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That was Then, This is Now #23 – Bolger breaks election promise AND predicts the future!

By   /  February 25, 2014  /  6 Comments

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That was Then, This is Now #23 – Bolger breaks election promise AND predicts the future!

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That was then - 1 October 1986


This was later - 2008 election year


That was later - 2011 election year


  • National Party leader Jim Bolger: promised to repeal gst – tick
  • National Party leader Jim Bolger: predicted Labour would increase gst – tick
  • National Party leader Jim Bolger: broke promise to repeal gst – tick
  • Labour: raised gst to 15% – cross*
  • Prime Minister John Key: promised not to raise gst – tick
  • Prime Minister John Key:  broke promise and raised gst  to 15% – tick

So, who has a better track record at keeping promises?

* Gst was raised to 12.5% in 1989.



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The Dominion: Bolger on gst attack

Fairfax media: Key ‘no GST rise’ video emerges

NZ Herald: Budget 2010: Income tax slashed, GST to 15 pc




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  1. George Ryde says:

    Blimey so John Key lied then. I know that for a fact his lips were moving so it had to be a lie.
    Pity we don’t have a MSM to pick up on these little lapses.
    It’s possibly more a case of not lying but more not remembering his previous promises, perhaps another little “brain fade” or six.

  2. Stuart Munro says:

    When you’re comitted to crazy neo-liberal economic policies that don’t work you’re always going to be desperately short of money.

    Tragic thing is, raising GST munted the productive part of the economy even more. This explains NZ’s poorer than expected performance as the GFC began to bite, and why Bill English constantly underperformed Treasury expectations.

    • Markymark says:

      Stuart, you are incredibly economically illiterate.

      Nearly every academic report on NZ’s GST (every single one of the Tax Working Group’s reports over the years starting from the McLeod Review to the most recent Victoria Uni of Wellington Tax Review) has stated that GST is one of the cleanest and most efficient taxes NZ has ever had.

      Thats why both Labour or Nat govts wont get rid of GST – its regressive, yet economically benefical. if we can counter the regressive effects on the poor, GST is worthy of retention

      Taxing consumption is a lot more efficient and less distortionary than taxing income. And its a hell of a lot more efficient than the multitude of sales taxes and corporate subsidies/welfare than we had in the 1970’s.

      Go read a book/do some basic research before you spout complete bullshit.

      • Markymark – GST is also easy to escape if a trader/businessperson deals with cash, and can write off personal goods and services against their business.

        GST can also be evaded by people purchasing goods from overseas, as recent stories have highlighted.

        It is not quite as “efficient” as you make out, though the actual GST Return is probably the most simple tax form in existance.

  3. Ovicula says:

    The first ACT government, under the name of Labour, made this rod for the backs of workers. The Tories love it and have applied more strokes, but who is really to blame? Labour has never apologised and seems happy with its creation. If you hold open the door, the dogs get in. At least as mush blame accrues to those who opened the door.

  4. Jack says:

    Labour still don’t realise they let the fox into the henhouse when they let Roger Douglas go hog wild with his neo-liberal policies. The introduction of gst and the State Asset sell off to his cronies.

    New Zealand still has its head in the sand that Roger Douglas saved NZ from bankruptcy and the sale of State Assets was good for the country.

    If people keep telling you things over and over again you will start believing it.

    It is just like MSM banging on about how bad Labour and Cunliffe are, by the time the Election comes along people will be believing what the mainstream media is telling them.

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