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Today’s Daily Blog Watch Round-Up of matters that have attracted the attention, assessments, and articulations of this country’s leading bloggers…

NZ Left Blogosphere

Lew poses a question for  readers on Kiwipolitico, Spot the difference. And brother, it is damning.

Tim Selwyn in Tumeke describes his  thoughts and feelings on Margaret Thatcher and her influence on British and international politics.  His impressions are a calm, measured assessment of Thatcher’s role in history and concludes; Margaret Thatcher – divisive. History is being written, and bloggers are an integral part to the process.

It used to be said that History was written by The Victorious. No longer. Now it is written by those who are witness to events.

TDB Recommends

An apology is not enough, writes The Jackal and condemns a report that absolves government employees of all responsibility in the Pike River Mine disaster.  The Jackal also reminds us that it’s been two and a half years since the explosion that killed 29 men, and thus far Key’s promise to retrieve the bodies appears to have ended up like so  many of his other  “promises”.

Ok, so we know that Key is a habitual liar. Question is – what’s up with the rest of the country? Are the Middle Classes so wrapped up in “The X Factor“, or “Survivor Kazakhstan” or whatever, that they aren’t paying attention? Never before has the expression, “We get the Government We Deserve” been so appropriate.

Imperator Fish reports that the PM vows to work on his lying – and about bloody time. We can see the prick’s lips moving.

Imperator Fish also comments on  That report finds nobody is to blame. So it’s business as usual.

I still hold that Scott Yorke’s blogposts aren’t so much  fictional satire – as an accurate Slice of Life depicting  New Zealand in the 21st Century. Future historians will look back and marvel at us. Or snort with derision. Actually, future historians will most likely be talking Apes chasing a semi-nekkid Charton Heston all over the friggin’ countryside and won’t give a human’s arse about us…

In No Right Turn, several matter of import are canvessed,

  • A vital question – If the GCSB spied on 88 other New Zealanders – what did they do with the info they collected? Key assures us that no Court cases were involved… yes, well, I think we know how much faith to put into Pinochio’s assurances…
  • With each passing day, Paula Bennett openly shows her  uncultured, un-educated self to the public. Who else could  giggle at child poverty??? The woman was dropped on her head at birth.
  • Equality comes to Uruguay – having legalised marriage equality ahead of us. The Uruguayians have shown they’re more fair-minded than we are. You must be very pleased, Colin Craig.  Muppet.
  • The police have a lot to answer for – Part of the problem. But maybe they’re too busy lionising one of their corrupt members who died recently to bother with little things like institutionalised racism…

Heaps more good reading over at The Standard – check out,

  • The Key-Fletcher trail – more by karol on Key’s hiring of Ian Fletcher, and the evidence that points to Intellectual Property and Commerce being the main reasoning for the appointment.
  • More on the obscene behaviour of Paula Bennett giggling at child poverty. I wonder how proud National voters are at this kind of ministerial behaviour?
  • Support Love DOC Day, sez Bunji!
  • Anthony R0bins writes about Key’s “Nixon” Monent… and it is kinda getting that way, isn’t it? I mean, how long before Dear Leader goes on nationwide TV to  adamantly declare, “I am not a crook!”  ?
  • And Zetetec draws a useful  analogy about how to use the law in your favour, a-la GCSB. Good stuff, mate. (I wonder if I can get a few hundred traffic infringement notices nullified along these lines. Hey, if it’s good enough for our spooks…)
By the way, The Standard appears to have attracted a new troll, called “Walter”.  Poor dear thing… s/he actually pretends to be “thinking”. *snort!*

And from the Awwww, Nice! Files, we have Forest & Bird with a new action – Love DOC Day, Thursday April 11!!! Brilliant stuff! This is 1960s/70s Peacenik stuff reinvented! (Just watch those kilojoules, peeps!)

Blogpost of the Day

Prolific writer and trenchant critic of the Establishment, Sue Bradford writes on The Pundit that it’s been A bad week for left activist paranoia.  Sue starts off with,

“Army to gain new powers over protesters; GCSB spies on New Zealanders; new single government data hub planned… Is Aotearoa en route to Orwell’s 1984?”

Paranoia? Nah. It is happening. (Funny thing – I’m not so frightened of the 1984 scenario and utterly pissed of.)

Sue is 100% on the ball (as she is always). And the Hobbits ain’t merely asleep – they’re in a goddamn drunken stupor. Honestly, if Hitler was around now, he could invade this country; install a puppet Quisling regime; have Brownshirts and SS patrolling the streets of our cities; hold massive night-time torchlight marches … and New Zealanders wouldn’t notice or particularly care. (Unless it interupted Shorty Street or somesuch.)

Whatever they’re putting in our  drinking water is powerful ju-ju. (Thank god I’m a bourbon fan.)

Political Hint For The Day

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The power is in our hands.  (It always has been.)