) rather than sayers in 2014, also ones who do not ‘nominate others to do their ‘dirty work on parliamentary tv day?), the more doers in a party who we can see day in day out doing the hard yards, actively, continuously and passionately advocating for those who need it most, are surely the ones I will be looking at once again this year and indeed using all my persuasive powers to encourage others to individually or party vote wise.
    To get rid of this hideous cabal of dirty C* worded Coalition partners, is going to take a concerted effort of clever strategic voting!
    I believe with all my heart it can be done!

    Incidentally a little reverse spinology headsup for you?
    Which parties on the Left have had the worst savaging from certain ‘types of people’ in the mainstream media, amongst the so called ‘expert commentators’ amongst the rabid right ( even on here) and indeed via some of the so called Left leaning egomaniacs who sadly to my mind are so bloody divisive they are detructive?

    That is where my votes will be going where the biggest ‘antis’ are actually being hurled because Gaia forbid, more wake up every day to how many of their policies have actually been plagiarised and borrowed around the world but still they are demonised here especially now.
    You are a positively stroppy politically savvy woman too..
    The Maramas, the Annettes the Jacindas, the Sues the Julie-Annes and indeed quite a few other current rolemodel politically astute and compassionate women are where hopefully many should start looking and will..( male and female)

    Quite a few women who havent gone to the darkside as they have in National, can actually (in my opinion) so often work through compromises and minor contradictory stances for the best *collective results for all* in their own little domestic pools as in split step sibling families who join up. They have to compromise for them to survive and work
    Rippling that concept out to the bigger picture could hopefully be what may help you decide too?
    All the best..
    Feel free to touch base with me any time you want by the way ..
    Jax ( who always has a Plan B btw, foolish not to really!)

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