The Orchestration Of Hate: Why are the elites so afraid of Kim Dotcom?



IT HAS TO BE FEAR. Nothing else adequately explains the near unanimity of the elites’ extreme reaction to the launch of Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party. The way that these elite fears are being expressed – through a combination of synchronized journalistic denigration and outright character assassination – should also give us pause. Such a sophisticated orchestration of hate should make us fearful too.

Campaigns of the sort we have witnessed over the past few days require careful preparation and co-ordination. We need to be asking ourselves: From whence did the information concerning Dotcom’s former friends’ and employees’ willingness to bear witness against him arrive? How was the identity of the hitherto anonymous Munich purchaser of a signed first edition of Mein Kampf ferreted out? And, by what circuitous route did it find its way to New Zealand’s most influential blogger?

Let us not forget that the reason New Zealanders know so much about Dotcom is because he is the target of a major investigation by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Few other organisations on the planet possess the investigative capabilities of the FBI and even fewer are as sensitive when it comes to institutional failure and humiliation. But, failure and humiliation are precisely what lies in store for the FBI should Dotcom succeed in delaying the extradition procedures initiated against him by the US Attorney-General long enough to allow an electorally successful Internet Party to negotiate favourable political interventions on his behalf.

There can be little doubt that the possibility – no matter how remote – of Dotcom organising his own extrication from extradition would be sufficient for the FBI to instigate counter-measures. And, given the extent of this country’s police and intelligence agencies’ already established willingness to assist the US Government in both surveilling and apprehending Dotcom, it is at least arguable that both would be willing to covertly facilitate those FBI counter-measures in any way they could.

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How difficult would it have been for the FBI to call in a few favours from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office, the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) who may, themselves, have a few old scores to settle with the German citizen formerly known as Kim Schmitz? Could it not have been the BKA which tracked down the identity of the successful purchaser of that signed first-edition of Adolf Hitler’s autobiography?

It is also possible that the FBI may have had a quiet chat with the Hollywood-based “brand igniter”, clothing-designer and erstwhile friend and business associate of Dotcom, Alex Mardikian.

According to an article in the 9/5/2012 edition if The Hollywood Reporter, Mardikian, in collaboration with Donovan Leitch (son of the celebrated 60s folk-pop artist, Donovan) was shopping a biopic of Dotcom’scolourful life around Los Angeles. Quite what happened to that project, and whether its failure to materialise has anything to do with Mardikian’s current willingness to speak to journalists with an axe to grind against Dotcom is unclear.

What is clear, however, is that the material currently being used to discredit Dotcom and undermine his Internet Party launch did not just descend from the clouds in the hands of blameless angels. The information being drip-fed to the news media was assembled and distributed in an organised fashion. Introductions were arranged. Phone-calls were made. “Eye-witness” testimonies were recorded.

Of course, it’s always possible that the FBI, the BKA and their Kiwi equivalents had absolutely nothing to do with the current smear campaign against Dotcom. The information about Nazi memorabilia and the damning testimony of erstwhile employees and friends may simply be the fruit of outstanding journalistic research on the part of Cameron Slater and Rachel Glucina.

Then again, they might have had help.

As John Drinnan, the NZ Herald’s media commentator, wrote this morning (28/3/14): “National has developed a media network incorporating the Whale Oil website, Kiwiblog and commentators Matthew Hooton and Michelle Boag.” A potent enough list, one might think, but the probability is high that Drinnan is underselling the reach of the National Government’s media handlers. Certainly the roll-call of prominent journalists and commentators who have publicly expressed their well-timed “doubts” about Dotcom and his Internet Party over the past few days: Patrick Gower, Sean Plunket, Jane Clifton, Bill Ralston, Mike Hosking, Paul Henry and Duncan Garner; suggests that National’s “media network” may be just a little more extensive than Slater, Farrar, Hooton and Boag.

Journalists of such stature do not put their reputations on the line without receiving reassurances from “usually reliable sources”. The standard tradecraft of intelligence agencies seeking to destroy the credibility of individuals deemed a threat to “national security” is relatively straight-forward. Selected journalists (and, nowadays, bloggers too) are shown (or told about) certain items contained in the targeted individual’s file. The information thus supplied is, naturally, “off the record” and “not for attribution”, but it is enough to convince reputable journalists that the individual concerned may be criticised aggressively – and with impunity.

Paul Henry’s diatribe on the subject of Dotcom on Wednesday night was especially interesting. Most of his invective was reserved not for Dotcom himself, but for the politicians and journalists Henry accuses of falling under the German’s spell. His rant may indicate that the days of the news media facilitating Dotcom’s public relations exercises are well-and-truly over. Then again, it may be no more than a typically caustic expression of Henry’s personal frustration with the whole Dotcom phenomenon – and, perhaps, his fear of what it might become.

And what might it become? What do the elites fear in relation to Kim Dotcom? Is it merely the possibility that the Internet Party (all the predictions of its inevitable failure notwithstanding) might actually turn out to play a decisive role in the forthcoming election? That this, in turn, might result in Dotcom evading extradition to the US – something bound to cause acute embarrassment not only to the FBI and the US Department of Justice, but also to our own “Deep State”? Do they fear that an Internet Party strong enough to get Dotcom off the hook might also be sufficiently well-positioned to bring down the GCSB and take New Zealand out of the “Five Eyes” agreement?

It is undoubtedly all of these things. But, at the very root of their fears is the awful possibility that Kim Dotcom, this larger-than-life German, may yet teach New Zealanders the truth that all elites fear most.

The individual who refuses to be frightened is the State’s most deadly foe.



  1. The John Drinnan piece was a carefully worded “state of the media” summary, pre-election. You’re right, Chris, to add the usual suspects to National’s coterie of pets – John wasn’t so keen to burn his party invites. But the real indictment of the whole state of our media came in his one line excuse for the disgraceful journalism these last 6 years:

    “It is Labour’s job to counter National’s influence over the news agenda.”

    As if the news agenda is objective. As if decisions on what makes news aren’t totally prey to power. As if the 4th estate is some androgynous maiden with no will of its own, helpless to be tossed around in the arms of the government and its wealthy patrons. As if the tawdry gossip and blatant lies from the Elite are soooo newsworthy, its Labour’s own fault it hasn’t shouldered National aside and had its turn with this sucking dead corpse.
    What standard must Labour reach to wield this influence? One imagines nothing less than the surrender of anything resembling reform or a shift left back to Centrism and a mixed economy. Because the handful of privileged know-nothings who form the “media” only understand the status quo – thats what got them their jobs, their service to the dominant narrative – and anything that deviates from that is a threat to them and those above them.

    Labour, Mana, Dotcom, Greens. Helen Kelly. Robyn Malcolm. Gareth Morgan, on his good days. Etc. All threats. Official enemies. All the same.

    • Totally agree. The idea that Labour should be cleverer in combatting hostile media is an attack on democracy, and an insult to our intelligence, as are biased, capitalistic, shareholder-owned and market-driven media. Bring back Lord Reith.

    • No party invites here from any direction PB – you leap to to conclusions in your quest for an MSM conspiracy. Chris Trotter makes a lot of good points – but plays down fact media had love affair with dotcom ignoring his transgressions. What has changed? He has launched a political party that plans an even more cynical abuse of the MMP political system than Nation Epsom/ Ohariu deal. That might be part of the reason he is attracting more msm attacks. A lot of the left support for dotcom seems to be based on the anti key notion ” my enemy’s enemy is my friend” Which is fair enough. But lets not delude ourselves there is a one way manipulation of the media here.

      • I think your MSM “love affair” with KDC is fictional.

        The only MSM journalist I observed consistently fawning over KDC was John Campbell. Even so, he deserves a degree of kudos for that as he provided much information of relevance that would otherwise have been unreported.

      • Within the context of existing social injustices your argument is trite. The MSM is where it chooses to be.

        There is an urgent task and that is to rid ourselves of this government.
        Within that context this strategy is defensible.These are both bit players, the green philosophy is clear.
        The important isssue is will Labour demonstrate itself to be more than National-lite.

      • You do yourself a disservice labelling any criticism as “conspiracy”, John. You come across complacent, or incomprehensibly naive, and defensive.

        The MSM is not a conspiracy, it is a network. A small clutch of well-paid individuals whose careers rely on getting on amenably with each other and those in power. Behaving and commenting in an appropriate fashion – self-censorship, or being “professional” – is something you are all good at. There are things you must not say, so its easier to go with the flow. Look at the warm bath this government has had from the media for 6 years, compared to their constant focus on petty issues in Labour. John, YOU are the one focussing on conspiracy – is it one? Or is it utter incompetence from your entire profession?

        YOU are the fourth estate – YOU set the news agenda. It should be said, I think you are one of the milder commentators out there, that’s why its so easy to read good intent between your widely written lines. But ask Martyn Bradbury what got him kicked from RNZ, compared to the guests they tolerate?

        That’s not a conspiracy, no. But it is a coterie of self-censorship gravitating towards the interests of power.

  2. I agree with you 100% Listened to that Yes man for the Nats Duncan Garner and his limp political panel on radiolive, no mention of the internet party’s mission or how fast they gathered members. Only stuff about Hitler and Nazis… scaremongering the Pensioners and dismissing the power of a youth vote , so much propaganda was spinning I was getting dizzy.

    Great Article, I’m glad there are people out there that can see it for what it most certainly is.

  3. Wow.Great post.
    This is everything that I too have observed and thought over the past few days, and it actually makes me nauseous.Anyone who thinks we are living in a democratic country is dreaming!Even when the CEO of the RSA told Sean Plunket on Radio Live, that there’s nothing unusual about collecting war memorabilia of any kind, and that nothing should be read into it,he relentlessly persisted with his character assassination of Kim Dot Com.
    This is not journalism.They are not journalists.They have no interest in presenting well researched and well balanced stories.They have no integrity.They are scum!
    Their orchestrated approach of trying to destroy Kim Dot Com, parallels their attempt to destroy David Cunliffe a couple of weeks back.Innuendo,supposition, and lying are their hallmarks.
    This coming election is one of the most important in N.Zs’ short history.Not only from the point of view that National don’t have a bloody clue ,but also, by purging ourselves of this odious government we may then give us all a chance at trying to restore some sort of journalistic democracy.This mafia cannot continue!

    • Very well put Grant. Thanks for saying it exactly as it is.

      If you want to see how low msm is prepared to stoop to denigrate Kim Dotcom and the Internet Party, go to today’s NZH’s editorial, in which it throws together racism (final paragraph), innuendo, distrust, fear and suspicion, all in one rotten vile mix.

      In my opinion, it would have to be journalism, if it can be called that, at its worst, to the extent of being calculating and dangerous.

  4. Ah , Jonky ? Son of an Austrian Jew and we all know about Israel and the loving relationship they’ve fostered with their neighbours .

    Kim DotWotNot owns hitlers book of barbecue recipes ?
    New Zealand ? A dumb , buxom yet slim virgin with a pair of loose knickers ?
    I mean , what’s not obvious here ?

    I’m gobsmacked that the Crown isn’t all over this like flies on poop . But then , maybe they are …

    Sorry , I’m being crass . I apologize Chris Trotter . Great Post , as usual and by my crassness , I’m doing you a disservice .

    However ;

    We Kiwis are so bloody naive .

    We wheedle while we wring our hands as we labour with our ignorance .

    This is naught more than a land grab .

    I can’t believe I’ve written all that and not used one fuck word ? I must be getting old .

    • Yeah when I first heard about this mein kampf “scandal” I was wondering how long it would take slippery John to mention his jewish ancestry – about as long as it took to get the ok from his PR team, apparently. Cheap, nasty, tacky.

  5. My concern is that the Internet Party will dilute the support in the Left, and fracturing left-leaning support will allow Key a third term.

    It’s a given that very few Nats, Acts, Units and Conservits will drop their NACT vote for an IP protest vote. It has shades of a Bob Jones’ New Zealand Party from 1984, spoiling support by omission. A flash in the pan ‘gone-by-lunchtime’ party then that set New Zealand off on a radical neo-liberal economic course that has been hard to pin back and that has torn the guts out of our egalitarian ideals, values and goals in New Zealand.

    Imagine the damage and havoc a third NACT term would create?

    There is a rumour circulating in our circles that Whaleoil is guaranteed a place in a third term NACT govt, on the list for services to the party. That should be enough to galvanise 800,000 non-voters and counter the dilution by the Internet Party.

    • “My concern is that the Internet Party will dilute the support in the Left, and fracturing left-leaning support will allow Key a third term”

      You’re 100% correct.

      The Internet party will extract a few votes….from the immature and mentally deranged…who would normally have voted for Labour or the Greens.


      • Which is why the right and its media sluts are so all over Dotcom. Yeah rite. A 1000 members in 24 hours sends a nasty shiver down the rights spine.These are not Labour or Greens supporters, these are a small part of the 1,000,000 who have no one they relate to in the current political parties The right is shit scared that he may attract a lot of those people. Hence the over the top crap we have had all week.

        • Correct sir. I have become an Internet Party member after being a conscientious objector at the last election. I own neither a radio or television and simply make the decision based on their declared agenda. I have no residual appetite for personality politics since my MSM detox. Five more of the disillusioned who be my family, are set to do the same. Feeling the refreshing breeze on our face … the beginning of the cool winds of change.

  6. If the Internet Party by some fluke got into parliament, why would that stop KDC being extradited when time comes. As Mr Kumar has said KDC is only the creator and financier. He will have no special powers to stop extradition as he will never be an MP. He would be still only be the owner and I don’t think that will come with any special priviledges. Time will tell.

  7. ‘Piling in’ on targets deemed to be a threat to this coalition was a conversation I was having with someone today..
    It has increased exponentially under this National government.
    Garner and Henry I agree particularly toxic.
    Interesting how quickly Garner dropped his flay Judith Collins crusade of last week & even Espiner recruited too?
    Henry is just an utter desperate twat with an audience barely kept keen due to Janike and a free Kia.
    Says it all really!

  8. Thanks Chris, too right.

    Little hint here for the many National Party activists posing as ‘our’ political commentators:

    Never label Germans as Nazis unless you are certain they really are. Because if they are not not, they’ll get very very angry (and rightfully so). I saw that anger in KDC, and he won’t forget it

    Calling Germans Nazis (when they are not) is the greatest insult, and the cheapest form of insult. And especially then, the target will “refuse to be frightened” and will fight back firing on all cylinders.

    Yes, it would be interesting to know how this came all about and perhaps one day we’ll all be able to look into KDC’s NZ Stasi file.

  9. David Graeber had an interesting article a while back about the weakness of neoliberalism.

    He pointed out that the neoliberal project, as an economic project, has been a spectacular failure. It has failed to deliver for everyone and it has failed to shrink government spending and failed at tackling the debt. By any measure of success, it’s a turd sandwich.

    He also pointed out that the system is incredibly weak as almost all its resources are devoted to suppressing all ideas that might become credible alternatives. That’s why they go so apeshit over Cunliffe’s mildly leftish policies – they are so weak that they cannot afford public discussion of other ideas.

    I think the Dotcom issue is pretty straightforward. National miscalculated very badly over the issue, and was the victim of some terrible timing. They miscalculated by underestimating Dotcom. NZ elites are used to being able to bully people, but they’ve found an unusually determined opponent in Dotcom. But that would not have mattered so much had Edward Snowden not made the news last year, and exposed what has been going on with the GCSB.

    My guess is that Dotcom is telling the truth when he says he knows that Key lied to New Zealand about when he knew about GCSB surveillance of Dotcom. Presumably he has some form of metaphorical grenade to lob into the election campaign when it suits him. John Key could survive a lot of things, but he could not survive a direct lie to the public when he has already invested all his political capital in denying it. Without Key, this government is toast.

    None of this massive media effort against Cunliffe and Dotcom makes any sense unless National is far weaker than it appears.

    I wish Dotcom would just come out and say why they’re doing this, and then prove Key a liar. Perhaps he’s just waiting for the right moment, a la the Exclusive Brethren.

      • “National far weaker than it seems.”

        A monthly poll-average analysis that I carried out recently suggests that both National support (specifically) and Right Bloc support (generally) were consistently over-stated (month after month) throughout the 18 months leading up to both the 2008 and 2011 general elections. Hence, you can pretty much lob 5-6 points off the Nats current poll average and around 3 or 4 points off the Right Bloc as a whole.

    • John Key has already survived telling large numbers of direct lies to the public. If NZ had real journalists the wanker would be long gone. Maybe that’s the Dotcom threat: KDC can tell it to the cloud, and the cloud will hear it.

      • Not where he’s been called to say it again and again, in front of everyone. This one will be hard to get out of.

    • My guess is that Dotcom is telling the truth when he says he knows that Key lied to New Zealand about when he knew about GCSB surveillance of Dotcom.

      Of course he is and therein lies the fundamental cause of the fear. Imo, Dotcom is playing a kind of waiting game… keeping Key on simmer until he judges the time is right to release what he has in ‘his top drawer’. I presume the extradition hearing in July(?) will be the trigger point.

      Excellent analysis Tom.

    • @ Tom – yep National is weak, gut weak in fact, knowing without giving the opposition leaders and parties some stick through a biased right wing media, it would collapse into a rancid smelling pile of the proverbial it really is.

      I’m sure Kim Dotcom has something on Key. Hopefully, the trial in July will out the dirty, lying, scurrilous, scoundrel for the low life piece of scum the PM is!

  10. “How difficult would it have been for the FBI to call in a few favours from Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office, the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) who may, themselves, have a few old scores to settle with the German citizen formerly known as Kim Schmitz? Could it not have been the BKA which tracked down the identity of the successful purchaser of that signed first-edition of Adolf Hitler’s autobiography?”

    Believe me, Chris, the German BKA and likely also the FBI have nothing to do with this. You have been reading too many crime and secret agent stories. They would not work like this, they would keep their “evidence” discretely to themselves, to grab hold of Dotcom, when they can, and then charge him and who they may suspect to work with him to breach whatever laws, as they may allege.

    This is all the work of some smart investigators, who are working for and with some right wing blogger, certain spin masters and tacticians in the National Party, and some third parties, who are keen to assist.

    Do not forget, there was some fall-out between Dotcom and some security staff, and Wayne Tempero, who worked for years for Dotcom, suddenly seems to have turned against him. The information we got served by dirty media manipulators and stirrers, that comes from confidantes to Dotcom, either here in New Zealand, or possibly also partly from places in Europe. Dotcom has enemies, and they are keen to get him down, so they will be willing to share information about “collectibles” and whatever else may surface.

    Indeed, the media are “bought” by the same interest groups in this small, corrupt and misled country, that also fund and support the National Party and ACT. The same lobbyists, the same donors, and the same networkers, they are involved in this also, as they are the ones paying for these manipulations and character assassinations.

    It is already forgotten, that Judith Collins was exposed for basically corrupt, unacceptable practices, combining personal business promotion of her “friend” with supposed “official representation” or whatever else on an “official” visit to China.

    John Key is also tied into the whole network, and his “charities” that gather donations, his “dinners” at Antoines and so, raising funds quite legally, that is all part of close network of certain influential businessmen and politicians. You scratch my back, I scratch yours, that is going on 24/7.

    But most in the public are gullible, brainwashed to the extreme, too busy putting each other down, and hunting the scapegoats like benefit “bludgers” and a few others, so they do not only see what is going on, they do not want to know and see, as they are kept busy with their agendas, as that is part of the plan.

    This country can be very depressing, and seeing what goes on is like a nightmare. Yet I see some gullible MPs from Labour, Greens and so still pay visits to one Paul Henry, and sit there and “entertain” that man, who is using them to appear “neutral”, which we know he is not.

    A rethink of the opposition about MSM media, and how to deal with them is more than overdue. So far they are selling themselves out, letting themselves be used and bull-dozered. The media personalities must be challenged, exposed and attacked right on the screen, at the microphones and in public, fully visible, and ridiculed for the shit they present us.

    That is where Dotcom may yet surprise and get ahead of the established lot, using apps, social media and more, to reach the ones that others fail to reach. We could be in for some surprises, not pleasant for some.

    • An equally pernicious expose and subsequent MSM firing squad could be assembled for Mr Key of course, were they hitched to a different wagon. His trading record and associations with critical events of the subprime crisis hang like golden apples ready for harvest … compared to the current brand of cheap fruit anyway … a book. There is some degree of irony, in that it is the carcass of Hitler they exhume on this occasion. His acknowledged atrocities found success, thanks in part to the new Socio/Psych theories of Le Bon, Tarde and Simmel, whose collective hearts would swell with pride at the new heights MSM today has taken their methods. The connection with WWII Germany is seen better in comparing the effects in each case, of the complete hijack of public perception. So complete they no longer feel the need to fear dissenters. That has to be turned into a mistake. Nice summary.

  11. My dad was in the British army and was involved in the d day landings. He had an extensive library which included mein kampf. He read widely and was hugely knowlegeable about pretty much everything. I know he read Karl Marx and Mao Tse Tung in his efforts to understand modern history…he knew that you don’t gain understanding by only examining one viewpoint and that nothing was off limits.

    • The Mein Kampf thing was pure muck racking tabloid shit “scooped” by Brook Sabin who is the son of a National MP and who is also, rumour has it, a journalist! Even on the strength of this massive almost tsunami like revelation they may just have to put on hold the Pulitzer prize celebrations for another year though. I don’t think piss weak idle gossip counts.

      In fact put this load of manure up there with David Cunliffe is tricky and Shane Jones is joining NZ First or Kim Jong-un or whoever it was. hard to recall when it’s all lies.

      If this were the 1950’s National would have exposed that Dotcoms favourite colour was similar to pink so therefore he may well be a one of those dirty secretive homosexual types. Shock Horror……..(no idea what KDC’s fave colour is)

      Yet again and most insultingly National assume (and maybe rightly) that the most of voting population are stupid so this is the utter garbage we get. But I suppose it’s because they have nothing positive to show NZ about their achievements and their squandered 5 and half years in power.

      • Good comment, but that is only part of what is important. Indeed MOST in the public are maybe not stupid, but they are IGNORANT, and there is a fine difference. Being ignorant of what really goes on, that means, not questioning, doing research and informing yourself is very common. That does not equate to being stupid though. So there lies a challenge.

        There is a further challenge to all of us, and that is especially also for those that count themselves to “the left” or “the progressive” movement. That means, do not wear blinkers, be always open, be alert, be informed, be inquiring and research. Many do, but many others do not. So we need to study the enemy also, and that includes the knowledge and info and propaganda and MORE they use. That includes studying books like Mein Kampf and other stuff.

        It also means, that you must learn what makes the system we live in tick, and what makes the various operators in it, including Dotcom, tick.

        So have a read of the following, to get a bit of a hint or even grip of what is ruling, controlling and running this little “post colonial back stop” called New Zealand please, excuse my language, but it is damned important:

        ‘Brian Gaynor: Mega heads to NZX’s back door’

        Mana may like to take note, but then again, maybe tying in the “investor” or “kimvestor” to spend his funds on “the revolution”, that may be the smartest move yet, of a left of centre party.

        I am watching with great interest.

  12. Na. They knew all along. How hard is it to discover those things with the technology and networks these people belong to. Not very – Believe me. Probably something in the “top desk drawer” that Key brings out when the time is right.

  13. A good article. Very insightful. What I like is that you are not speaking of his innocence or guilt in the substantive matter before the Courts but about the situation surrounding this debacle.

    For myself, I think we need to let the Courts do their job under New Zealand law without interference. Certainly it needs to be reported on, and GCSB and the other agencies need to be held to account. However, the issue is copyright law infringements in another jurisdiction and the subsequent deportation application. If he will not get a fair trial, then our Courts can refuse the order, and will do so I have no doubt.

    What I find odious is using our political system to buy justice. As Sue Bradford said, he went to the right and tried to buy his place in NZ. They did not play ball, so now he is trying to buy the left. My advice is that New Zealand justice is not for sale, and we will allow the Courts to do their job, free from State interference.

    Just my perspective. 🙂

  14. Yeeha, bring it on, love your last line Chris – that is the battle cry of the people, those who have woken up and thrown off the shackles of their fear. Now politics has me sitting on the edge of my seat! Like you said Chris how much organisation went into all these perfectly-timed smear campaigns? The problem is they have done this sort of thing before – we all know the drill. Key almost solely relies on his top drawer, full of everyones dirty little secrets, to be used like a mafia-style insurance policy when things start to go wrong. The left looks awesome. It is very exciting – let’s get rid of the square!

  15. On “The Nation” this morning, Simon Shepherd seemed to close down any discussion about an organised smear campaign against KDC when Internet Party president, Vikram Kumar, brought it up.

    In fact, Shepherd seemed uneasy and eager to “move the discussion” along.

    Incredible that a trained journo’s ears would not “prick up” at Kumar’s allegations and question him further on it.

    Which lends credence to Chris Trotter’s allegations of a concerted conspiracy against KDC.

    • Oh Simon Shepard’s ears will have pricked up alright – but for the opposite reason. You don’t need a full on conspiracy to get the media to act in concert together, they’re all so desperate to not step too far out of acceptable mainstream thought.

      Observe the way Nicky Hagar is continually put down by other journalists and called a conspiracy theorist. He’s one of the best investigative journalists in the world but it’s very clear that he’s not accepted as part of the inner circle of journalists in NZ who get access to the politicians.

      So no wonder Mr Shepard steered the conversation away from the very obvious smear campaign, he very much wants to be part of the club of establishment journalists.

        • So?

          That’s one (weekly) newspaper out of umpteen dozen of them. Not to mention the radio and TV journos.

        • John, stumbled words, too much beer?

          Hah, forgiven, but maybe you were just in “a rush”.
          Nicky Hagar is so rarely reported and quoted, what “balance” does he offer to the right leaning “personalities” in our dear “MSM”, I dare to ask?

          Hagar is great, but he is better writing revealing books, than fronting media for interviews, which always turn out too serious, critical and doubtful for the “average Kiwi gal or bloke”, who want smash, hammer, burn and rant, none more or less.

          Hagar is intellectual, and so are some others, that also the left like to have speak and quote, but that never “appeals” to the majority, that are just focused on the next special at the Warehouse, Bunnings, Pak’n Save,
          Countdown, Burger King, MacDonalds and so forth.

          MSM means SELL OUT OF YOUR SOUL, none less, as the commercial media rule and dictate the standards and programs, they pay or refuse to pay, and they are paid by the advertisers, and by the ones paying the advertisers.

          So MSM is nothing short of media “whoredom”, that is the crux of it all!

          P.S.: It should be Hager, not Hagar, should it not?

        • Yes, and Hager has fought and endured for even that modicum of respect over decades, because after being called a loony pinko whatever with no defense from his “colleagues” (hey, love how you guys stuck up for Jon Stephenson, too) he has endured and been proven right. Hager gets published now the same way Pilger does, because you look stupid ignoring him. So he and a few others get the token article, satisfying the MSM requirement of balance (look we publish Hager! Now here’s 100 other articles all thinking minor variations on “the right way”) which creates a narrative of good times, no alternatives, andno need for real change.

      • Agree totally Aaron. The MSM appear to be running scared of their own entanglements and cronyism. Rachel Smalley in my humble opinion however, like Hagar is a breath of fresh air. Thank goodness for blogs though.
        Despite their tendency for abuse and excess, at least information and alternatives do get aired. (I don’t include Whaleoil in this as it no longer counts as a blog. It has become a paid political promotion).

  16. The media conspiracy against Kim and the IP is having a reverse effect and turning into one of the best advertising campaigns Kim could hope for.
    It will do him no harm. He is getting amazing media attention far out of proportion for a small new political party. With all his millions he couldn’t buy better attention.

    All power to the man and his team. May he give Key many sleepless nights.
    The enemy of my enemy is my friend!

    • is that same the medi conspiracy ll through last year when Dotcom had incredibly supportive coverage. The Mein Kampf story rings alarm bells – but imo giant sized coverage of Dotcom is really because he is the story that keeps giving. It may be after the glory days of 2013 when it seemed he could do no wrong – and now with his brazen push for power – the tide has turned. People are focusing on who is this man with a thick wallet who is seeking the balance of power.

      • Fair comment about Mein Kampf but only ever in certain circumstances would it be a concern. I can’t recall Dotcom fancying and invasion of Europe in the spring or espousing the superiority of certain races. On the other hand it gives insight into its author, a man who manipulated on a grand scale makes its something of a warning too.

        Of far more concern in NZ I would have thought was the changes we voted for in the last election to MMP. Especially changes to the rules around the rotten Epsom type electorates. This is as close as we get to vote rigging in this country and the rule amendments proposed by the electoral commission would have addressed this to some extent.

        However National shelved it, I can recall Judith Collins could barely keep a straight face in doing so. National and the likes of Peter Dunne and John Banks could see the writing on the wall and so been in power they stopped any changes. Why, because it gives them the best chance of remaining in power.

        An incumbent government setting up the position of the electoral goal posts to best suit them, what an insult to democracy. Where were the media over this outrage? They went silent, accepted Collins brush off like good little minions and that was the end of that. Its things like this where the media fail that makes many wonder why that is and what is going on.

      • The reason I read The Daily Blog is to escape the pathetic crap that passes for comment on MSM in New Zealand. Now I have to put up with those same useless arseholes on The Blog. You have no crediability here John. Go back to Whaleoil or Kiwiblog and leave the rest of us alone

        • What you are essentially stating is that you don’t want to read any opinion other than the ones you already agree with. I like your open minded attitude.

        • Fair enough. Though with that cheery f-off you have pretty much summed up the Left’s problem. Refusing to engage with anyone who is outside the Club

          • Please don’t.

            There is no club. Just a lot of individuals, many angry, frustrated, and sick of not seeing their world reflected in “their media”, creating a vicious cycle and a bulwark against change.

            Please do not do the usual establishment thing of taking one incident as an excuse to disengage and write off a whole sector of society.

  17. Just sent a letter to the Herald – first one ever –

    On the day that New Zealand protests against its greatest threat to its sovereignty through the looming TPPA signing by our politicians (who by definition are sworn to protect our democracy,) you – the number one news organisation in the country – completely ignore the planned protests against this USA led consortium of corporate interests and monstrous lies which is being promoted to us as a “good deal”.
    I have been on this planet for a considerable number of years, and in all that time I have never been as concerned by the odious cronyism displayed by those in power as I am today, and by your obvious bias in this regard.
    Your silence on the protests is indicative of your paucity of courage, reason and independence.
    I have never been so disgusted – you have failed your mandate, and your country.

  18. Whale Slime is the main promotional arm of the National Party, who are mainly backed by the Exclusive Bretheran since the days of Honest Keith Holyoake whose family were exclusive Bretheran.

    MSM are being influenced by the National Party and the Fourth Estate and are trying to brainwash the NZ public again.

    We need some good quality political and economic journalists here in NZ to produce some sound professional journalism rather than the purile rubbish we have to read in the NZ media and listen to on NZ radio.

    • Keith Holyoake’s family were Open Brethren, sometimes known as Plymouth Brethren. They were really no more weird than Anglicans, Baptists, Presbyterians, or Catholics, and were quite different to the Exclusive Brethren. For example, they were allowed to drink, eat with people outside their denomination, and even take part in politics. The women were allowed to cut their hair. Their chapels were open, in that anyone was welcome to attend their services, although I don’t know if this actually happened. Perhaps it may have during a thunderstorm or other adverse weather event.

      My father was a devout member and I am completely unaware of their being the main backers of the National Party. I do remember several of them voting Social Credit.

  19. If Dotcom wants to be involved in politics, then he needs to be willing to stand up to public and media scrutiny.

    I recall John Key being subject to borderline dirt digging tactics in 2008, when Mike Williams traveled to Australia in order to see if he could find any dirt. None was found as I recall.

    Whats good for Key is good for Dotcom in this regard.

  20. Another aspect of the corporate media spin of the Internet Party – and one which bloggers and commenters here sometimes fall into as well – is the meme that KDC and the party are one and the same entity. That the activists who are working to build the party, and the thousands who have joined it, are doing so purely to protect KDC from the FBI.

    To me it’s always been pretty clear that a large block of kiwis sympathize with KDC because they oppose the elites trying to control and limit people’s use of the internet, not vice versa. Now that we can see the Internet Party policy platform, and more so when we see their candidate list, it is becoming equally clear that the party’s potential is much bigger than KDC. The question is though, can it’s organisation survive without his money and media profile if he is extradited? If they get 5% in this election, and the parliamentary funding that comes with it, I’d say they can.

    Personally, I’m not planning to vote for the Internet Party, not because of anything to do with KDC, but because they don’t appear to support drug law reform. I use drug policy as an acid test of whether a party is bold, principled, and in touch with reality. Lacking a policy on drug law means a party lacks boldness (you listening Labour?). Having policy about drugs that support and extends prohbition is unprincipled, kowtowing to a perceived “silent majority” who want governments to keep a policy that causes far more harm than any illegal drug (National and Act fall into this category). Or it means, as in the case of the Conservatives (and sadly, large chunks of Mana) that the party is so delusional they cannot see the evidence that prohibition is not only ineffective but counter-productive, amplifying the harms of the drugs prohibited, and creating news ones like corrosion of civil liberties (eg drug testing beneficiaries – unreasonable search and seizure anyone?).

  21. Under the system I would prefer to see, which would mean that having truckloads of money buys your way into the county even if a lesser being who had a similar history to yours would not get a look in, would not exist, Kim Dotcom would not even be here for us to be arguing this. He was let in by Maurice Williamson’s say so even though Internal Affairs had said no.
    Because I think that moolah should reason number last for letting someone into this country and could be as much bad as good, I cannot support KDC being in this country.
    I have no view about his owning war memorabilia, plenty own bits and pieces from various conflicts, macabre as I might think it is.
    I can’t be bothered with some of Plunkett’s stupid Slater-like brown stuff stirring about certain topics, that he just carries on with his original premise regardless of what people might say for or against, that is just his MO.
    I am concerned about the democratic process of this party and wonder who or what this “visionary” might be. I certainly hope it is not KDC who can then manipulate whoever is the person/people that can legitimately put their names forward for this party.
    This guy has turned everything on its head, the right wing, whose precious representatives let KDC in can’t stand him and the left wing who I assume cannot stand people being able to gain residency/citizenship based on the size of their bank balance, embrace him. Confusing indeed

    • Then again, maybe this is the whole allowing people to buy their way into the country even though they have strikes against them that would preclude a lesser mortal getting in, will come back to bite Key and Co on the bum, and maybe that way of getting into NZ will be kicked to the kerb where it belongs.
      Even more confusing

  22. First they came for Ahmed Zouie, but I wasn’t a refugee and I did nothing,

    Then they came for Tama Iti but I wasn’t Tuhoe so I did nothing,

    Then they came for Kim Dotcom and I wasn’t an overweight German internet tycoon.

    Then they came for me……

    The US state department on behalf of the NSA and Hollywood are having some trouble whipping Kim Dotcom, a legal resident of New Zealand out of the country, refusing to release their evidence, of Dotcom’s alleged crimes of internet piracy and copyright infringement to the New Zealand justice system.

    And what do you know, Geoff McLay of the law commission says that extradition laws are “overly cumbersome” and take too long.

    The commission today announced plans to review laws relating to New Zealand’s co-operation with other countries for the investigation and prosecution of crime…..

    …..Lead Commissioner for the review, Geoff McLay, said the review aimed to find the correct balance between having an efficient procedure and protecting people’s rights.

    “[The acts] are overly cumbersome,” McLay said.

    “What we’ve seen is that because of the way the act is written a lot gets challenged about the meanings of parts of the statute and treaties. Cases take a long time to get through court.”

    That the lead commissioner has already announced his view that cases take a long time and are cumbersome seems to have prejudged the review, making a legal farce of any review.

    Are we to see any other moves to fast track any other parts of our system of governance and law at the behest of foreign powers or interest groups?

    The TPPA rules for investor rights seems to suggest, yes.

  23. Why are the ‘elites’ so scared of Dotcom? I would say it’s because he understands the internet and emerging tech and knows how to write an app which is actually doing electoral reform in favour of “Democracy” (i.e.: making government by the people realer, sorry, more real…) plus demonstrating what a big waste of time 90% of parliamentary process is, unless you are in favour or wrangling retrospective legislation under urgency.

  24. well the internet party could have 2or 3% or more from nationals vote thats why the mainstream media has been orderd to attach dotcom and the internet party . what they have done to dotcoms party is what they have been doing to the labour party chris non stop for 7 years now .unless we on the left find a way to overcome this we are dead in the water . it matters not who is labours leader the mainstream leader will do their best to destroy that person so changing leader is not the answer anymore .

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