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DRUGLAWED is co-production between SECTION 18FILMS / BT-TOKYO MEDIA featuring Martyn Bradbury.

SECTION 18FILMS is an international documentary production company that has produced TV documentaries and social messaging services in Ethiopia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
BT-TOKYO MEDIA is a New Zealand/Japan production company facilitating online activism and drug education.

DRUGLAWED features Martyn Bradbury of The Daily Blog and a stellar cast of local and international experts who all have one thing in common: the understanding that New Zealand’s cannabis policies are doing far more harm than good and that change is imperative.

DRUGLAWED has been in production since August 2009 and will be released in APRIL 2014. Filmed across New Zealand and in Australia, the US, Japan and the Netherlands, all principal photography has already been completed. $150,000 funding was received in 2010 from NZ On Air for the TV3 version of the documentary INSIDE NEW ZEALAND: HIGH TIME? which examined the issues from a purely local perspective. In order to complete our original objective of making a 90 minute feature film which places New Zealand’s drug policies in an international context, we have built upon what we shot for television by subsequently investing a further $21,000 into the production, leaving a shortfall of $5,500 – this will pay for animated sequences and motion graphics.

The filmmakers would like to thank the cast for the generosity they showed us with their time and our legions of supporters who have enabled this epic shoot to be accomplished!

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  1. This will be an awesome film – long overdue! Well done, guys! I’ll be at the Premiere on 4.20 next year!

  2. As someone who had been enjoying cannabis without any problems for twenty years, I can say that it’s about time someone exposed the farce of our ridiculous prohibition. The damage from alcohol is far, far worse than the harms of cannabis, and those harms can be reduced through regulation and control instead of amplified by needlessly criminalising half the population of this country!

  3. Will it screen on TV? Regardless the film should be a good contribution to the debate. The country’s illicit drug laws are ridiculous, with this year being a good growing season I faced opium poppies appearing throughout the garden growing nearly two metres high, heaven knows how they got there, but we destroyed them – don’t want Police around. Good harvest of seeds, make a cake or bread and it soothes an aching back from a day in the garden very well. Safer than prescription drugs I’m sure.

    Never taken illicit drugs, but over time those I know who take cannabis are harmless, from what I gather it’s a social activity and very harmonious. I believe these laws were introduced to counteract social progress during the counterculture of the 60’s and 70’s. Reagan’s war on drugs a major push to eliminate the movement in preparation of the advance of neoliberalism, international laws firmly in place.

    No reported cases of deaths due to cannabis, LSD non-addictive and no cases of death – why should they be illegal? Hemp with low levels of THC, seeds and oil a food source – why should it be governed similarly to cannabis?

  4. America (Nixon) declared the “war on drugs” in 1971, and it seems most Western countries went for the lemming “me too” mentality instead of daring to oppose the drug policy of the great US of A. So much money and resources have been squandered in this unwinnable war, so many otherwise innocent people have been jailed (and/or made unemployable due to the resulting criminal history) it simply boggles the mind.

  5. At last, the film that I’ve been waiting for someone to make for decades. Can’t wait to see this. Please destroy Peter Dunne. Drive a stake through his evil vampire heart.

    • Karl, I don’t usually respond to people who don’t write their full name with their comments. It always smacks to me of cowardice. But it’s comments like yours above that make the rest of us fear a society that people like you have any say that could affect future generations.

  6. Awesome to see this has grown legs since you mentioned it Martin! Cross posted on our site and a pledge is on the way. If you need anything else give us a shout as we’ve investigated this subject thoroughly.


  7. my mum told me cannabis was dangerous and evil so i tried lsd. then heroin, then cannabis.
    cannabis has reclaimed my life, healed skin oddities and helped with my empysemia.
    ive been chuffing for 30 years heavily and apart from a time when i became a drug and alcohol counsellor have continued to enjoy this god given miracle compound daily.
    the lies and misinformation the sheeple have been told has killed far more folk than the holocost ever did. we have a cheap {1 pound of good bud and isopropyl}cure for cancers and other nasty dis-eases with tens of thousands of alive happy folk posting on facebook/youtube attesting to the miracle that is cannabvis. peter dunne is an ass

    • Please correct me if I am wrong…. Did you really say you were a drug and alcohol counselor!!!!

  8. I Have A Dream……..
    That all cannabis utopians would emigrate to an uninhabited island. Something like the early settlers in NZ. Lets call it Cannabis Isle of Dreams . We could even use tax payers fund to assist their passage there. Only condition being they cannot return if things don’t work out. They could set up their own government and health system and live happily ever after in their cannabis utopia, smoking to their hearts content. Using only their own money of course. That way they could prove once and for all to the rest of us killjoys how wonderful, harmless and peaceful drug cannabis really is.

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