So smart. Green senator Ludlam ‘welcomes’ Abbott to WA



One of the most effective political videos that I have seen from a country that is coming to specialise in them. I’m unsurprised that it went completely viral.

It was a great description by Green senator Scott Ludlam of all of the ways that Tony Abbott is beholden to the interests of those made insane by idiotic greed – and welcoming him to Western Australia. All expressed in a polite quiet voice enumerating exactly how much of a arsehole Abbott is. Abbott even makes John Key look sort of rational – in a traditional junior partner kind of way.

Read this article in the  Sydney Morning Herald on the topic. Just don’t use their video link. It appears that they need a lot more bandwidth.

When Ludlam rose to speak just after 10pm on Monday only one other senator – Liberal Helen Kroger – was in the chamber. But the video of the speech has become an internet hit, with almost 280,000 YouTube views in three days, largely thanks to people “sharing” it on social media.

That’s not at the level of Julia Gillard’s misogyny speech – which has over two million views – but it’s more than Kevin Rudd’s apology to the Stolen Generations or Prime Minister Abbott’s Christmas address.

The youtube video now has 362k views and it looks like it starting to head off elsewhere.

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  1. Back here in Godzone, (though we are not allowed to say it on The Standard), cooking the climate is set to continue under Labour…

    Labour’s West Coast-Tasman MP Damien O’Connor said he would support foreign buyers investing in inactive West Coast mines, even though he likened it to asset sales….

    O’Connor said that if the approach of the Indians meant there could be investment into the closed Spring Creek mine near Greymouth then he supported it.

    “Unfortunately we had part sales of electricity assets … this would be along the same lines. For a region like the West Coast and for Greymouth, they desperately need the jobs.”

    Vernon Small/Hamish Rutherford March 6, 2014

    “They desperately need the jobs”

    Here’s an idea Damion if you are sincere in creating jobs.

    Hundreds of jobs have been lost as plans for a major wind farm were cancelled. According to Eric Pyle of the NZ Wind Energy Association these jobs could have been saved, (and many more created), if the government would put in “the right policy settings”.

    Coal is cheap, dirty, nasty and it is killing us.

    Come on Labour 60% of Kiwis want the government to do more on climate change.

    • Tell me, what jobs are created when you build a wind farm?

      That is, over and above the people that come in and dig up the land, lay the concrete and put in the service roads?

      What ongoing jobs do they create?

        • I find that remarkably difficult to believe

          My reading suggests that wind energy destroys more jobs than it creates,

          Anyway, if all these jobs are required to create a piddling amount of energy, won’t it b rather uneconomic? (Which it is anyway)

          • It is something that left wing economics really doesn’t understand. If something was better because it takes more people to do it then making cars by hand would be better than mass production of them via a production line using machines. That is not how economics works. Economic growth is based on producing the more or same with less inputs not more. Time and resources are thus freed up to do other activities. If you go the other way then products and services become more expensive.

            • It’s also worth noting that several big wind farm projects in the UK have been cancelled, not because of policy but because the economics don’t stack up.

              These wind farm projects were to receive massive government subsidies (ROCs) so if they are uneconomic then they will certainly be struggling in NZ where we don’t receive subsidies for wind energy

            • Why should we be interested in your economic growth that frees us up to be persecuted by WINZ and the satanic disciples of British doctors, imported to tell us at great expense that being on a benefit is as bad as being a heroin addict? Time may be freed up for many, resources not quite so much. You can stick your economic growth where the sun don’t shine, and keep your methane to yourself. The planet is warm enough already.

            • What other activities? On whose terms and conditions? Do they build capacity and depth of diversity in the workforce?

              Workers : Expendable minions?

              Or highly resourceful co-creators of Good Things?

              How say you?

      • A young Tory raving on without actually producing any evidence is hardly a resource, even though he does try to seem authoritative by sitting in an empty lecture theatre.

  2. What’s unusual about Key versus Abbot is that usually we produce a leader who mirrors the trends overseas. However, in the case of Key, New Zealand has actually produced the original proto-type with Abbot being a new version of Key on steroids. We even beat Britain who voted in Cameron as their version of a pasty skinned, white, youthful middle aged conservative man after us.

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