So Police did have a Roast Buster formal rape complaint but they victim blamed her?



Just when you didn’t think the Roast Buster story could sink any lower, Police didn’t take a 13 year olds original rape complaint seriously, and asked her about the clothes she was wearing at the time, and there are now actually 4 bloody complaints after all???

We really need leadership on this now!

So when the Police said there wasn’t a formal compliant, they really meant, there wasn’t a formal complaint we bothered taking seriously? So it’s the Police victim blaming mentality that needs changing, not our internet laws? How the hell is this allowed to happen in NZ in the 21st Century?

This is that awkward horrifying moment when you realize that if this had been boyracers & not pack rapists, then something would’ve been done by now!

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The history of the NZ Police’s own sado-masochistic pack rape culture which was highlighted by Dame Margaret Bazely and the recommendations of which have still not been fully adopted to this day, demands we respond to this latest outrage with as strong a response as we can muster.

It doesn’t help that one of the accused also happens to be the son of a cop.

If the NZ Police can’t see rape because they are blinded by their own sexist culture, what are we telling our sisters, daughters, mothers and aunties? That rape is really their fault?

It’s been 120 years since Women fought for the vote, but this feels medieval.


  1. If there really was an ongoing investigation, surely the police would have had the information of four complaints at their fingertips?Something seems to really stink here.

    • The police instructed Facebook to leave the page up with all the girls names on it causing extreme distress to those girls so as to investigate and then did nothing and took no complaints seriously.

  2. The NZ police have needed a good bath for a long time now. I’m cynical as hell about them because of personal experience, but I’m gob-smacked! I feel so angry that they asked a 13 yr old about what she was wearing. That poor girl! Even at my advanced age and experience that would have traumatised me, to think she has been living with that insult for 2 years is disgusting. Time for a clean out.

  3. So where does that leave the Nats with this election “brag”?

    I’ve been listening to RadioNZ this morning (Morning Report Report and Kathryn Ryan) and the image I’m getting from this is Police digging a deeper and deeper hole for themselves – and a developing “hive mind” (via social media) that reinforces behaviour that simply beggars belief.

    How did young men grow up with attitudes like this?

    What do Police need to prosecute?

    If four complaints are not sufficient because of “lack of evidence”, does that mean we have Open Season on girls and young women?

    Do we still have a moral right to condemn repressive societies attitudes toward their women? (Eg Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc)

    And why do senior police seem not to know what is going on?

    And gods help us – what is next?!

  4. “How the hell is this allowed to happen in NZ in the 21st Century?”
    That is indeed the question. And I am fairly sure that we will not like the answer. Because the answer will turn the spotlight squarely back on ourselves, as a society, as a culture, as a “civilisation”. It happens because we allowed it to happen. Because fathers are absent, or our parenting is poor. It happens because of our pathetic double standard, whereby we rightly condemn this behaviour, but we tolerate the sexualisation of children and young people in fashion, music, movies, tv. We turn a blind eye to pornography and if it is mentioned its a bit of a giggle, but we do not acknowledge the damage that it does to relationships and to the attitudes of those who consume it. And so guys who have had a heavy diet of pornography become policemen, teachers, polirticians. And now we have some of the girls involved with this group, defending their behaviour, and suggesting that they are willing participants. As the West Auckland police boss said, (and I paraphrase) what does that say about the values that they have adopted, and where did those values come from? It is all so terribly depressing, but maybe, just maybe it might prompt some to begin a soul searching and quesitioning of ourselves. And it has to start with men.

    • Today on nine to noon it said that one of the fathers of a member of the pack rapists is a policeman .
      Roastbusters—-aka police cadet force .

  5. thank you for reminding us all of the that rape culture brought up a few years back – one of the things that came to mind when i read that was how the Auckland police station responded to so many angry women protesting they got all their female cops to stand outside and face the wrath of the protesters, remember that – that speaks volumes on this still very much boysie gang

  6. OK: so now we know. I was under the impression that 13-year-olds, being under age, can’t give consent to any sexual activity. On that basis alone, wouldn’t there have been cause for police to investigate further? Especially since they were aware of the Facebook page?

    The police say that there wasn’t enough evidence to proceed. So what did they need: a witness? This sounds like the law regarding rape charges in Islamic countries. No wonder so few rape complaints reach the courts.

    So here we have the police not being willing to investigate gang-rape of under age girls. And – in a totally unconnected case – they’re not charging GCSB officers over the Kim Dotcom affair, despite the fact that said officers broke the law. And yet, they’ll prosecute a young woman in Dunedin because she shouted at a foreign student to take off her hijab (reported in ODT recently). Seems to me that they’ve got their priorities well and truly arse about face.

  7. I honestly think the police are lazy, they can’t be bothered with the paper work. I had personal experience with a lazy cop dealing with a court case I had he didn’t even know what day it was, or give a toss just wanted it over and done with.

  8. Can somebody explain to me where the Police get off saying they needed a complaint laid before investigating and acting against the soi-disant ‘Roast Busters’? These boys, all of their own accord, and without any solicitation (let alone coercion) have confessed to the public at large to rape and slander at the very least. A credulous mind like mine would have thought that on line boasting of raping and ‘outing’ underage girls constituted evidence that crimes had been committed. Therefore there ought to have been no need to await a complaint.

    The failure of the Police to act upon complaints received before the Boast Thrusters outed themselves brings the whole department into disrepute. So much for community policing. Look Mr Policeman: if you are held in disrepute by the community you are sworn to serve, you have only yourself – or your colleagues – to blame.

    I acknowledge that, at its best the Police force is still capable of reaching excellent standards. But it has been for a long time perceptibly, though gradually, distancing itself ever further from the community at large. This present scandal is of a piece with that withdrawal.

    If the community can not trust the Police to do its duty when called upon, whom can they trust?

  9. that was a great picture as well – the cops are known not to have a great sense of humor though – but i went to post this link on FB and for some unknown reason couldn’t …..

  10. It seems that those boys have forgotten where they came from. Just to think your mothers pushed you out of her vagina and now you are taking advantage of vaginas without consent. Don’t give me any bull that those girls gave permission, they didn’t because they were pumped up with alcohol. I am appalled in knowing that the police knew about this rape, and didn’t do a thing about it. Come on girls, don’t let those little dickheads get away with raping you, be brave and take action against them and the police. Mums, Dads support your girls. Don’t ignore this.
    think about it next time when you little boys rape, you’re raping your mother.

  11. Best line ever…”This is that awkward horrifying moment when you realize that if this had been boyracers & not pack rapists, then something would’ve been done by now!” New Zealand needs Police, not COPS! bring on Judge Dredd, then there would be no messing around.

  12. In response to ION’s “Can somebody explain to me where the Police get off saying they needed a complaint laid before investigating” – this is not true. Even when you lay a complaint; nothing seems to happen. Experienced it first hand and it was awful. Surely if a member of the public walks into a police station to lay a complaint – they shouldn’t be told “no can’t help you; you’ll have to wait”. Even after going through laying a complaint; it turns out that this doesn’t do anything especially if the offender/accused is not known to the police or has a history of this. I’ve heard that it depends on the type of offence -this does prove to be a plausible theory as the police seem to be selective about what they are willing to push or not. Forgive me for saying but surely everyone who lives here has the right to be safe – a bit of support from the police wouldn’t go astray. I for one don’t trust them – you ask for help and get left a voicemail saying the complaint wasn’t going to be taken further but if it happens again – call us. Sounding like a Tui ad….yeahhhh right

  13. And it is a lie that you even need a single complaint. Rape is a crime against the state in this country, you only need evidence, you don’t need a child or woman’s complaint to arrest. They just don’t want to arrest them for whatever reason despite all the evidence. Why? Because of who their dads are? Because they sympathize with pedophiles and sexism against female children? Who knows- but something is rotten in the state of Auckland.

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