Video On Demand: Stop The GCSB Bill Public Meeting


TDB-Live-top-right-logo-2If you weren’t able to make it to Mt Albert War Memorial Hall on Thursday night, you can still watch the entire discussion here on this page, on The Daily Blog.

The Coalition to Stop the GCSB Bill Urgent Public Meeting was held at 7pm tonight (Thursday, July 25).

Speaking at the public meeting was Kim Dotcom, Dame Anne Salmond, Dr Rodney Harrison & Thomas Beagle chaired by retired Supreme Court Judge Sir Edmund Thomas.


  1. Very informative meeting, and I was pleased I made it along there.

    Interesting dynamic going on in the hall.

    All three Labour David’s were there – but I only noticed David Parker on the right hand side, until David Cunliffe stood up to speak during the Q&A sessions, in response to a question directed towards the opposition parties.

    He had been sitting front and centre the whole time, and managed to respond appropriately to a mildly aggressive questioner. However, a short while before this question – David Shearer had entered the hall and joined David Parker standing on the right hand side – apparently out of notice of the stage.

    So, when the question went out to the opposition parties, despite a tentative – and silent – move forward from David Shearer, the calls from the audience were directed to David Cunliffe to answer.

    The body language was interesting to watch.

    Unfortunately, this incident was only compounded for Shearer when Supreme Court Judge Sir Edmund Thomas made a strident acknowledgment from the stage after spotting “an opposition party leader in the hall” – and invited him to make a statement. Once again, a tentative move from Shearer, only to hear Sir Thomas welcome Hone Harawira.

    It was like watching a play where everyone knows the parts except for the last minute ring-in.

    That interesting diversion aside, really enjoyed the speakers and the information given, and will definitely be along to the protest on Saturday.

  2. Thats great that you got along there Molly and great to see such a good turn out and excellent speeches from the panel.
    As an aside, I also thought that scenario with the 3 Davids was interesting too. Cunliffe spoke well. I was reminded again of why he should be our next PM.

  3. Thank you DTB for your involvement in the meeting and for filming it. It makes a difference to be hear about the nuts and bolts of the GCSB bill and all it’s myriad threats to our privacy and democracy from knowledgeable speakers and hear the responses and questions from the floor. Seeing and hearing it helps those of us not in Akld for the meeting to feel connected to the collective fear and concern for this bill. I have to say, I didn’t have a good sleep last night.

    Couple of points:

    A woman from the audience made the suggestion that everyone contact their MP with their concerns about this bill. I would add to that, that everyone flood Peter Dunne’s office with their objection to this bill and let him know that as citizens we will not tolerate this stripping of our rights. I did contact him, as mentioned previously and it fell on deaf ears but the more people he hears from the greater the impact. He may even begin to feel a little uncomfortable

    Secondly, is there still time to get a global Avaaz petition going? I know, I know, just another petition, but we have nothing to lose by not trying everything we can to prevent this bill from being passed. If citizens in other countries learn of this they will stand with us in solidarity.

  4. A note about Kim Dotcom’s statement last night about the SIS.

    Key’s meeting with MPAA execs the day before KDC’s application for residency was granted, was already public knowledge. And the meeting was in NZ as part of the Hobbit negotiations, not in Hollywood. This evidence was published in an NZ First Press Release in April.

    The only information that KDC revealed last night that might have been “new” is that the SIS originally stated that the blocked KDC’s residency application because there was an FBI investigation against him. Possibly, also, KDC has documentary evidence of when his residency was first blocked and then released.

    • Hi Karol,

      Yes that is true regarding the timeline. But the important new fact is as you note that KDC was citing the SIS documentation recommending to the Minister of Immigration that his application for residency be declined, and according to KDC the reason given was because he was under FBI investigation.

      And then later in 2010, the SIS reversed that recommendation the day after the Prime Minister met with the Hollywood brass. The SIS and the Prime Minister in charge of the SIS should explain what caused it to reverse its recommendation all-the-while knowing KDC was still under FBI investigation.

      If all this does stack up, the Prime Minister does have a lot of explaining to do as to how he could possibly not know of KDC at that time. The timeline and the SIS reversal have become an important element in the saga.

      • Thanks, Selwyn for the clarification.

        And thanks also to Martyn and all who made live stream and video on demand available to us all.

        And thanks to all those organising the meeting and demo on Saturday.

  5. Congrats to the team who organised the live stream and got the video replay up so quickly. Any chance of a download option?

  6. […] The speakers were very good.  The meeting was chaired by the erudite and witty former High Court Judge Ted Thomas.  Very interesting contributions were made by Dame Anne Salmond, Dr Rodney Harrison, Kim Dotcom himself and Thomas Beagle.  Each of their contributions deserve to be seen in full and you can see the video here. […]

  7. yes please, a download option for this and other videos (just like on democracy now, which has MP4 option for video & an MP3 option too)

  8. Hi all you spies, and the boss, John Key. Great meeting last night and I await the response from our wanna be ‘rulers’. He was known as ‘the smiling assassin’ and also. as ‘slippery John’. No surprise there. C u tomorrow (with a mask).

  9. Would have been nice to have had a brown face on the stage, as the current victims of spying and terrorising raids happen to be be indigenous (by fluke?).

    Having said this, it’s good for white folk to see their own on the stage so that they can see themselves being implicated.

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