If only this Government loved NZ as much as they love Big Tobacco, Gun lobbyists and rich landlords


If Newshub was Big Tobacco, a Gun Lobbyist or a rich landlord, it would be saved already.

As the PM preaches austerity, he’s paying himself $1000 a week to rent his own apartment. A position he only u-turned once the naked hypocrisy of it was spelt out to him.

This Government’s interests are for the rich, the big donors and the dark money – NOT for anyone else!

Luxon considers them ‘bottom feeders’.

If NZ was Air NZ, Luxon only cares about First Class passengers, Business Class passengers and considers joking with the Pilots as him being working class.

Those in cattle class are the middle classes and those who work outside the plane are the Bottom Feeders who don’t even get to fly. They exist to maintain the privilege of those who are flying.

The sheer magnitude of the venal self interest the right are ramming through is stunning many Kiwis.

Most Kiwis had no idea what the policy platform of National, ACT, NZ First would vomit up, TDB however warned you this would happen!

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This is what we elected, corporate welfare and socialism for the Rights rich mates, brutal austerity for the rest of us.

This is what we is now, this is what we have become.

While apologists on The Democracy Project will pretend this Government is ‘moderate’, the reality for many on the bottom of NZ’s social rungs, Luxon’s ‘Bottom Feeders’, like is about to become miserable.
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  1. If the goal is still for all of us to aspire to brighter futures, someone better tell the people a mortgage they can’t afford, two gas guzzler tanks on the drive, the jet skis and motor home on the never never, isn’t smashing through the turd ceiling and joining some elite level on society’s rung, it’s faking to yourself your life isn’t shit, you own nothing and work all hours for the privilege.

    Even if they had the spare cash they couldn’t buy a fucking clue.

    • While there probably are people as you describe most younger people are struggling for a mortgage they can afford on some shit-box house on a section barely larger than the house size, often they are paying high rent with both partners working & being able to save is just a pipe dream. If your name is any reflection on your character then you are obviously without a clue.

  2. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse a new day rises. Haven’t been this interested in politics since Trump.

  3. ” Most Kiwis had no idea what the policy platform of National, ACT, NZ First would vomit up, TDB however warned you this would happen! ”

    You can blame Newshub whose collapse is apparently bad for democracy for not highlighting their party manifestos and providing and encouraging debate as one MSM example. But that is a consequence of allowing foreign corporate capital to distort the medias message and response.

    National and ACT voters only had to be convinced that NACT would be hardline and the more brutal the better and they supported them with their wallets and their votes. Any other consideration doesn’t exist.

    None of what this junta are doing is surprising anyone. We have been here before so many times in the last 40 years and its just become normal government practice.

  4. I’ve been sleeping not i’ve been thinking in between butts and cigarettes.I’ve also been dreaming alot and realising that my brain is not getting enough exercise anymore.I heard charlotte grimshaw say that she had read silvia plaths auto biography of some 1400 pages and we were all suitably impressed.I read lotr twice some 2000 pgs.But the hardest books I ever read were only brief some 100 too 200 pages long.The uni in ruins by bill readins or the postmodern condition by lyotard.

    what is a wellingtonian?

    well u don’t actually have too live in welly too be a member of the educated middle class trotsky!

  5. Love our children and young parents especially when they are struggling. Give up the class society with the patronising and/or derisive demeaning attitude to ordinary citizens without pots of comforting care being shelled out. This is an important finding from Ombudsman for NZ/AO.

    Recent reports by the Chief Ombudsman, the Independent Children’s Monitor and the Auditor General have detailed the grim state of affairs for children and whānau in Oranga Tamariki (Ministry for Children) care.
    The ombudsman called for “change on a scale rarely required of a government agency”, and said Oranga Tamariki has lost the public’s trust.

    He highlighted the story of a young person who spent years in a secure “care and protection” residence. He also acknowledged the harmful effects of residential care on young people.
    Care and protection residences provide a secure living environment for children aged 12-16, when it is considered unsafe for them to live at home or in their community. The ombudsman said these sorts of facilities should only be used as a last resort for the shortest time possible.

    But care and protection residences are increasingly being used as a default solution for young people with the most complex needs. What needs to change to ensure they become a therapeutic safe space for children in need, rather than a dumping ground for “bad kids”?


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