Citizen A GCSB Special with Dr Rodney Harrison QC & Grant Robertson


Citizen A GCSB Special with Dr Rodney Harrison QC & Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Grant Robertson. We look at Key’s Campbell Live interview and question his confidence that the law won’t result in mass surveillance.


  1. Well I saw the program last night, when it was screened on television. What struck me immediately, was, how well Martyn did with his guests, while John Campbell kind of struggled with a John Key in overdrive on his show the other night.

    What is the matter with John Campbell, has Steven Joyce been ringing his boss to verbally wave the baseball bat at him? Have there been whispers behind the scene, has there been pressure applied, so that John Campbell was not as firm and decisively questioning Key on the details that we all know about, and which Campbell himself raised as important to consider so often?

    I am worried, as on his show last night, John Campbell was showing a rather weak stand on the GCSB issues, saying that their survey of the opinions of people in the public is just asking whether they are in favour or against the GCSB Bill and law changes.

    Campbell was the only senior media person who took the GCSB Bill to pieces, and now a sudden weakening, not standing firm on a dodgy John Key, who would not answer many questions and distracted with his questions.

    The mainstream media has been mentioning the GCSB Bill repeatedly, but not gone much into details. Now we have Campbell fall into line with the rest, and I ask, why???

    Congratulations to Martyn on his Citizen A show, with his high-calibre guests speaking on the real issues that remain, and that matter. John Key has certainly not “convinced” me. Those that now accept his interpretations and justifications are just weak lemming like herd followers, who do not bother with details. They just want a head ram to follow and trot along into whatever direction that one goes.

    Sadly too many out there are just such herd members.

    But I will take a stand and be there, at the Auckland Town Hall Meeting on Monday, 19 August at 07 pm, to take a firm stand against this madness of widening spy and surveillance powers. It is a main issue, that the law changes will give GCSB and the agencies it can work with wider powers, not so much the worry that they may read everybody’s emails.

    Just the thought that they can use the powers that the bill will give them is reason enough to be worried. X-keystroke, Prism and so forth will not just be used in the US, as even Campbell Live exposed last night. The NSA even openly admits their technology and surveillance methods and information gathered are shared with New Zealand, for God’s sake.

    When will the last ones get it?!

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