Tim Macindoe hears God in Hamilton



I think it’s lovely that people want to live their life based on what their invisible magical friend thinks, that is their right in a free society.

If YOU want to live YOUR life based on the teachings of an enchanted ghost, that’s wonderful and NO ONE has the right to take that self-belief away from you.

However beyond your own life, don’t dare try and impose these beliefs based on your parapsychological God king with the wizard zombie son on the rest of us thanks Tim Macindoe.

You represent the people of Hamilton, try doing that job before implementing the voices in your head. I’m no theologian, but I would like to think that a God of infinite love would choose far better vessels for his message than a half-arsed National Party MP from Hamilton bloody West.


  1. Ae, the screaming, blinding obscenity of invoking Christ to oppose love and commitment is yet to dawn on some of the denser corners.

    Hardly surprising; the abiding “christian tory” distortion arose from the most massive propaganda deluge in history after the USSR promoted atheism.

    Entertaining, but; witness Finlayson’s current Vatican jaunt.

  2. Ahhhh… but the lord moves in mysterious ways (most of which appear to be for the benefit of straight rich white men).

  3. Just out of interest, were you adamant that electorate MPs must represent the majority opinion of their electorate’s voters when Labour and the Greens were pushing S59 repeal through the House? How about when homosexual law reform was going through the House in the mid-80s? Women’s suffrage? Abolition of slavery?

    • So what?

      Each issue on it’s own merits, Milt. Otherwise none of us could achieve anything because someone will always yell out, “But what about…?”

      “But what about” is not a question. It’s a call for paralysis.

  4. Invisible sky wizards have penchant for picking opinionated empty vessels to represent them.

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