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No accountability for illegal GCSB spying

Source: Labour Party – Press Release/Statement:Headline: No accountability for illegal GCSB spying

Grant Robertson  |
Thursday, August 29, 2013 – 16:44

The police decision not to prosecute anyone over the illegal spying on Kim Dotcom means that once again no-one is being held accountable for the failings of our spy agencies, says Labour’s Deputy Leader, Grant Robertson.

“The police investigation has confirmed that the GCSB broke the law when it intercepted one of Kim Dotcom’s communications.  But because there is no evidence there was any intention to act illegally, the matter will not be pursued.

“When the state acts illegally – particularly when it comes to breaching the privacy of individuals – there should be accountability.

“This is just further confirmation that under John Key’s watch our spy agencies have been left to their own devices without proper monitoring, oversight or accountability.

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“The GCSB has intrusive powers.  How can the public have confidence that their privacy will be respected if there are no consequences when the GCSB breaks the law?

“The police investigation and today’s decision to take the matter no further make the need for a full, independent review of our intelligence agencies all the more urgent.

“Labour will hold a full inquiry and replace the recently passed GCSB legislation.  Nothing less will restore the public’s trust and confidence in our spy agencies,” says Grant Robertson.

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