Rafah Flashpoint Approaching


Defenders of Israel will always claim it is a democracy with all the checks and balances of a democracy, but Israel’s decision to shut down Al Jazeera flies in the face of those pretensions.

This is an authoritarian regime, propped up by Billions in US Military Aid to oppress and occupy the remaining shreds of Palestinian land and they are perfectly happy to quell any democratic norm to enforce a Jewish State rather than a State of Israel.

Netanyahu’s entire political career has been built upon inflaming Palestinian rage, responding violently with disproportionate force and harvest the Israeli extremist vote at the ballot box.

He is a ruthless, dangerous and corrupt player of the game. He needs to escalate and feed this conflict because the moment he doesn’t is the moment the Israeli establishment turns on him for the Intelligence failure of October 7th.

There are 1.4million desperate Palestinians huddled in Rafah, this conflict has already breached the technical standards of ethnic cleansing war crime and any actual full scale attack on Rafah could easily tip that into open genocide.

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Right now 34,789 people have been killed and 78,204 wounded.

They suspect at least 10 000 more dead under the rubble that they haven’t managed to dig out.

So we are closing in on 50 000 dead, the majority of whom have been women and children.

Invading Rafah would be an atrocity too far.

If Israel invades Rafah, there will be an unimaginable blowback.



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  1. Even if Israel was a ‘democracy’ for Israelis, it does not make it a moral or ethical country, to say the least.

    If the mafia was democratically run, would this make it moral?

  2. The significance of Israel’s banning of Al Jazeera

    And what it means for the current ceasefire deal and hostage release negotiations

    NOVEMBER 2, 2023

    Israeli Gov’t Prevents Al Jazeera Shut Down Fearing Harm to Qatari Hostage Mediation
    Israel’s cabinet approved emergency regulations allowing the government to close media channels that security officials believe harm state security, but both the communications minister and attorney general have said that the decision rests with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant

    Jonathan Lis Noa Shpigel Nov 2, 2023

    …Israel’s government is refraining from shutting down Al Jazeera’s operations in the country to avoid undermining Qatar’s mediation efforts for the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, political sources say.


    That was then;

    This is now;

    By Al Jazeera Staff
    Published On 6 May 20246 May 2024

    Israel’s cabinet unanimously voted to shut down Al Jazeera in the country on Sunday, immediately ordering the closure of its offices and a ban on the company’s broadcasts.


    The banning of the Qatari broadcaster Al Jazeera, signals that the Netanyahu cabinet do not care if it ‘undermines’ Qatar’s mediation efforts for the release of Israeli hostages.
    The only conclusion is that the Netanyahu cabinet does not want the hostages returned.
    As well as being hostages they are witnesses – when Gazans are bombed and killed by Israel, hostages are bombed and killed by Israel, when Gazans are starved by Israel hostages are starved by Israel.

    An Israeli delegation being sent to Cairo to join the negotiations, serves only to fool the domestic audience in Israel that the Netanyahu cabinet want the hostages returned.

    The hostages are witnesses to war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza. Israel does not want them back.

  3. And the criminal puppet state that is abetting the zionist terrorists has multiple bases in New Zealand used to help murder humans- at Christchurch Airport, Waihopai, and Tangimoana.

  4. Apartheid Israel doesn’t want a hostage exchange and apparently they’ve rejected negotiations with Hamas and are attacking Rafah as I write. Hostages alive for Satanyahu and his geocidal coalition is a lost so they’ll use every sinister avenue to make sure these hostages don’t get rescued.

    Free Palestine

    Today George Galloway MP challenged the deputy Foreign Office minister Rt Hon. Andrew Mitchell MP over British government inaction over Gaza and for giving the exact same answer he did one week ago to the House.

    50 minutes ago (edited)
    Thank you George for standing up for humanity in front of bunch of Hypocrites. Truly Liar Sunak is afraid of you.

    36 minutes ago
    what an embarrassment ! total disgrace UK Government,

    35 minutes ago
    George talks about death and destruction and they are having a laugh.If you ever thought politics is corrupt it is shown right in front of your nose.

  6. Brave British journalist ambushes Labour MP for supporting Israeli war crimes | Janta Ka Reporter


    1 hour ago
    Israel has the right to defend itself against the starving displaced civilians of Gaza.

    56 minutes ago
    More reasons to not vote Labour, they absolutely disgust me.

    1 hour ago
    Nice reporting showing true face of these hypocrites

    56 minutes ago
    She said “israel is in the middle of defending itself” what an outrageously ridiculous statement.

  7. For psychotic genocidal zionists like Winston Peters, ‘israel’ is a real country, a ‘democracy’ with the ‘rule of law’.

    Let’s look at actual examples. Ever since ‘israel’ has existed, it has developed weapons of mass destruction and used them against civilians. It has long been known among ‘israel’s victims that ‘israel’ has a policy of poisoning water sources to kill and expel Palestinian civilians, but zionists denied this and called it a ‘blood libel’ since 1948. They were always lying. In 2022, zionist historian Benny Morris admitted, based on long suppressed files from the zionist archives, that every university founded by the zionists in occupied Palestine in 1948 took part in the biological weapons program of the ‘Israel Science Corps’ to develop weaponized bacteriums that were then used against Palestinian wells. Morris still, incidentally, supports the existence of ‘israel’. A disgusting man.

    Zionists make absurd claims that Hamas committed atrocities against civilians, baking 40 beheaded babies in ovens or shooting random women and so on. Lies, but all things that zionists actually do and did. In their terrorist attack on Deir Yassin, the zionists tried to make the village baker, Hussain al-Shareef, throw his young son into the oven of his bakery. When he refused, they threw his son in, and then after Hussain watched his son die, forced him in to burn to death. Zionists love to burn innocent babies alive, they often celebrate these atrocities in their wedding ceremonies and religious celebrations. The only thing they love better than killing kids is raping them.

    Liars like Peters pretend this is a war between ‘israel’ and Hamas. This is obvious nonsense. There is an ongoing war between ‘israel’ and anyone who refuses to be their slaves. They murder people all over the earth, for no reason at all- just look at the murder of Ahmed Bouchikhi, a random waiter in Norway, by zionists who claimed they were trying to murder a Palestinian freedom fighter who he didn’t even remotely resemble. Any vaguely tanned guy would do for those psychopathic murderers.

    And the zionist regime supports every single crime that zionists do. It always has. The atrocities committed by the zionists in 1948 and since have never been confined to Palestine. Just look at the Hula massacre. The zionists invaded out of Palestine into Lebanon. They seized control of a village- where noone resisted- and proceeded to force the entire male population into a house before shooting them and blowing up the house on top of them. The only ‘IDF’ officer who was tried was given a sentence of only 1 year in prison, for murdering more than 50 civilians, and released early. He was then given a full pardon, and made the head of the ‘Jewish Agency’, a zionist NGO working hand in hand with the zionist regime that has been illegally given control of a majority of the land of Palestine and refuses to allow the legitimate Palestinian population to even rent any of it.

  8. Chris Hedges: Israel’s Master Plan For Gaza Is Horrifying | Syriana Analysis


    5 hours ago
    And Israel couldn’t have done all this without the support of the US . Aren’t “ democratic “ countries wonderful ?

    6 minutes ago
    As an American, I am truly ashamed of my government for allowing this horrific crime to continue. I’m also sickened by the lack of compassion and respect for the Palestinian people believe me when I say my heart is with them and that I will never stand with Israel EVER !! I’m praying for peace and justice for them because god sees all !!

    • Are you also ashamed of your government’s lies which led to the wars between Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia in the early 1990s? Or is it only the conflict in the former southern Syria which so perturbs you.

  9. Rafah Invasion Shows Israel Has LOST


    1 hour ago
    “Israel is feeding the next generation of self-hatred” ~ Israeli journalist Gideon Levy
    “Israel blames everyone but itself for its own shame” ~ Israeli journalist Gideon Levy

    “By trying to humiliate Gaza to the core, it is Israel that is humiliated” ~ Israeli journalist Gideon Levy

    1 hour ago
    I’m sorry but this has cemented that Israel should no longer be considered any kind of state other than a terrorist state for its actions against the Palestinian people and humanity as a whole.

    1 hour ago
    “Since its establishment, Israel has engaged in brutal oppression of the rights of Palestinians. Thousands of Palestinians are imprisoned, beaten and tortured; children are taken from their beds and beaten by soldiers who are armed to the teeth.” ~ Miko Peled.

    32 minutes ago
    UK government Sunak, Cameron etc, must be held accountable for supporting Israel as should Labours Starmer and many other Labour politicians. They cannot be allowed to get away with supporting genocide!

  10. The most basic core principals of a Democracy is the right to a trial by your peers, good luck claiming to be the only democracy in the Meddle
    (deliberate spelling mistake) East. Israel is the master of gaslighting and has been since the 1800s with the most successful one being “A land for a people, for a people without a land” despite clear historical evidence it was occupied.
    To totally negate Israels propaganda of antisemitism by saying from the river to the sea is antisemitic which BTW was originally a Jewish saying protesters should be chanting loudly “2 people, 1 land”

    • 2 people, 1 land. As in India pre- 1948. Before land was stolen from the Hindus to create Pakistan? Why do you think that was necessary?

  11. Rafah Flashpoint Approaching

    In more ways than one.
    A ceasefire deal is on the table. Hamas have signed it. Many Israelis are starting to realise that if Israel does not agree to sign, and goes ahead with the invasion of Rafah it will be a death sentence for the hostages. If no hostages are rescued during this operation it could spark a huge social explosion in Israel itself.

    • You do realize that if no hostages are rescued or released, Israel will consider nothing less than the extermination of Hamas is justified, collateral damage be damned. The terrorists will still be happy though as they scuttle back under their rocks. The terrorists will be blamed, not Israel, civilians will be the losers as always.

  12. Israel has Hamas terrorists cornered now, Hamas terrorist fighters fled to where they know best how to fight…amongst women and children.

    Let’s see what happens, a surrender from Hamas terrorists would be awesome, but would not be acceptable in reality as they will just regroup again.
    It’s a hard decision for Israel, but the Hamas terrorists need to be beaten and finished off.

    • Hahah, keep up your nonsense, nonce. No human being on earth believes your lies. Nuremberg style justice, complete with the pliars, is waiting for you monsters.

      • I’m not really sure what country you imagine that you live in, but you don’t get to round people up, torture, try and execute them because they disagree with you.

        If that’s your thing there are a few nations I can recommend for you. It does seem to be a common refrain from you judging from your comments on this blog.

          • I wasn’t talking about Israel although I do find Israel’s actions appalling.

            I also find Mohammed Khans constant comments on this site about rounding people up and dealing with them to be the sign of a very disturbed individual.

            Then again he admires countries that execute people for homosexuality and blasphemy so maybe he can go live there.

        • So you think that holding genocidal monsters to account is ‘torture’? Interesting

          • You said you wanted to bring out the pliers not me.

            I don’t find that “interesting” I just find you warped

      • I’m not the on a jihaddi watch list Mo…you certainly are.
        Terrified to be deported back to your brother’s in arms.
        You know you want to join them…better for NZ if you join them over there and not here you terrorist lover.

    • Are you a Zionist, Im right?
      How come you can’t answer the question?
      Is it, that even for you, you think there is something wrong with being a Zionist?
      How come even the most vociferous supporters of Israel who comment on this site refuse to say whether they are Zionists, (or not)?
      What are we to make of this?

      1/. You are a Zionists but don’t want to admit it, even under pseudonyms?

      2/. You are not Zionists, because you think it is something bad?

      • Most of those on this site who support terrorism, refuse to admit they support terrorism. You included Pat.

        • And people who are comfortable with the slaughter of women and children that have nothing to do with Hamas, try to dodge the fact that they are wrong by claiming people with decency are terrorist supporters

          • Terrorists always require the slaughter of women & children to advance their cause. That’s how terrorism works.

              • No, merely the bear. The trick with terrorism is to poke the bear, steal its’ cubs and hope to provoke the bear to rampage into the village whilst the terrorists run away. Hopefully the bear will slaughter some of the villagers children or wives, causing the villagers to become angry enough the rise up, band together and kill the bear. If this doesn’t happen, rise & repeat. Innocents have to die to further the terrorists cause.

                Unfortunately modern terrorism is expensive, requires weapons, explosives, equipment, so sponsors are required, usually other state actors with a barrow to push, so the terrorists usually end up causing the slaughter of their own people to further the agendas of foreign state actors who rarely have the interests of the afflicted people at heart.

                Don’t poke the bear.

  13. The scary thing is , that as evil as Netanyahu is there are members of his coalition govt who are even further to the right than him .

  14. The vile viciousness of the survivors of the Holocaust doing this to another innocent people. That is the un-understandable thing to me. Should be the first thing in the media.

    Israel was understandable after WW ll for us. Now, we know. Finkelstein suggests grave sins can be over-come even in Israel. Can they turn to humility? I laugh.

  15. The playbook of war crimes and ethnic cleansing,,,,, that Israel have been enacting and murderously working towards since Oct 7th ( but on a far larger scale), has taken place in our modern recent past ,,,,,

    However it was largely unreported, downplayed and largely ignored by our western media ,,,, leading to the widespread ignorance that is one of a ‘dirty medias’ objectives.

    A quick lesson in recent history , Learn and Compare … “Sri Lankans face humanitarian crisis trapped in ‘no fire zone’, warns UN” — Rafa was a ‘safe zone/no fire/nobombing zone’ stated Israel,,, until the Bulk of Palestinians Gabzan refugees were corralled there ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    “More than 150,000 people are being shelled daily and are running short of water and medicine in a Sri Lankan-government declared “No Fire Zone”, according to witness reports and United Nations briefing documents” ,,,,,,,,, ‘Deja slaughter-house vu’, Israel bombards and blockades it’s civilian victims too ,, the kids Israel blows apart are most often hungry and die with a empty tummy when Israel kills them. ,,,

    “Sri Lanka has ignored calls for a ceasefire,”,,,,,,, Same with the Likud coalition of murderous extremists

    “The doctor in charge of the makeshift hospitals in the No Fire Zone, T Sathiyamoorthy, told the Guardian that civilians were being “repeatedly shelled for no reason”, “It is not possible to verify any of the reports because independent access to the area is denied by the government.”,,, ditto for Israel banning (and murdering the press),, Kill the witnesses and gag the message ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    “The Sri Lankan government has accused Dr Sathiyamoorthy of acting as a mouthpiece for the LTTE.” ,,, Israel and zionists accuses health workers in Gaza of working for and being mouthpieces for Hamas ,,,

    “The army’s bombardment had seen bodies pile up in the safe zone – and local staff of aid agencies working in the government safe zone were among the dead.”,,,,, again Just like Israel..

    If you remember what Sri Lanka did this century ,, then recognizing what Israel has been and is doing,,, becomes clear and obvious,,,, for ages now….. we even had a leaked Israeli plan *

    The main difference between Sri Lanka and Israels situation,,,, is the Gazan Palestinians have a (Egyptian) desert that Israel is trying to ethnically cleanse them into ,,,,, Whereas the Tamils only had a sea/ocean water into which they could flee,, and drown.

    Israel latest round of telling lies about Hamas is the same shit continuing that they did on Oct 7th https://youtu.be/pNoAjW1lRWI?t=705

    They were then, and are now,,,,Spreading lies about crimes that did not happen and things that were not and are not real real ,,, https://youtu.be/_0atzea-mPY?t=2073

    They use their Lies to try and justify Israels evil actions that are part of their illegal plans https://youtu.be/-mxfnya3ZRc?t=230

    All child abusers, violent criminals, and those who support them tell lies ,,,, they have to …

    Truth is the disinfectant that all criminals fear,,,, Exposure is the first step before consequences ,,,

    Cleaning house starts at home ,,,, the truth is the disinfectant,,,, and defeating just one form of corruption here threatens corruption every-where.

    We are a small pond in which it is easier to make a big splash ,,, and our small pond can make a big difference ,,, in the world wide problem of fighting corruption, zionisim is just a particularly violent form of that world wide corruption.,,, it is based on lies and deceit.

    The domino effect of people exposing truth and cleaning house here ,,, is something the corruptly powerful are scared of everywhere ,,,

    It would be good for both us, and the world,,, if we did the work to get our good reputation back.

    Fight the lies ….
    Free Assange

    Stop the Genocide,,,
    Charge our war criminals,,,,

        • Anne E is a proven repeated shameless liar,,, which is easily demonstrated in a short compilation of Israel leaders being
          interviewed and quoted,,, Ann E however states that this is all a lie, and I am the liar, for criticizing what Israeli leaders have themselves said and admitted they are doing,, combined with the mainly Israel media reporting showing their words put in action,,

          Despite this undeniable proof, ,,Ann E double-downs like a stubborn stupid brat ,,, ‘It’s not true and you’re the liar Awakesky’, is her silly position,,,,,

          The irrefutable Israeli Interviews and other proof which Ann E is aggressively and clownishly denying are on Syrian Girls “Genie energy” video ,, it’s about a 3 minute watch and I confidently ask
          normal people to view it and then pass their own judgment on who is being honest and who is being a liar…. Between Ann E
          and myself

          I also Dare our other uber zionists like Bob the Champ, Nathan, gaby, Iheart , etc to view it,,, and reveal their own hands for how credible and trustworthy they are,…. They can also judge me a liar in this instance,,, and claim that I am wrong ,,, Like Ann E does….

          My position,,, which I state as fact based on the evidence,, is that Israel supports, helps and uses ( the very worst of) Muslim
          terrorism and terrorists,,,, The Fanatically Extremist and violent ISIS & Al Quadda ….. I also fully believe what I am saying and I’m
          not trying to deceive or spread false information by saying it

          Ann E’s position, despite what we can all see in Syrian girls video ,,,,, is that Israels use and support of terrorists is simply NOT TRUE ,,, and that I’m the dishonest poster who is also anti-Semitic for repeatedly asking her to Condemn Israels use of terrorists …. Presumably because she tells us ‘It’s NOT True’….. and I perpetrate lies, not her.

          I say she is a deliberate shameless repeated liar who accordingly is a worthless not to be trusted poster ,,

          who thinks I’m wrong,,,, and she ‘is right,, in this one particular example about her that I have provided ( there a lot more ).

          I get called a liar and similar things all the time by the most ugly dishonest people on the internet,, like Ann E ,,,, but they never provide any specific examples,,, Ever.

          They just talk shit because that’s all they’ve got…….

          I’ll admit regarding Zionist Israel and it’s support for terrorists that I do enjoy rubbing our bitter old trout Ann Es pugnacious face in her own stupid dishonesty ,, it’s a two for one win as I see it ..
          … I’m get to spread some truth about her and Israel simultaneously,,,.,,, helping them both obtain that repulsive rotten and not to trusted reputation,, that they themselves have earned and deserve.

          Once more to Ann E ( for a laugh), do you condemn Israels use of terrorists ?? ,,, ,, please answer,,,just to make sure we are not misunderstanding you,,, 😉

          • Go look up the reply I gave to aom back in the day about Israeli alliances aimed at constraining Hezbollah. You do have it bookmarked now don’t you?

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