Waatea News Column: Using Māori as a political punching bag is having real world negative impacts beyond rhetoric


A polite reading of the way National, ACT and NZ First used Māori as a political punching bag during the election tells us that beyond the spittle flecked rhetoric, all three Parties were merely playing the election ‘game’ and the reactionary and racist policy platform would be superseded by common sense and a desire to dampen down the level of polarization.

That’s certainly what Sir John Key did as Prime Minister.

Unfortunately that polite analysis of the political landscape has been burnt to ashes as this Government has embarked upon a 100 day agenda of reactionary culture war legislation that is stained with racism and petty ideology that bashes the weakest amongst us!

The desire to reward the anger of their voter base and punish everyone that voter base despises has generated counter productive and draconian policy changes that are almost too numerous to list.

The sudden desire to cut funding to the disabled, alongside changing the welfare adjustments which will see them lose $2300 per year while the poorest families miss out on $555million!

All of these negative social stats are felt more keenly by Māori, so that we get a compounding of negative weight upon them as a community.

The decision to remove section 7AA from Oranga Tamariki appeases ACTs reactionary voters, but it only cements back into place negative State care outcomes for Māori children!

Killing off the Māori Health Authority makes right wing voters happy, but has enormous detrimental impacts on Māori!
Bewilderingly allowing 8000 tobacco deaths (many of which are Māori) wasn’t even campaigned upon and yet has ended up hurting Māori!

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A Government focused on giving a $2.9billion tax break to the richest landlords doesn’t care about those they damage in that process.

Using Māori as a political punching bag is having real world negative impacts beyond rhetoric.


First published on Waatea News.


  1. Maori institutions and maori govt departments get hundreds of millions of tax payer money each year.
    To quote Thomas Sowell:
    “When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination’

    • Wow! You’re quoting someone else for a change. So, you don’t know everything! Wow.
      “Maori institutions and maori govt departments get hundreds of millions of tax payer money each year.”
      And that’s because it’s Maori tax money that they themselves get .5 cents back on the dollar. Maori are largely working class so they’re paying a disproportionate amount of tax including the neo-liberal rim job that is GST. Aye Phil goff, you Fuck? Tell me im right? How many Maori make up the 14 multi-billionaires, the 3118 multi-millionaires with a minimum of $50 mil each after tax and who head up the four now foreign owned banksters stealing our workers money at a rate of $180.00 a second 24/7/365? Is it all them Maori living in luxury while driving range rovers over them big bad speed bumps into Faro Fresh?
      The thing about you that fucks me off the most is that you assume we’re that stupid that we might believe your bullshit. And my God man, what dull, witless, colourless, feeble minded bullshit it is.
      On a mercifully more serious note:
      The now institutionalised ultra riche are going to fold AO/NZ in half and wring it out of what’s left of our wealth before they hand our AO/NZ and our future’s over to foreign ownership for no other reason than to launder the last 88 years of natzo political scandal and traitorous thievery of our agrarian primary industry.
      On a personal note:
      When we had our 3000 acres freehold that ran 5000 crossbred sheep and 300 Angus cattle stolen from underneath us, the perps, so to write was a non-Maori farmer in collusion with a non Maori wool buyer and a non Maori bank manager who scripted a scam so cunning you could stick a dildo up its arse and call it a white neo-liberal on a fun night out away from the Missus.
      But I still call myself a farmer. Even though I lack the landscape upon which to farm, I am none the less, a farmer and a Southland farmer at that.
      I’m writing a book. You should read it when I publish. If you like fuck words and fleck-spittle rage coming off every page then you might enjoy it. An old friend once said to me ” If you ever write a book it’ll have to be on asbestos paper. ” RIP Dear R.G.
      So yes. Thanks for the pitch opportunity @ im right. Just not the right kind of right.

    • I’m assuming that you have either decided that they are the only group getting government money, or that you are too lazy to do any meaningful research…
      If you did, and actually looked right across the board, you may find that Maori are not the biggest, or the beneficiaries at the front of the handout queue.. That goes to the top end of town, and there is about to become a massive gulf between what the tories donors are being handed and what the rest of the most under pressure sector of society is going to get…
      You really need to stop displaying your narrow bigotry to the world.. The world is disgusted with your kind of selfish greed…

  2. “..stained with racism and petty ideology” is as good a summary of this government as you could get. However it is hard to see any coherent ideology in the 100 day plan. The graft and corruption is in plain sight and breath taking in its audacity. The interest groups that paid these 3 political parties have all been rewarded with commendable speed. The rest has been an exercise in tearing down everything the last lot did. It is almost a Trumpian approach which I guess is an ideology.


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