‘Legal high’ shops not welcome in Auckland South

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Source: Labour Party – Press Release/Statement:

Headline: ‘Legal high’ shops not welcome in Auckland South

Ross Robertson  | 
Friday, May 31, 2013 – 11:16

Manukau East MP Ross Robertson is appalled at the establishment of ‘legal high’ shops in Auckland South, and has written to the Minister responsible, Hon Peter Dunne, asking for leadership from government in helping to deal with the problem.

“With a shop set to open in Papatoetoe, I am concerned at the easy availability of drugs like synthetic cannabis, which will have a negative impact on our community,” said Ross Robertson.

“This shop is planning to open in the main town centre of Papatoetoe, where school children will regularly walk past on their way to and from school. It is not good enough that these types of products can be sold in our communities with limited testing and accountability, and I call on those responsible to think of the social consequences and the effects on our community.

“The community that I have represented for 26 years does not want such a store in our local area.  In fact, I wonder whether this type of shop would try to open in more affluent suburbs, where I am sure the local community would be up in arms.  I am sick of society’s ills being dumped on South Auckland – no wonder we are a target for the shock, horror, lacking probity media. 

“What is it about society that people need legal highs to enjoy life?  The effects are fleeting and can have serious health effects in later life, leading in some cases to harder drugs and a life of hell,” he said.

“I eagerly await the government acting with haste to bring forward the Psychoactive Substances Bill that will restrict the availability of such products.

“I will be approaching our local businesses, encouraging them to take a stand for our neighbourhood and boycott such products.  I hope they will do so.

“Our understanding of ourselves has become too individualistic and too mechanical.  We are concerned about freedom over commitment and about individual rights more than the common good.  It’s time to say no, and take back our community,” said Ross Robertson.


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