Echoes of Alamein Kopu and Elizabeth Kererkere – Greens finally ask Darleen Tana to resign – what could happen next


Just as TDB told you, ‘Too many woke intersectionist feminist cuddles not enough ruthless pragmatism’.

The main feminist factions inside the Greens  were arguing Tana shouldn’t be punished for her Husband’s sins, while the relatively sane faction of the Greens were saying, ‘Girlfriend, you’re cooked, time to leave’, and we see this line of defence emerge in Tana’s first comments on the matter where she is saying she shouldn’t be judged by her Husbands actions.

If Tana had given a shit about the Greens, she would have fallen on her sword the millisecond allegations of her abusing migrant workers was exposed.

Her insane position that she should stay is driven by the fact that this is the best gig she’s ever had and she ain’t leaving, and who would blame her?

Apparently the Electric Bike market is doing so poorly it has to be propped up by exploiting migrant workers, so a Government wage is probably needed right now.

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Here’s the difficulty for the Greens, they can’t impose the waka jumping legislation after making such a song and dance about not supporting it in the first place.

If they exercise the power, they look like hypocrites, if they don’t and Tana does a Kerekere or an Alamein Kopu, it will remain an open political wound that over shadows everything   Chloe wants to do as leader.

This has already taken up too much fucking time and once again the Greens desire to tick identity boxes over actually checking their candidates has bitten them in the arse.

I think the leadership have no options here but to force the issue and use the waka jumping Bill. I know it will be humiliating to use that after denouncing it, but if Tana stays she will retreat to Waiheke, use that as her base of operations and try to undermine Chloe in her own electorate, better to push Tana into the airlock now and open the hatch.

If you let her stay it will weaken Chloe’s leadership and Tana will turn septic and remain as a symbol of Green Party dysfunction.

Dear Green Leadership, you’ve tried to be fair, you’ve tried to do the natural justice thing, this has cost an arm and a leg, taken the momentum away from Chloe and if Tana stays, it will only get worse.

Use the waka jumping Bill now and get rid of her.

There needs to be way less intersectionist feminist cuddles and far more ruthless pragmatism now.

If she hasn’t agreed to stepping down by Friday, implement the waka jumping and get rid of her.

Do it. Do it now!



    • Yes Ada it’s nauseating watching these people who want to be in Government displaying childlike behaviour.

      • Yes Ada it’s nauseating watching these people who are in Government displaying childlike behaviour.

  1. Absolutely spot on Martyn.
    Darleen – this is politics. Like life in general , it ain’t fair. It can be brutal. And we can often be left feeling aggrieved. Life owes us nothing. You are not ‘owed’ a fabulous political career.
    If you deem your individual desires greater than the party that gave you a platform, then you are not the person you pretend to be. You may as well sink to the depths and join ACT or NZFirst.

  2. Tana has already stated she felt she did not receive a fair hearing or ‘natural justice’ from her caucus colleagues. Sounds like someone who is going to dig her toes in and side track the Greens for another 6 months.
    Chloe must already be in despair.

    • Peter. They should be able to dump Darleen on legal technicalities viz the proportionality of Parliament, so it will be interesting to see what pans out. If she digs her heels in she’ll also be damaging herself, so chances are she’ll be on her bike and off.

      • Hollyhock. Let’s hope so. We need a strong Green voice advocating on the environment, climate change and social justice because no one else is.

  3. I’m inclined to think that the Green Party need to have a serious look into their candidate selection processes, policies, and procedures.

    I have no problem with their battalion of second-raters bringing their own party into disrepute, but I do worry about the corrosive effect the repeated fiascos have on the reputation of Parliament in particular and democracy in general.

    • Really.

      Like Nationals hair pulling sexual assault prime minister for 9 fucking years.

      Or Ardern, if anyone ever actually watched parliament TV they’d’ve seen the debate skills of a toddler having a tantrum. Not that any session of parliament TV ever looked like more than kids arguing in a sand box.

      You’re worried about democracy? The closest parliament has gotten to a genuine democratic process in the last two decades was the fucking flag referendum.

      Democracy is already dead, parliament has been a joke longer than I’ve been alive.

      • Oh well, right then, if you say so, although I do rather think that you’re confusing the intricacies of the democratic process with not getting your own way.

      • Just some troll John Key didn’t generate any income by being a serial hair puller.
        He was a rich older male having fun, and nor was his main victim an exploited immigrant worker. She appeared to be a young New Zealand woman in a low paid job.

        There was no political dimension involved, and nor was Key’s disgusting behaviour at odds with his party’s ethos. If I recall correctly, Key’s Min of Women’s Affairs, Louise Thurston, stayed silent about what was done to that poor little Auckland waitress. There was no threat to the democratic process or to democracy, just a worker’s job bring made a misery on Sundays when the then PM came for lunch and fun.

      • Just some troll I think I erred in my previous reply. I think that hair-puller Key’s Minister of Women’s Affairs was Louise Upston, not Thurston, Louise being so totally forgettable that her name escaped me.

        • Well said Snow White and yet she is still here and sadly in government. The fact she is in a failed marriage speaks volumes of her as a person.

  4. Darleen sounds like she would be perfect for ACT or the National party. The ZB crowd will be very sanctimonious, while ignoring the fact that Darleen is one of them

  5. Well we know that the Greens have the ability to be ruthless and decisive when it suits their agenda viz Marama designating white cisgender ( silly damn word) males responsible for New Zealand’s family violence; Marama telling them to delete themselves; Marama blaming Pakeha New Zealand and colonialism ( another sullied word) for the terrible Christchurch Muslim murders carried out by a deranged Australian criminal; proactively participating in silencing women’s voices at Albert Park in Auckland and celebrating that violent day of shame as some sort of liberation of binary or non-binary ( more of asphyxiating jargonese) persons.

    If the electric bike industry needs propping up by exploitable immigrant workers, time to dump it and ride real bikes like Norman Kirk did daily after work from Christchurch to Kaiapoi, to build the house from the bricks which he made himself. The main drawback here is National wickedly wrecking the roads with its disgraceful abandonment of the once-efficient railway network in favour of noisy damaging polluting trucks whose fuel supply could so easily be challenged anyway and we’ll all be up the creek without waka.

    And in fairness to the Greens, they are not the only political party which seemingly chooses its candidates like some children’s birthday party game. Parliament is full of them.

  6. Just another Green MP exposed as dishonest.
    The majority of the Green MP’s are there for the money.Most of them outside of politics are unemployable.

  7. Time to purge the rat shit out of the party and just have one leader and let her build a strong team to take to the next election .Stop mamby pambing around and get stuck in and get some good strong policy out there now and saturate the market like national did with there maori hate rants even though they knew they were lies .The public knew they were liying but still voted for them .

  8. Oh, the 2023 intake of the Greens.
    The gift that keeps on giving.
    Best show in town, you seriously cannot make this shit up, its priceless.
    Could have bought a tiny home or two with the cash spent on this.
    Now for saving the planet.

  9. The Greens need to be pragmatic and invoke the waka jumping legislation. It’s a lesson to get more political and ditch the high minded morals they preach. The public will be grateful for the saved salary.

  10. If Chloe doesn’t act she will deemed not ruthless enough to be leader or prime minister. Too kind like Jacinda and not ruthless like Helen. The kiwi electorate expects a knife when it’s obvious. If she doesn’t do this now, how is she going to enforce discipline amongst her staff and MPs.

    • It’s already too late – Chloe looks weak just by the fact she didn’t act immediately and now that Tana has said stuff you, Chloe now looks like a lame duck.

      Curious that no one is holding Marama to the same standard as Chloe

      Politics is a blood sport and if you play, you’d better be prepared to club some seals and drown some puppies. If you don’t have the stomach for that, then you’ll get taken out sooner or later.

      This debacle could well end Chloe’s career. She either becomes a weak ineffective leader or loses her claim to acting with integrity by invoking the Waka bill and being no different to any other political player

      She should have had Tana taken out quietly outside of the whole thing. That’s what Helen would have done.

      • Perhaps they realize suffering from breast cancer is bad enough without getting mixed up in political fights. Keyboard warriors know no fear .

  11. I agree Martyn….. Greens should use all legal leverage to remove Darleen Tana from parliament.

    just one teeny problem… the Electoral Integrity Act is very very very hard to enforce if the MP wants to cling on to their job. The act can only be used by a party leader to remove an MP if the MP “has acted in a way that has distorted, and is likely to continue to distort, the proportionality of political party representation in Parliament as determined at the last general election”.

    If Darleen simply votes in line with the Greens, or gives her proxy vote to someone who will use it to vote along with the greens, then the Act cannot be used.

    55D Form of statement to be made by parliamentary leader
    The statement referred to in section 55C(c) must be in writing and signed by the parliamentary leader concerned, and must—
    state that the parliamentary leader reasonably believes that the member of Parliament concerned has acted in a way that has distorted, and is likely to continue to distort, the proportionality of political party representation in Parliament as determined at the last general election; and

  12. I hated the Greens odious BS when they helped pass the Waka jumping law. It screamed liar laike a giant flashing neon sign.

    But now is when they need to use it. This is the differnce of opinion on policy that Winston wanted it for. This is a highly suspected and most likely near proven operation of criminal activity directly violating so much the Greens claim to stand for. Expelling her using it would be the only way to force the exit of someone who has shown they deserve no such part of running our country or receiving any taxpayer money.

  13. Darleen isn’t going anywhere. This is the best gravy Darleen’s ever likely to see, so I suspect we’ll see more of the character she’s already showed.

  14. You couldn’t write this stuff….priceless.
    The female dominated maori centric green party – fucked over by 2 maori women.
    Sometimes life just gives you scenarios that make you realise what popcorn was invented for.

    • Well , didn’t see that racist comment coming tighty righty. I thought they were just two women but alas you made it a racist subject, typical of your poorly thought out process.

    • They ran out of popcorn over the Jamie Lee Ross and National party fiasco.
      Nationals Chinese donor corruption.

  15. Real tricky situation to invoke the waka jumping legislation when they are so righteously opposed to it.

    Life gets real tricky when you are a bunch of awful toxic woke hypocrites, I feel so sorry for them.

  16. The Greens are imploding. That’s what happens to people who whitewash and support sadistic, brutal terrorists and malign God’s Chosen. Proven in history time and time again.

    • lol – this is such a self projection. I’ll fix it for you.

      Israel is imploding. That’s what happens to people who whitewash and support sadistic, brutal terrorists and malign others as if they’re some kind of God’s Chosen. Proven in history time and time again.

  17. Between a rock and a hard place

    Swarbrick told media the MP’s behaviour has fallen far short of the Green Party values.

    However, if the Greens were to use the waka-jumping rule to force her out, they would also be falling far short of their values.

    And if that isn’t bad enough, there is still the question of the credibility of the report. With Darleen Tana claiming the report into her behaviour was substantially misrepresentative.

    Further, as a list MP that largely achieved their mandate via the Green party vote, who would she actually be representing as an independent MP?

  18. The ‘abused’ workers were working in a bike shop in Auckland. They were not seasonal workers employed in horticulture, and staff at WINZ, IRD and other government departments would have known this if they were doing their jobs. Seems that the ‘abused’ workers should have gone to WINZ to report their situation at the time rather than run to the Employment Relations Authority after the fact, to claim income losses they weren’t entitled to. We need to see the paper trail of records of who knew what.

  19. If employees have been hired illegally and paid less than the minimum wage why not report it to the police.
    If there is a prosecution then sack her.
    Asking a lawyer to listen to “he said” “she said” allegations and then write a report on what the lawyer reckons seems a strange way to get to justice.
    It ends with Darleen Tana claiming natural justice wasn’t served because the party paying for the report generally gets the report they want.

    • Is it a crime the police handle? MBIE maybe for the under payment and IRD for the tax?

      I think I’d prefer the police, IRD are right b*******s!

    • where are parliamentary services in all this? whether or not she is still a Green MP, surely, it’s up to parliament to invoke any sanctions.

  20. Why keep calling it migrant exploitation, her husband employed illegal workers and she helped. The only ones exploited were kiwis who didn’t get offered the jobs. Doesn’t make any less bad though.

  21. Darleen Tana, Golriz Ghahraman, Elizabeth Kerekere. Quite a list of recently disgraced Green MPs. (Apologies for any that I may have missed). So is there a problem with the Green Party? Possibly. Just as faith based organisations attract many self-seekers and hypocrites along with the genuinely altruistic, so a party like the Greens will attract careerists and opportunists along with the idealists. A dynamic is set up whereby a credulous, deferential and well meaning majority become prey to the ambitions of the erratic and unreliable opportunists, providing them an easy path to the top. However the problem is bigger than the Green Party. MMP, which has undoubtedly had some positive impact on the political system, has also made it easier for careerists to move up through the party apparatus without being hindered by the grass roots scrutiny that went with traditional constituency based politics. The Green Party, being very much (indeed one could say exclusively) an MMP party, is particularly at risk from the machinations of opportunists, careerists and hypocrites. (It should be acknowledged that New Zealand First and the ACT party also have their share of careerists and opportunists, but because their political ideologies are heavily biased towards self-interest, there is less scope for hypocrisy, and careerists go unremarked). We will just have to live with this reality until such time that the real democracy of rangatiratanga supersedes the MMP variant of the Westminster system of representation.

  22. Gosh this so called Green Party is full of dishonest opportunists.
    They are definitely not a Party concerned about the environment but more about their income.
    Their sincere environmentalists have all departed frustrated by the dishonesty.
    To top it off their individual vanity is infuriating to watch.

    • this so called Green Party is full of dishonest opportunists.
      Golly gosh, osh gosh by gosh. National are definitely not a Party concerned about the environment but more about their income.
      Their sincere environmentalists have all departed frustrated by the dishonesty.
      To top it off their individual vanity like Bob the first is infuriating to watch.

  23. Chloe missed the big moment. I expected:
    1. ” You’re fired girl! And don’t even try jumping to TPM. I know we opposed the waka bill, but I will U-turn on this, that’s how bad you behaved. “. instead she stood there meekly pleading for her to resign.
    2. ” Further, I’d like to apologise to NZ taxpayers for wasting precious money, hence to Green Party will voluntarily pay back, via the IRD, a sum of 30K – for part of her salary while doing fuck all, sorry nothing, and for taxpayer money to pay lawyers.”

  24. ” The main feminist factions inside the Greens were arguing Tana shouldn’t be punished for her Husband’s sins, while the relatively sane faction of the Greens were saying, ‘Girlfriend, you’re cooked, time to leave’, and we see this line of defense emerge in Tana’s first comments on the matter where she is saying she shouldn’t be judged by her Husbands actions. ”

    The Green party is unelectable and in no way fit for any future office.

    This LINO -GRN -Maori grouping you have so much faith in Bomber backed by the new cuddle friendly CTU has capitulated and sold their interests , beliefs’ ( working vulnerable people ) over to the NZLP who think they stand for real exploited neo liberal Labour but are so drugged on unregulated capitalism they can’t tell the difference between real people and their enablers and the managerial class they sold out to.

  25. The first generation of Green MPs were idealists. Their main achievement was to make being Green a paying profession.

  26. Through poor performance and woeful candidate selection, the Greens are no longer credible. The environment deserves better and is entitled to expect better than them. Chloë (note the correct placement of the ë) might want to stop rearranging the deck chairs and look elsewhere.

  27. “Swarbrick told media the MP’s behaviour has fallen far short of the Green Party values.”
    Fuck knows what the NZ Greens values are…look after the planet? …get in dinghy in the feezing arctic to stop whaling….or walk down cozy comfy Queen Street with loudhailers screaming ‘latest cause’ Palestine slogans? Here the best way to deal with…woke “greeny types”:

  28. Heh, time to pack up your office Darleen…

    The Greens need to act decisively here and move on. Younger people will support them whatever, their poll numbers are increasing despite a few wayward MPs.

    Humans are fallible as former PM Jenny Shipley has illustrated, clocking up a $6.6 Million conviction as a bent company director.

  29. Some people have been slow to draw the appropriate conclusions from this fiasco. Should Darleen resign? If she doesn’t, should the Green Party invoke the waka jumping legislation? Was Darleen elected to parliament solely on the sponsorship of the Green Party? Who can say? Electors vote for a list. Darleen was on the list. Did her presence on that list attract votes, meaning she has as much right as Chloe Swarbrick to remain in parliament? No one knows. That is the point. No one knows anything. No one knows for certain if Darleen was in the wrong in the migrant labour scandal, no one knows for certain what support she has among Green voters, so no one knows if she has a moral right to stay in parliament. Who should make that decision? In a democracy, the people who elected her would. Trouble is that in the New Zealand system they have no way of doing that. In a democracy there would be continuous election with an open ballot – in a word, rangatiratanga – and Darleen would either be confirmed in her position or she would be gone. No drama, no pontificating, no endless screeds of vehement opinion on blogs, no agonising over compromising principles by invoking the Electoral (Integrity) Amendment Act. It would be boring by comparison with what we have now, but hey, democracy is like that.


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