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  1. Fire catastrophe fear in New South Wales October 21, 2013, at 6:29 am

    …..Mass forced evacuations affecting tens of thousands of people are possible as hotter and drier than expected conditions combine with huge fire fronts already burning.

    …..The weather would be at its worst on Wednesday, with the forecast for high temperatures, low humidity and high winds being assessed as much worse than predicted last week.

    ”We are not in a catastrophic [weather] ratings scale [but] we are talking about fire danger ratings that will be in the severe category – and you overlay that with the fires that are already burning and it’s a whole new ball game,” Fitzsimmons said.

    The worst fire disaster in NSW for at least 45 years could lead to evacuations from high-population centres such as Katoomba and Leura.

    …..Fitzsimmons said it was always dangerous to draw parallels but “you’d be going back to time periods in the late ’60s, where the ’68 fires would be close” to the present situation.

    “The reality, however, is these conditions that we’re looking at are a whole new ball game and in a league of their own,” he said.
    …..Fitzsimmons said light rain expected on Tuesday would be “inconsequential” and any marginal improvement on the extreme weather that triggered the initial fire disaster last Thursday would be “academic” now that fires were burning over such vast terrain.

    …..At 7pm on Sunday (9pm NZT), there were 63 fires burning around the state

    Australia is our closest neighbour, and close cultural cousin, it is in trouble. We, their close neighbour and friend need to give a lead, and set an example.

    Australia: Climate Change Villain

    Coal is the Number 1 top contributor to climate change

    Australia is the Number 1 coal exporter

    Austrailia is the Number 1 Green house gas emitter per capita (mostly due to coal)

    Australia: Climate Change Victim

    The hottest Spring months on record.

    The hottest 12 months on record.

    The worst summer heat wave on record.

    Australia is burning

    The Great Barrier Reef is dying.

    It has been the hottest September in recorded history and October also looks set to break all temperature records for this spring month.

    The Australian summer is yet to come, Australians are fearful.

    We can help

    New Zealand: World leader

    Votes For Women

    Social Welfare

    Nuclear Weapons Free

    Coal Free (under construction), some hiccups, normal transmission to be resumed come late 2014.

    It Is Time To Act

    Help enforce New Zealand Green Party policy of No New Coal Mines, meet this weekend at Mangatangi just south of Auckland just east of Pokeno, to protest Fonterra’s plans for a new 750 hectare open cast coal mine.

    Details HERE

  2. I would like to start the first of the open mike columns with some links to events surrounding JP Morgan Chase.

    Not many people know but in October 2007 JP Morgan Chase opened a branch in New Zealand. That is, you’ve got it in one, precisely one year before our Wall street banker Prime Minister came to power.

    JP Morgan Chase wasn’t open for the little people. In fact we don’t quite know why they thought NZ was such a lucrative little country but since then NZ has been buying Derivatives like there is no tomorrow and in the autumn of 2012 JP Morgan announced that it had in it’s “advisory” portfolio the NZ Pension fund we call the Cullen fund which,it is said, manages at least $ 19 Billion so we can all enjoy a superannuation when we grow old. Or so they say.

    In December of 2012 the Cullen fund received an ominous price. That of the most innovative investment fund in the world. Couple that with JP Morgans management and you get the idea.

    Here is why you should be very worried about JP Morgan assisting our Cullen fund:

    JP Morgan has agreed to pay $ 13 Billion in fines because of their fraudulent products which they sold to Freddy Mac and Fanny May and their role in the financial collapse in 2008 (One year after they opened a branch in NZ).

    They have just had to spend more than $9 billion in legal expenses because of investigations into their criminal mob like behavior and other financial malfeasance.

    Have a great day and congrats with the new open mike feature!

  3. Something uncontroversial. You have the heading for Open Mike dated as Monday 20th October when it is actually Monday 21st October. Cheers

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