REVIEW: The Octopus Conspiracy, Evangelical Armageddon and the Cold War: 3 Documentaries to understand the nuclear war Trump’s election will start

Each arm represents a CIA operation and how they all link back

I look at the obviousness of massive migrant pressures on the American Southern border generated by America making South America so awful to live in.

I look at the obviousness of Iranian hatred of the West generated by America’s coup in 1953.

I look at the obviousness of the American Military Industrial Complex in generating much of the recent modern history that is never examined.

There are 3 Great documentaries out right now that will help you understand the nuclear war Trump’s election will start.


Great 9 part documentary series that examines the damage the Cold War has caused us since 1947.

It states the idealogical impact of Communism against Capitalism and highlights how this war between SuperPowers armed with the ability to destroy all live on Earth had an impact economically, socially and psychologically.

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It could be argued that Reagan and Gorbachev’s friendship may well have been the most important of the last century.

Interwoven with the current war in the Ukraine, it manages to capture all the most important moments from Stalin’s reign of terror,  to the creation of the CIA, the psychological impact of living under immediate nuclear annihilation, the importance of The Day After TV movie, Tiananmen Square, the fall of the Berlin Wall,  the power of Solidarity in Poland, the Chernobyl disaster, the numerous times accidental nuclear war’s almost erupted and how in 1984 the Soviet Union had convinced itself that America was going to launch a first strike nuclear attack.

Watching the internal dynamics of American and Russian power plays gives context. The behind the scenes collapse of East Germany and the coup against Gorbachev are great for political geeks.

It’s a documentary series that highlights how we have almost obliterated ourselves time and time again, how fundamentally opposed societies with the power to destroy of a God become locked into rational and logical reasoning that justifies total destruction.

Into this history of houses of cards is thrown Trump, Putin and the current Ukrainian war.

After watching the 9 episodes, I feel my analysis of Putin’s true reasons for invading the Ukraine are more certain.

That he forced his unwilling army back into a conflict with the West as a last gamble to appeal to the pantheon of Russian strong men leaders. That Putin’s own Christian faith is a driver and that he sees Ukraine as Russian.

The manner in which Putin used the Moscow bombings (which evidence suggests strongly was a false flag operation run by the Russians themselves) to escalate his war in Chechnya.

We forget Putin gained power because he promised Yeltsin there would be no attempt to come after him. Putin’s war with the Oligarchs is insightful and his desire to wage war against the West because his creeping neurosis.

Into this entanglement of history comes Trump, a barbarian with zero understanding of the glory of Rome.

It is an amazing series to understand where we are in the Ukraine right now and remind everyone Putin is the problem.



The Death of Danny Casolaro has always been steeped in mystery and this powerful 4 part series gives us an insight into the pure evil of CIA domestic operations.

The 9 part series on the Bomb highlights the blowback CIA actions cause externally during the Cold War, but what American Conspiracy does is look at the impacts of CIA domestic operations that caused enormous damage inside America.

Danny Casolaro was a journalist working on an explosive book that detailed a domestic Rogue CIA campaign that was part Organised Crime and part corporate greed wedded to a far right Republican agenda.

I first heard of Casolaro in the late 1990s, he was ‘found dead’ in 1991 just as he was finishing this book and the case never stacked up and only added to the very deep suspicion that Casolaro was murdered before the book could be published.

The story starts like any great story does, after picking apart a weird Department of Justice ruling against. small tech firm who had provided them with a new software program so advanced that the Department t of Justice just decided to steal the tech. From that moment on a bewildering carousel of spooks and rogue spies amalgamate around this story and opens up vast new story lines as Casolaro attempts to trace a crazy cavalcade of conspiracies all emanating out of the CIA and NSA.

The level of corruption from the possible holding up of Iranian hostages so that Reagan could win to using Indian Reserves as sovereign territory to build biological weapon factories on so that the CIA could fund dirty wars using drug money is just so extraordinary.

The manner in which The Wackenhut Corporation (which looks like a private mercenary side hustle for CIA and NSA directors) has been used to enrich these rogue mafia like spooks is extraordinary and gives a real sense of how dystopian things have become in America.

The Military Industrial Complex murders at will and there is no force inside America that can reign them in.



As difficult as this is to believe, Evangelical Republican Christians believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible, and as such, believe that if they whip up Israel/Palestinian conflict, they themselves can trigger the Armageddon.

This documentary follows Evangelical Republican Christians raising funds for Zionist organisation to go into the West Bank and illegally seize Palestinian land IN THE HOPE of causing violence and the end of days.

Trump making Jerusalem Israel’s capital sparked the violence that helped elect the Zionist fanatics that started the conflict we are seeing erupt in Gaza now.

That’s why the Evangelicals love Trump so much, they think he will start the prophecy for the end of the world.

3 documentaries that trace the authoritarian neurosis of Putin and his desire to rebuild the Soviet Union using Ukrainian blood and nuclear weapons alongside the far right paramilitary death squads of domestic CIA operations alongside Evangelical Christians attempting to fund violence in Israel to incite a supernatural end of days.

If you want to understand why conflict is coming, these 3 documentaries provide the answers.

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  1. While it is good that you take an interest in world events the documentaries mentioned do not provide any better understanding of our future than a correct understanding of the Bible will provide. While the idea of a loving God who wants to save people seems incompatible with the vast majority of Christians who are just nasty people that is not a valid reason to reject the promises.


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