About Dr Wayne Hope


Dr Wayne Hope.Dr Wayne Hope is an Associate Professor in the School of Communication Studies, Auckland University of Technology. He has twenty years experience as a researcher, teacher and media commentator. Wayne`s specific areas of research are New Zealand`s economic, political and media history, public sphere critique, sport-media relationships, globalisation and the nature of time.

Wayne has a number of gripes and pet hates which will inform his fortnightly commentaries. These include neo liberalism ,media monopolies ,infotainment, anti-intellectualism, child sponsorship, corporate philanthropy, greed, vacuity, consumerism, superficial political commentary and people who collect frends on facebook.

Wayne`s fortnightly observations will also reflect his passions and enthusaisms. These include social justice, the nature of time, five day test cricket ,stand up comedy, satire, black humour, rock`n roll, metal, Americana roots, craft beer, critical thought and intellectually engaged conversations.