#IAmSomeone happening this Friday!


Here is an event you should all attend! And you don’t even have to go anywhere! Armchair activism FTW. No actually. No sark. This is one of the great things we can use social media for- sharing stories.




On Friday, it’s #IAmSomeone Day across NZ (but hey, the world can join in too).  The idea is simple, you tweet, facebook, instagram, tumblr, Google+ (I’m not sure, is it a thing? Do people even use it?) etc your experiences of sexual violence. Be it personal or friends &  family (respect people’s privacy obviously). Whether it’s near misses, feeling threatened, the attitudes of people in your community or personal experiences.

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Rape culture is news to some, but so many have experienced it for so long. It’s time to add some human faces to the commentary to show how wide spread this hideous phenomena is.


@NZSexism, the NZ branch of Everyday Sexism will be RTing everything using that hashtag, so follow them to see what others are saying. If you like the idea of documenting sexism- check out the Everyday Sexism project, which has had huge success doing exactly that.

See ya there!


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