MEDIAWATCH: The Democracy Project’s absurd defence of Israel’s ethnic cleansing war crime

Chris Trotter's reoccurring nightmare of Māori revolution

The Democracy Project‘s absurd defence of Israel’s ethnic cleansing war crime can’t go unchallenged.

NZ First Apologist and Alt Right media Superstar Chris Trotter has got the fancy words down pat.

Reading Trotter is like wiping your arsehole with silk.

Sure, it’s smooth, but it’s still shit.

His bizarre defence of Israel’s ethnic cleaning war crime just so he can attack on the NZ Left is extraordinary, not least because Dr Bryce Edwards continues to pretend this is ‘From the Left’ – whose fucking Left?

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This is to the Left of Caligula!

Here’s a taste…

Galloway’s victory will make not one whit of difference to the unfolding catastrophe in Gaza. He will be despised by virtually the whole of the British Establishment, including the overwhelming majority of his parliamentary colleagues. Aside from making speeches in front of evermore bloodthirsty assemblages of Israel’s enemies, Galloway will have little to offer the people of his constituency, or the broader labour movement. There are precious few red flags to be found amongst the thousands of Palestinian flags being brandished by anti-Israel demonstrators. And those that do appear are not announcing an English revolution.

Not that New Zealand has any need of a George Galloway to defend the Palestinian cause in its Parliament – not with the Green Party of Aotearoa so willing to do the job. New Zealand’s Labour Party, in sharp contrast to its British counterpart, is only marginally less supportive of Palestine than the Greens. Meanwhile, Te Pāti Māori has been quick to link the Palestinians’ fight against “racism” and “colonialism” with their own. 

That a majority of New Zealanders stand with Israel in its war against Hamas, daunts not one of this country’s “left-wing” parties. On this issue, as on so many others dear to the hearts of “progressive” Kiwis, there is no room for dissidence; no possibility of debate.

How did the New Zealand Left come to abandon the politics of class, in favour of expressing unquestioning solidarity with emphatically non-progressive religious/political movements in far-off lands – and why? The following comparison may help to clarify at least some of the issues in play.

…what the fuck?

30 000+ Palestinians are dead, we are witnessing an ethnic cleansing war crime in real time and The Democracy Project is attacking the political Left by comparing them to fucking Brian Tamaki?

Nero fiddled while Rome burnt, Trotter is playing an esoteric lute while Gaza is razed.

How the fuck is this Left wing?

Someone needs to buy Dr Bryce Edwards a dictionary.

Rather than ‘From the Left’, call it ‘From the Alt-Right’, or ‘From the Brown Red’, or ‘From the Fox News Left’, anything but ‘From the Left’.


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  1. No-one splits like the Left. The People’s Front of Judea will denounce both Trotter and Bradbury.

  2. Martyn – The Democracy Project is going to be wrapped up soon…its’ funded by the Prime Ministers Office.

  3. I haven’t taken much interest in Trotter since he accused me – without any evidence – of being a Hamas supporter and implied I was an anti-Semite. But it’s illustrative that he is the only left-wing blogger that I know of who hasn’t AFAIK, condemned the massacre of Palestinians. You can do this without supporting the religious nutters of Hamas. But he just can’t seem to bring himself to do it he’s got himself worked up into a self-righteous rage which precludes any objectivity it seems to me.
    Incidentally I’m not quite sure what the “politics of class” that we have seemingly abandoned, presumably in favour of wokeness, intersectionality and identity politics has got to do with Israel. It’s an ethno – religious state where the lowest Israeli is treated better than any Palestinian.

    • Unfortunately @GS, we just have to accept the Trotter has well and truly gone down the rabbit hole. Which doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be challenged at every opportunity.
      I was talking to a mate just the other day wondering about the Trotter’s transition to the dark side. At first we wondered whether he was on the piss, but even if he is, it’s more than that. The old queen is struggling to remain relevant – especially since he thinks he’s paid his dues and has ‘branded’ himself as the leading left wing boffin. And if you go to his Bowalley (which I occasionally do in the same way I go to Fox News), you’ll see he has His quota of fawning followers. I was going to say sycophants but for the fact that the Trotter is no longer important. An unimportant danger though He may be.
      As for Bryce. He’s always been Nu Zulln’s greatest aggregator. Previously unnecessary, but now what you might call a useful irriot, although there are better – just not people that have an agenda (which is to further his academic creds).
      Who’d have thought that wankers would take over ‘lil ‘ole NuZulln that punches above its weight

  4. Release the hostages. Hamas are a theocratic death cult with Israel’s destruction as their core goal. They called this hell down on their own citizenry. Israel has walked into their trap. Hamas wanted this chaos. It’s the best recruiting drive for Islamic soldiery since forever. But until the hostages are released Israel will not, and should not relent.

    • OK, nonce, funny how you pedophiles from ‘Tel Aviv’ never call for the tens of thousands of actual hostages held in zionist torture dungeons to be released.

    • Remove all settlements off palestinians lands would be a wonderful gesture but because the zionist don’t want to guess what? The occupied have the right to resist their oppressors even arm struggle and that what Hamas is doing. And collective punishment is illegal under international law which apartheid Israel neva abides by so hostages will atleast give them leverage remember apartheid Israel kidnaps Palestinians children regularly but the way the western MSM report the kidnappings gives this illusion that its the victims fault not the perpetrators of this crime against children.

      Free Palestine

    • No hostages to be released until israel ends its illegal occupation!

      Why give up your biggest trump card to a foe who will thank you by turning around and killing you

  5. When reading his stuff I automatically called him out as a shill for the right because of his anti-Maori rhetoric. I’ve gone on his site (not paying to subscribe) a couple of times and the brainwashing anti-Maori amongst his subscribers is endemic luckily I have a knowledge of history so am able to fuck them ova with a narrative that differs from their BS.

    Israel has always had to contend with the ridiculous accusation of ‘ethnic cleansing’, a favorite lie in the antisemites’ lexicon. Telling civilians to move to safe areas for their preservation does NOT qualify as ethnic cleansing. All these lies of genocide, ethnic cleansing etc are ploys to deflect attention from Hamas’ sadistic pogrom that started the war, which they are now losing badly.

    • Oh gaby you still alive? And this victim blaming is a zionist trick. Frankly I’ve never known any people apart from the Israelis who commit atrocities then blame their victims nev eva

  7. It is extraordinary that Bryce Edwards continues to allow the description of Trotter at the end of each of his columns. As i commented on this latest column:
    ‘Just for the record, I strongly object to Democracy Project persisting in describing Chris Trotter as ‘New Zealand’s leading leftwing political commentator’. He may be New Zealand’s leading crypto-apologist for Zionism, he may be New Zealand’s leading opponent of those who advance what many Māori perceive to be their Treaty rights; but leading leftwing political commentator he is not.’

    • He historically illiterate when it comes to apartheid Israel I mean the guy doesn’t know the basic and reverts to these hasbara zionist talking points and is easy to spot when you know about the Palestine story.

  8. Trotters a bad man and twister of facts ,,,,,, the fact is most New Zealanders do not agree with killing children,,, and Israels siege is now killing them through deliberate starvation

    … What support Israel has is largely through western/our media laundering Israel lies about Palestinians and the Al Qassam fighters ,,, ie, beheaded babies, Israeli lies ,,,, unborn babies torn from mothers stomachs, Israeli lies ,,,, babies hung by their necks or burned in ovens, Israeli lies,,,, Oct 7th fighters doing mass/systemic rapes, Israeli lies ,,,, torture of families and then murdering them, Israeli lies etc etc etc.
    “Oct. 7 Reports Implode: Beheaded Babies, NY Times Scandal, & More”

    Trotter himself spreads Israel propaganda when he writes about Galloways/British ” bloodthirsty assemblages of Israel’s enemies,” ,,,, these are Peace Protestors, that he’s describing in a totally arse-about-face smear. …. I hope he’s getting paid well.

    Trotter should do what George Galloway Galoway says ,,,”Suck it up”

  9. Trotter’s byline of “New Zealand’s leading left-wing commentator” on “The Democracy (sic) Project” is exactly the same as the one that was previously used on TDB. Did Bryce Edwards steal the line from TDB? Or rather was it the case that the not-so-self-effacing Mr Trotter has always been the one claiming that title for himself? The full story of Christopher Marshall Trotter has yet to be written. There is no denying that he is a technically competent journalist, and equally there is no denying that he has been politically duplicitous throughout his career. All that time his activities have been generously funded by the colonialist political establishment, and particularly now that this once putative republican feels free to reveal his loyalty to the British monarchy, he will no doubt be considered for some kind of royal honour. The left needs to give itself a rueful smile, admit “We were duped”, and get on with the business at hand.

    • “The full story of Christopher Marshall Trotter has yet to be written”
      Why bovver? That’s a serious question. There are far more deserving causes.
      I know he thinks He’s paid His dues but He’s a bit like a surfer Joe unofficial, self-appointed Mayor of Lyttleton,
      @ Countryboy would probably have the correct mediiation. I’d have just prescribed massive doses of estrogen given the last glimpse I had of Him, He Had massive knockers and He looked like He was seriously overdue

  10. George doesn’t give a toss about the genocidal establishment or the sellouts in government, he said in interview he despises this evil. Galloway is more principled, reasoned, articulate, and charismatic than these people will ever be. He is on the right side of history because he believes in the sanctity of life, human rights and the rule of law. He serves as a representative and diplomat for all people, something extraordinarily rare in todays political environment. Maybe this is why the establishment has recoiled with such horror at his reelection, why the bum UK PM called an unprecedented press conference to randomly denounce terror and the Rochdale election result in one foul breath, and why the media is melting down and smearing a candidate elected in a free and fair election. Because this candidate is not for buying, because he has spent his life serving the public not himself, because he resists brutal Western hegemony and it’s ridiculous ‘rules based order’. He isn’t waiting for orders from above about what to say or who to cancel; he has actual morality.
    And unlike Trotter, Galloway sees Palestine as more than October 7 when it was supposedly came into being, a superficial narrative and trope created by Israel and the West to justify subjugating, starving and murdering poor brown people while stealing their land. October 7 was when the prisoners of the ghetto rose up against their occupiers. October 6 was when these people were living in a concentration camp. October 8 saw them living in a death camp as Israel, rather than follow legal and humanitarian principles to bring those to justice, escalated their campaign as occupier to an ethnic genocide not seen since the Nazis of WW2 Europe, and in some horrific metrics, even worse. For anyone in NZ or beyond to justify the mass slaughter of innocents, to condone Israel’s blood revenge, to disregard international law, to desecrate every ethical principle that society holds dear, is unforgivable.

    • Did Galloway even utter one word of how he intends halting the sexual trafficking of working class girls in his new constituency or does his white saviourism only apply to women and children in far-away lands?

      • Ann Hasbara E, Tommy Robinson aka Stephen Yakley Lennon a far right white supremacist criminal who also shills for apartheid Israel uses the grooming incidence to demonize the muslim community of Rochdale. Imagine a white nationalist shilling for a zionist state! I’m betting you’re well affiliated with Tommy and the white supremacy groups?

        • Actually Stephen I’m rather more acquainted with Islamic supremacy groups like Hizb-ut-Tahrir (thankfully now banned in the UK,) the Muslim Brotherhood and sundry jihad groups, including Hamas, an offshoot of the MB.
          Of course Robinson is a friend and ally of a former member of Hizb-ut-Tahrir member Maajid Nawaz, who renounced his Islamist extremism some time ago and now also draws attention to the racist rape gangs operating in Rochdale. I don’t believe former police officer Maggie Oliver, who has highlighted the continuing problem, has any affiliation with any supremacy groups either. And of course the very courageous Nazar Afzal, who in 2011 brought the first prosecution against the rapists, is himself a Muslim. Now demonised both by his own community and the far right for bringing to public attention the obnoxious attempts by British authorities to undermine and hide the suffering of these young girls.

          • typical zionist BS doesn’t have a problem being associated with a Nazi criminal and the demonization of arabs especially muslims never ceases to amaze

            • Au contraire Stephen, Afzal was born in Britain – his parents emigrated from Pakistan. He views with favour women’s rights and is against forced marriage, female genital mutilation, honour killings and Islamist terror attacks. I would have thought any decent human being would agree.

  11. Trotter has shown himself to be absolutely despicable, entirely supportive of the genocide being carried out by his zionist masters.

  12. It’s possible to condemn the gross over reach of Israel’s response while also expressing disgust at the rape and murder of children by Hamas. The right and the left seem possessed of people incapable of doing both.

    • Actually. there’s no reason to condemn s**t that never happened, while condemning the evil that the zionist entity was established to perpetrate against all the people of the world.

          • Buahahaha keep the jokes coming lol, this UN report has been debunked in the articles above you need try harder Ann Hasbara E! Lets just look at the very beginning of this fake report then and make our way thru.

            1)”where reports of sexual violence had emerged. For the purpose of the present report,
            information was also gathered pertaining to incidents of CRSV reportedly committed in
            kibbutzim Kfar Aza and Re’im, which the mission team did not visit.”
            2)” The national authorities faced numerous challenges in the collection of evidence and
            pursuit of their investigations of the crimes committed during the 7 October attacks”
            3) “recovered bodies had suffered destructive burn damage, which made the identification of
            potential crimes of sexual violence impossible.”
            4) “While the mission team was able to meet with some released hostages as well as with some survivors and witnesses of the attacks, it did not meet with any survivor/victim of sexual violence from 7 October despite concerted efforts encouraging them to come forward.
            5) “The absence of comprehensive forensic evidence limited the mission team’s ability to draw definitive forensic conclusions in many instances.”
            6) “The inaccurate
            and unreliable forensic interpretations by some non-professionals also represented a challenge.”
            7) “Lastly, the mission took place over a limited period of two and a half weeks, and, in a
            context for Israel, where no dedicated UN country team or infrastructure is operational.”
            8) Other reported instances of rape could not be verified in
            the time allotted.
            9) “The mission team conducted a visit to kibbutz Be’eri and was able to determine that at
            least two allegations of sexual violence widely repeated in the media, were unfounded due to
            either new superseding information or inconsistency in the facts gathered.”
            10) “These included a
            highly publicized allegation of a pregnant woman whose womb had reportedly been ripped open
            before being killed, with her fetus stabbed while still inside her. Other allegations, including of
            objects intentionally inserted into female genital organs, could not be verified by the mission
            team due in part to limited and low-quality imagery.”
            11) “In kibbutz Kfar Aza, while reports of conflict-related sexual violence, including at least
            one instance of rape, could not be verified, available circumstantial evidence may be indicative
            of some forms of sexual violence.”
            12) . “In the Nahal Oz military base, the mission team reviewed reports of sexual violence
            including a case of rape and genital mutilation, neither of which could be verified.”

            UN reports like these can be paid for by powerful states like the US or apartheid Israel this was done with the Douma fake chemical attack in Syria by Assad regime this report is no different. And the Guardian seriously lol

            • Let me get this right …. articles that were published on Feb 6 (Grayzone) and 28 Feb (Intercept) debunk a Report that was published on Mar 4. Well I never. How prescient is that. Do they have their very own Aladdin’s Lamp complete with a genie?

          • Ann Hasbara E, In addition to this UN report “The analysis of forensic evidence was hindered by the limited availability of professionally gathered forensic material, the dispersal of the material and insufficient sharing among various state agencies, limited organization of the photos and videos as well as their inadequate classification”

            “Limited and/or poor quality of forensic evidence on instances of CRSV”

            “As a result of the aforementioned challenges, it must be noted that the information gathered by the mission team was in a large part sourced from Israeli national institutions.”

            “At least two of the allegations of sexual violence previously reported were determined by the mission team to be unfounded, , due to either new superseding information or inconsistency in the information gathered, including first responder testimonies, photographic evidence and other information. These included the allegation of a pregnant woman whose womb had reportedly been ripped open before she was killed, with her fetus stabbed while still inside her.”

            “Allegations of objects found inserted in female genital organs also could not be verified by the mission team due in large part to the limited availability and low quality of imagery.”

            “Overall, the mission team was unable to establish whether sexual violence occurred in kibbutz Be’eri. Further investigation may determine whether incidents of sexual violence occurred.”

            “The mission team reviewed reports concerning a case of rape which could not be verified at this point. It also reviewed reports of sexual violence, including one case of genital mutilation of one male soldier and several female soldiers during the attack on the military base, which likewise could not be established.”

            “The digital evidence discovered during independent open-source review appeared
            authentic and unmanipulated. While the mission team reviewed extensive digital material depicting a range of egregious violations, no digital evidence specifically depicting acts of sexual violence was found in open sources”

            “Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups, including but not limited to the Palestinian
            Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees, have claimed responsibility for the attacks of
            7 October 2023. In its report “Our Narrative: Operation Al-Aqsa Flood”, Hamas has however
            denied claims of harm against civilians, including the commission of rape. Given the mission was not investigative, it did not gather information and/or draw conclusions on attribution of alleged violations to specific armed groups. Such attribution would require a fully-fledged investigative process.”
            However the rape and sodomy by IDF on Palestinian woman & children isn’t controversial. The IDF are some of the creepiest lowlife scumbag individual here what they’ve been accused of by the same body doing this investigation
            “The mission team raised the allegations it had heard in the occupied West Bank of cruel,
            inhuman and degrading treatment and sexual violence in Israeli detention facilities, with the
            Israeli Ministry of Justice and the Military Advocate General”

            Its not substantive evidence it’s just their opinion and could have been manipulated by the lying IDF they really didn’t have a smoking gun nice try Ann Hasbara E

  13. That a majority of New Zealanders stand with Israel in its war against Hamas

    Well well if that were actually true then thousands would be coming out for the marches the Zionists in Aotearoa have organised. Instead we have thousands every weekend coming out for Palestine.

    Be inspired with this demolition of Israeli lies and obfuscations about its illegal occupation of Palestine. The lawyer is Ralph Wilde, speaking for the Arab States at the International Court of Justice. The court has been requested by the UN General assembly to give an advisory opinion on the legality of Israel’s occupation of Palestine

    VIVA Palestine.

    • “If that were actually true then thousands would be coming out for the marches the Zionists in Aotearoa have organised. Instead we have thousands every weekend coming out for Palestine.”

      Well now, Michal, that ain’t necessarily so.

      Could be that the large number of pro-Palestinian demonstrators on the street reflects their anger and impotence at the death and devastation depicted daily on their screens.

      To those who doubt the bona fides of Palestinian irredentism, however, the tragic loss of life and property in Gaza is interpreted as proof of the need to put an end to Hamas as a military force.

      The sort of murderous cynicism that led Gaza’s Hamas rulers to create (on 7/10/23) the circumstances that made Israel’s indisputably excessive, and arguably criminal, retaliation an inevitability, deserves the support of no one still in possession of a working conscience.

      Those who favor Hamas’ destruction – as the necessary prerequisite to any resumption of the peace process – have no need to protest.

      It is happening before their eyes.

      • Apparently CT there’s rumors (Scott Ritter) that Russia is talking with Hamas and the PLO to amalgamate forces & change their name to form a unified front creating a palestinian state. Russia has beefed up its strategic assets in Syria and is watching closely Hezbollah battle with the zionist state.

        As a well learned individual like yourself it’s shouldn’t be a shock that the military occupation is the major stumbling block that been going even before the state of apartheid Israel existed in 1948. Taking into the consideration that the 7th of Oct 2023 had been name Al Aqsa flood (storm) in connection with Israeli settlers and its govt ova the removal and disseccration of their most holiest shrine outside Mecca. In addition with overwhelming evidence of the brutal daily treatment of the indigenous Palestinian give Hamas legitimacy in their armed struggle against their occupier.

        IMO this apartheid state should cease to exist not only its brutal inhumane treatment towards the indigenous Palestinian but also its belligerent foreign policy abroad. Remember not all Jews are zionist and not all zionist are jews!

        Free Palestine

      • You came back, friend. I screw up my brow every time I think about Palestine. I don’t understand what you said. This new massacre. What we should do is war. Our creation Israel allows telling it what to do. I’m incensed. I want war on Israel.

  14. Those of a certain generation – I cal it the 1950’s born Brexit voter – are of a white settler colonial privilege. With a tinge of western civilisation internationalism (imperialism remnant) rules OK.

    While that allowed a semblance of working class Labour solidarity in youth into middle age when property ownership and middle class standing intervene. That explains the growing vulnerability to the majority “as the peoples mandate” in democracy, even when it results in injustice.

    However the opposition to CG (35/36), estate (24/36) and wealth taxation remains inexplicable – when this is common in the first world.

    The one sided support for Israel is indicative of what I would call the drunk on right wing applause syndrome – it impacted Douglas and now it has Trotter.

  15. From some of his earlier writing and hints I suspect that Trots is a faithist. By that I mean that he has strong some sort of baseline christian affiliation, but of what particular flavour/trademark I know not.

    When it comes down to showdowns, christians tend to abandon their jew persecution to go after followers of the prophet.

    Who knows? except it’s a fact that religion lies at the heart of this particular conflict.

    • Equally, when it comes to showdowns, the secular left tend to accelerate both their persecution of Christians and protection of the followers of the prophet. Perhaps they don’t realise how well that worked out for them in Iran eh?

      • Ok, I’ll bite, secular persecution of christians is christian victimhood fantasy. Christians have been fostering for two thousand years, since they first arrived on the scene. It’s a great tool for recruitment and maintaining a sense of cult solidarity.

        True, there have been historical instances of persecution such as Stalin and the CCCP, but rational evaluation attributes those cases primarily to motives of politics and power consolidation, and not driven by secular atheism.

  16. Why I and another left Bowalley Rd — the completely ingenuous or, at least, wrongheaded, defence of Israel in this massacre.

    I hate how the Right use our words, freedom and democracy.

    Chris wrote an article years ago about how Israel intended to clear the Palestinians out of West Bank. I leaned in even then and suggested we could evacuate the Israelis. You’re allowed to change your mind, but it’s completely in the mind of Chris — he wants to feel alright, rather than ‘be’ alright.

    Did he get religion, Martyn?

  17. I appreciate your latest talk about mental Chris. Came here to point out his nonsensical criticism of Galloway. Galloway is the way to avoid the US’s Right fascism. The way to resurrect the true Left after the sludge of 40 years.

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