Young Nats sucking up to the cops – (warning: Ugly)


The Young Nats are like ‘good cancer’ in that they don’t really exist. If you are under the age of 25 and love John Key, you need psychiatric help, not a social club to mingle with other like minded sociopaths.

Here is the Young Nats using social media to breed more authority worship for the NZ Police who seem to be getting all the congratulations of the lower crime rate while still being unable to solve over half their cases.

View the image and gag.



  1. There used to be a victimisation survey (and there may still be?**) that tried to answer how much victimisation does not get reported to the police.

    The police have done some pretty nasty stuff over the last 5 years or so. It could be that people don’t want to go anywhere near them even when they have been victimised.

    My suspicion would be that a lot of unreported victimisation happens within the Asian communities and never gets reported because of a) lack of trust in the police and b) the cultural shame in being a victim.

    ** the last ones I can see from Stats NZ are New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey 2006 and the New Zealand General Social Survey 2008.
    There after it just appears to be police/justice administrative data.

  2. Jeez, if you’re under 25 and support national you have a mental illness? That’s despicable. I’d expect to hear such comments out of Whaleoil, but not here. I’m most certainly not a Nat, but have some perspective. People are allowed to have different political opinions to you and still be good people.

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