We have nothing to fear but TVNZ Polls


Oh the National Party that is overseeing the largest erosion of civil liberties this country has seen since the 1951 waterfront lockout while contributing to the inequality that is dooming so many has enough support in the latest TVNZ Poll to govern alone?



So despite this being landline poll, despite 13% don’t knows, despite it being held over summer when most Green Party supporters are out in the sunshine, John Key is sooooooo popular he can govern alone is he?


In 4 weeks leading up to 2011 election, One News Poll gave National 56%, 54%, 51% and 50% – National actually won 47%


These opinion polls are not reflecting public opinion, they are trying to manipulate it.

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Don’t believe the hype!


  1. Thanks for posting on this subject. What I have trouble working out in my mind is how is it that tv1 get away with this bias when it is so obvious? It makes me so angry that I want to start putting complaints into the BSA except that on paper it is almost too subtle. AAArrrggghhh!!!! To add to that DonKey seems to have way better media people than David Cunliffe, everything seems to slide off the greasy pig. I’m starting to worry about the election. Lastly, I have a landline and have NEVER been polled by colmar-brunton or anyone else.

  2. Oh dear the left solution is to deny and denigrate the poll as bias even although it more or less is in-line with other recent polls.

    Maybe The left need to look at why they are failing to connect with half the electorate. until the left can critically examine where and why they are unable to engage with Middle NZ then they are destined to remain in the opposition benches. That suits me down to the ground as it is easy to slap down policies that are in essence more welfare for the masses.

    labour while they are strongly influenced by the extreme left activists and unionists will remain in the view of the public an extreme left political party

    • Oh dear the left solution is to deny and denigrate the poll as bias even although it more or less is in-line with other recent polls.

      lol even the reporter reporting on the poll denigrated it by saying that it is highly unlikely that National would get that much!

      Hopefully left wing parties are taking these recent polls as a warning to get out there amongst people face to face more and start moving now to shift this narrative around.

      The media are clearly not going to assist in the process – yet once more people have met the good people of the political left and heard whose interests the left wing parties are working for and the vision they are working toward – people will begin to see how inaccurate and distracting media reports are.

    • While I agree that bleating about a poll is not that productive, especially when there are a number of reasons a poll may be flawed that don’t include political bias (even if they include bias) I am not sure what ‘middle New Zealand’ actually looks like (or, moreover, I am, but I feel your and my views may differ).

      I doubt very much it is you however: you seem to be a highly politicised right winger. That is no more ‘normal’ or ‘middling’ than being a highly politicised left wing activist.

  3. Never been polled myself.

    Is TVNZ politically neutral, if it is then Hoskings needs to pull his head in or out which ever way it sits.

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