I’ve had a gutsful of low-life bludgers


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I’ve had a gutsful of bludgers and their low-life ways. They take, take, take, from the rest of us but are nowhere to be seen when it’s time to do their bit. You could describe them as parasites or boils on the backside of the community – take your pick – either description is accurate.

It’s been going on for a long time. They abuse our tolerance and accuse others of loafing but it’s just a cover. They don’t play by the rules that apply to the rest of us – they’re so arrogant they think they should have their own rules to play by. They are never there when it’s time to pull their weight.

It’s time to call them out, get them working and expect them to do their bit. We shouldn’t take no for an answer.

I’m talking about the wealthiest group of New Zealanders who control over $50 million in wealth each but pay bugger-all tax.

It was good to see yesterday’s Herald spelling out their deceitful ways. The paper reported in a story How super-rich kiwis dodge tax that 107 out of 193 of what the Inland Revenue Department calls “high-wealth individuals” do not even declare income of $70,000 so these rich pricks don’t even pay the top tax rate.

Bludging bastards.

Wage and salary earners pay tax on every dollar we earn and every dollar we spend but these layabouts hide their money in trusts, overseas bank accounts and tax havens of all kinds and leave the rest of us to keep the country running. Most of them have never done an honest day’s work in their lives. Miserable pricks.
And the excuses they give have to be seen to be believed. The paper reports “tax-lawyer” (aka bludgers’ assistant) Andrew Ryan as saying “these high-net-wealth individuals will most probably be paying more GST than most individuals”. Pull the other one Andrew – it’s a pathetic comment. More than anyone he should know that the poorest 10% of New Zealanders pay 14% of their income on GST but those in the richest 10% pay less than 5% of their income on GST. These 193 individuals would probably pay less than 1% of their income on GST.

That’s why GST has to go – it’s a tax on the poor and lets rich bludgers off the hook. These ne’er do wells are a worldwide menace. The Herald story repeats estimates that around the globe up to $36 trillion (that’s $36 thousand billion) is hidden in tax havens. Yet we never hear Prime Minister John Key attack these corporate good-for-nothings because they are his mates, his political kith and kin. And we can forget about Revenue Minister Peter Dunne. He has both eyes shut and is more worried about losing his parliamentary funding after his party was deregistered than he is in hauling in revenue from the unearned wealth of these armchair arseholes.

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As someone wrote to me the other day “if someone gets paid for an hour without working then someone else worked an hour without being paid”.

These corporate bludgers owe us big. It’s time we collected.


  1. If only more politicians on the left made such an honest, succinct and forthright analysis of the real bludgers in our society.
    Why they even brag about the fact. Didn’t Mrs Thatcher say there was no such thing as society? And isn’t Ayn Rand the cult of the individual?

    • I’m in favour of encouraging them to leave like they keep threatening to do but never actually do. Wake them up to the fact that it’s not them paying for anything, that it is and has always been the workers that pay and that includes paying for them.

  2. Tautoko marika John….I see them as FAT WORMS GETTING FATTER wriggling in every aspect of our lives continually bludging off the rest of us….and getting backhanders and shoulder tapped within the web of CORRUPTION that the rich dick politicians like John Key and their ilk work mainly to look after; creating harsh economic policies to continue to bludge off the rest of us and yet think it’s okay to blame us for their atrocious and discriminatory policies to keep the rest of us subservient to them….time they were cut off at the knees and a strong campaign to that effect to show them up for the BLATANT CORRUPTIVE POLICIES

  3. As the rich-poor divide gets wider we get ever closer to a revolution of some form. Once the “middle class” disappears society will be ready to act. My two fears:
    – it will be a violent revolution
    – the rich pricks will jump ship before the mob is at their door

  4. Bravo! I enjoyed reading that and can imagine this post going down a real treat with many. I understand your anger and fully support your point, GST is a horrendous tax, if your income is limited and every dollar counts GST is as helpful as cancer. For the poor GST affects your ability to get along day to day and limit your future chances to advance.

    Strange attitude in this nation’s psyche; with the recent Nisbit cartoons and many flat-out egging on the ugly elements of it, if you’re poor it’s because you’re a “bludger”, but if you’re rich you’re”too big to fail” and important for growth. Never mind the fact that the more benefits the wealthy get, the un/under-employed are still un/under-employed and growing and this elusive “growth” still means many and growing numbers are struggling to live. The haters ridiculing their victims and oblivious to the fact they get the same polished jackboot in the pants to keep them down.

    Good to see someone in politics with the guts to say GST has to go. Unlike the rest who revere it as a sacred cow.

    • ” un/under-employed ” is a nice term.

      It takes some pressure off those without work and indicates that many would be working more if there was work available to do.

      • Thanks, it all takes some pressure off the work of writing: unemployed and underemployed.

  5. The 0.1% own the government, control the banks, control corporations, own the media, and control what the general populace see and hear.

    The 0.1% ensure that only bought-and-paid-for liars get into positions of power.

    The 0.1% already have far too much but want more, and have set the rules of society to ensure they get more.

    The 0.1% are more than happy to see the foundations of society crumble, and to destroy the environment, both locally and globally, in their quest for more.

    The dumbed-down general populace, born into captivity and bought-off in the short term by the trinkets of consumerism, think it’s all normal.

    Global economic collapse and global environmental collapse are well underway, with the next major economic jolt due before 2015, and Near Term Extinction drawing ever closer.

    Nobody gets out of this alive, but the psychotic sociopaths -those with hollow souls- may die with more stuff than most others.

  6. It’s also about time the clamps were put on all those oversea corporations that pay bugger all tax.

  7. Shows how unfair National’s changes to the tax system were. LOWER the tax rate for the rich and raise GST – which penalises those with the lowest proportion of disposable income.

  8. Dunne is more concerned with creating a diaspora of educated Kiwis than with actually seeing these pricks pay anything. They’ve even floated the idea of not issuing passports to student debtors, which would make refugees out of anyone whose passport expired while they were overseas. They want to make education impossible for anyone except the rich, who use their student loans to invest in properties while their failing their degrees.

    Mana and Greens – I’m with you to take back our country. Let’s be extreme, nothing else will work.

    • Arrgh…they’re failing their degrees.
      Oh well, at least I didn’t accuse them of illiteracy 🙂

  9. Oh God . Why me ?

    Yeah but it’s not actually rich people per se that are doing anything wrong though . Sure , they’re rich . If they worked hard then good on them . If they were devious fuckers who found a crack to exploit then good on them too .

    It is YOU ! The Masses . The hoi polloi . The Great Unwashed who fuck around and sit on your arses while THEY steal away with our stuff and things . Take some fucking responsibility ! We’ve become a land of whiny little bitches who snivel at the first sign of a clip board . We shrivel at the thought of yet another $400.00 per month power bill yet we do nothing . Not one fucking thing . John MInto is telling you what you already know . That is why you agree with him for Gods sake . And don’t get me wrong here . I also agree with John Minto . And I also know why I agree with him . Because I already fucking know it . But I do NOT know what to do about IT ? Will some one , for fucks sake actually tell me what to do ?

    Hello Leadership Deficit ! ?

    Has anyone seen ‘Despicable Me’ ? And the Minions ? We are the Minions but who-the-fuck-is-our-leader ? Don’t you dare say Jonky-Stien ! He couldn’t lead a rat up a drain pipe . He could SELL the rat a timeshare part way up the drain pipe , rent the vacant rest of the drain pipe out to weasels after he loaned ferrets money at a mark-up rate for the purchase of the drain pipe in question and clip 10% off the deal , per day , per year In perpetuam rei memoriam and convince the rats , weasels and ferrets that they had a sweet deal , then he’d on-sell the whole shibang to a pack of racoons from Wisconsin but honestly , he couldn’t lead a turd into a sewer . Not even with fuckin’ Google Maps . And I know this because I saw John Banks on tha’ Teevee , not floating with the rest of the shit out into ‘ Super City ‘ Harbour but there , defending a criminal . Sir Douglas Graham I think it was .

    What is it going to take you morans ?

    We Kiwis have become a dull minded , lack luster , complacent , lazy , but perhaps most worryingly COWARDLY pack of greedy , whiny fuckers because we’ve NEVER gone REALLY hungry and I mean eat grass or die hungry .We’ve never watched helplessly as flies crawl into our starving , diseased babies eyes . The only people who shoot at us are each other and usually when pissed or after some one roots the missus behind our backs while we watch The ‘blacks mate ! Sweet as , aye mate ?

    Dangerously , we are a dopy , uncultured hoard of bipedal fleas who’ve by no other explanation than blind good luck have plopped onto the most beautiful set of islands The Great Creator ever created and what do we do with them ? We wipe our flaccid arse cheeks all over them , dig into them , exploit them , defecate on them and then sell the product of that bungled litany of con-jobs off to a pack of even more greedy Libertines . For shame on us ! When you look into this nightmare , we should see yourselves looking back .

    • I hear you but consider some your remarks a little harsh. The propaganda machine, main stream media and historical influences too many and some are less educated. Help others to see what’s going on, not always easy…I’m convinced my boss and workmates think I’m a communist nut, thankfully I’m smarter than that. I too feel as angry as you and we’re not the only ones, look what’s happening around the world, people ARE waking up

    • People have asked the same question since the start of class society “what is to be done?” Fortunately a lot of these questions have been asked over the 200 years of struggle against capitalism.
      I would recommend Lenin, Marx and Engels. Lenins’ ‘The state and revolution, is a good start. ‘What is to be done’ is also excellent as it addresses the need for leadership, and how to avoid opportunism. Also join a revolutionary party and discuss the struggle, they are one of the few political organisations which point to the failure of leadership as the stumbling block to revolutionising society.

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