Israeli desecration of graves in Gaza includes damage to New Zealand war graves from WW1


PSNA is calling on the government to investigate reports that the Commonwealth War Cemetery in Gaza – which has 23 New Zealand graves from the First World War – has been damaged by Israel in its war on Gaza.

The Guardian newspaper reports:

“The damage has also included an ancient Roman cemetery and the Commonwealth war cemetery, where more than 3,000 British and commonwealth soldiers are buried after dying in battles during the first and second world wars”

There are 23 graves of New Zealand soldiers in the cemetery.

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Earlier reports show appalling and deliberate damage and bodies desecrated in at least 16 other cemeteries across Gaza and Canada reported damage to the war cemeterywhere Canadian soldiers lie alongside New Zealanders.

According to a CNN report:

Cemeteries are given protections as “civilian objects” under international law and are afforded special protections, with limited exceptions.


“Israel has always flouted international law and the desecration of cemeteries adds to the long list of its war crimes in Gaza” says PSNA National Chair John Minto.

“We are asking the government to investigate this report of damage to our soldiers’ graves as we continue to call on the government to speak out against other Israeli war crimes such as collective punishment of Palestinians and the credible risk of genocide in Gaza as ruled by the International Court of Justice”

The land for the cemetery was gifted by the people of Palestine.


    • Jack, Jack, Jack expand your knowledge, just read a little start with The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Ilane Pappe who is Jewish and then move on to ….
      Israel a Beachhead in the middle east – Stephen Gowans
      The Palestine Laboratory – Antony Loewenstein (Jewish)
      The Last Earth – Ramzy Baroud (Palestinian)
      The making of Hamas’s foreign policy – Daud Abdullah ( former Deputy Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain)
      The Great War for Civilisation – Robert Fisk (deceased, middle East journalist)
      The Question of Palestine – Edward Said (Palestinian)
      The biggest prison on earth – Ilane Pappe (Jewish)
      On Palestine – Noam Chomsky (Jewish)
      Palestine a four thousand year history – Nurma Masalha (Palestinian)
      The Invention of the land of Israel – Shlomo Sand (Jewish)
      Freedom Next Time – Resisting the empire – John Pilger (deceased recently, journalist, written many books and docos).

      • Much quicker and more comprehensive for Jack to just read “The history of Jihad” by Robert Spencer Michal. Maybe complemented by “The Palestinian Delusion.” IN both books Spencer gets the timeline and context of the conflict correct.

    • Agreed especially as they were well aware of the local Muslim population who used to try and steal from them.

      • That’s a broad racist brush james used in his post ,,,, Imagine how we would feel if there were international travel warnings and overseas media warning tourists that ‘the local New Zealand population will try and steal from them’ ,,,, I bet James would feel miffed.

        Never mind he does not see the Irony of him talking about theft when Israel was created and expands through the theft of land, homes and lives …

        It appears James actually approves of theft ,,, Palestine… Fully Furnished اخدوها مفروشة Akhaduha Mafroosheh

      • Unfortunately the word genocide has been bastardized, weaponised and misappropriated by the left to beat anyone they disagree with.

        • Oh I see now… @ Jack. You’re an idiot. Likely an AI idiot. Only artificial intelligence could be as …what is @ jack? Stupid? Annoyingly morally corrupting? A gas bag full of logical fallacies that only ignoring [him] could silence.
          Jack is like phlegm on the footpath. It’s there, you don’t want to look at it, but there it is and you’re compelled to take notice, to look… All jack gives is repulsion.
          I’ve just wasted my time bothering with jack because I was compelled by my revoltion at his opinions that I was compelled to engage. I wonder what Freud would think about that? Ignore him and move on would be my guess. ” Spend your time on more important things like cleaning your finger nails.”

        • Really Jack? A bit like the word Semite.

          I don’t think you have a clue what those soldiers would do. Canadians? Hmm, what was their approach to the Jewish before and after WWII?

          I love the way you and your fellow European IDF fan club ignore the fact that Europe at one point could not get rid of the Jewish fast enough. Why? Well certainly not because the Jews were stealing land and slaughtering innocent women and children. But apparently today’s Palestinians are just so unreasonable for feeling aggrieved. It’s f’ing ridiculous

        • So Jack is that the reason for your delusion conclusions? You think it’s a left and right issue? That would make sense I guess. There’s no logic, and moral standards fly out the window.

        • Perhaps so, but in the case of what’s happening in Gaza, the appropriate word is genocide. It’s got nothing to do with “anyone they disagree with”. The observable facts lay it bare. Israel’s government, through the IDF are systematically murdering 1000s of people a day that are absolutely innocent, and their only distinguishing factor being that they are Palestinians in Gaza.

          That’s genocide, no bastardisation about it.

    • Given What happened at Surafend, and the general anti-Semitism of the day I wouldn’t like to predict what New Zealand troops in World War II would have thought. Maybe you’re psychic though?

    • bullshit jack you don’t know that so stop waving corpses around to bolster your own dismal personalopinions..that’s exactly what DOES dishonour the dead…numpty

    • You need to look up a dictionary to find out what barbarism and terrorism actually mean before coming up with such a ridiculous comment.

    • That qualifies as the most ignorant, and obnoxious comment I’ve seen on here for a little while now.. Do you ever actually listen to yourself when you speak?, or bother to read your comments before posting, just to make sure you aren’t making an ass of yourself?
      Sure doesn’t look like it to me… So, we can now accept that you are an incurable mediocrity, with some rather quaint bigotries… Whether you will ever understand that is irrelevant, just like your comment..
      One doesn’t have to be brilliant to understand the atrocities the Zionists are perpetrating, but one does need a social conscience that is anchored by a humane, and rational outlook..
      No discernable Humanity in your words, just arrogance and self entitlement… Just like the Israelis..

    • Yeah bro, the British soldiers you zionists hung and blew up for fun would definitely support you zionist child murderers too. Just like the 34 American sailors you slaughtered on the USS Liberty.

      Keep smoking that good crack.

  1. There is a saying that ‘opinions are like arse-holes, everyone has one’ ….. Jack demonstrates even arse-holes have opinions.

    Why he thinks AoNZ soldiers would be arse-holes like himself,,,, and that they would approve of the barbarism and terrorism against the women , children and civilians of Palestine.,like he does ,,,, by a racist violent ethno-state called Israel which did not even exist at the time ,,,, is a mystery which can only be understood by knowing that Jacks a total Arse-hole.

    Being so one-eyed it’s possible he does not see his own dishonesty,,, but I bet he knows he’s a zionist liar.

    “barbarism and terrorism” —


  2. With all that’s going on in Palestine at the moment, I think the desecration of a few graves is the least of its problems.

  3. The Israelis under thrall, fanatically driven by a warped tell-e-ban with a mind bent by a dark history, are part of the elite world group that wants to destroy any good human outcomes that have been built up after intermittent outbreaks of bad behaviour and cruelty. Now their aim is to prevent a repeat of the past by annihilating as much and many of us that can be achieved, leaving the remaining elite to dissolve in their own acid.

    You have been warned. If you can’t see it then you are lucky. Wilful ignorance has its advantages. All we can do is love or tolerate each other, give some flexibility for faults – engineer some leeway in the system, live to as high a level of enjoyment and appreciation as you have been fashioned, and do useful and some artistic things, while you have your life as an amazing, intricate being gifted beyond understanding.

    • “are we talking war damage or vandalisation here?” gagarin

      A well as committing actual genocide, the Zionists are committing cultural genocide. The history of Israel is one of erasing every trace of the Palestinian people.

      Cycling through Israeli nature parks, where forests cover the ruins of Palestinian villages

      …..After the destruction of Palestinian villages, such as Al-Qabu, which had existed since Roman times, pine trees were planted over them in the 1950s. That became the so-called Begin Park. It was named after Menachem Begin, Israel’s sixth prime minister, who was a member of the Irgun terror group before 1948…..

    • The zionist entity has always targeted the cultural heritage of the people who were there in Palestine before they illegally invaded. Whether it’s the earliest Christian churches on earth, Muslim mosques that have existed for millennia, or the graves of British Commonwealth soldiers who were there back when cowardly zionists like Walter Rothschild were nowhere near Palestine but hiding in Britain and writing pronunciations in the name of Arthur Balfour for him to issue, spending the blood and credibility of the British empire for their sole benefit.

    • “are we talking war damage or vandalisation here?” gagarin

      As well as committing actual genocide, the Israelis are committing control genocide.

      The history of Israel is a history of erasing every trace of Palestinians.

      Cycling through Israeli nature parks, where forests cover the ruins of Palestinian villages

      …On 14 July 1948, the Zionist militia Palmach expelled all 390 inhabitants, shelling the village with mortars and dynamiting houses. After 1950, a new village was built on the site of the Palestinian village. It was given the old Biblical name Tzora, after the place where Samson, the Old Testament Israelite judge, was born.
      ….After the destruction of Palestinian villages, such as Al-Qabu, which had existed since Roman times, pine trees were planted over them in the 1950s. That became the so-called Begin Park. It was named after Menachem Begin, Israel’s sixth prime minister, who was a member of the Irgun terror group before 1948. Among the trees, the ruins of the mosque can still be seen….

  4. Vandalisation on a large scale could be regarded as an attack on people and their buildings and sacred places; lone shooters, such as in Christchurch, are a precursor to further attacks, that can slide into war. Sorry if it doesn’t fall into your finely organised alphabetically arranged file.

    • We already know that Brenton Tarrant, a committed zionist, was inspired by the notorious zionist Baruch Goldstein, widely regarded as a great hero of ‘Israel’, in his attack. The current ‘Israeli’ ‘minister’ of ‘national security’ has an icon of Goldstein in his home which he venerates daily.

      Tarrant murdered more innocent people, 51 vs Goldstein’s 29, but wounded less (40 vs 125). Given that the zionist aim is to make innocent people suffer, as opposed to just killing them straight out, I would say Goldstein was the better zionist and the worse human being, but both of them are very evil for what they did in the service of zionism.

      • And the source of your claims that Tarrant was a “committed Zionist” inspired by Goldstein is? Tarrant admitted to inspiration for his terror attack from 1) Anders Breivik, 2) the bloody history of Islamic conquest of infidel countries and 3) the Islamist terror attack which killed young, innocent Ebba Akerlund who in 2017 was walking after school to meet her mother in Stockholm, Sweden. A murder incidentally almost totally ignored by western media.

  5. Zionism, according to a recent encyclopaedia, is a worldwide political movement launched by Theodor Herzl in 1897. Equally it might be said that Socialism was founded in 1848 by Karl Marx. It is clearly difficult to do justice to the origins of a movement of any consequence in a one-sentence definition. The Jewish national revival which took place in the nineteenth century, culminating in political Zionism, was preceded by a great many activities and publications, by countless projects, declarations and meetings; thousands of Jews had in fact settled in Palestine before Herzl ever thought of a Jewish state. These activities took place in various countries and on different levels; it is difficult to classify them and almost impossible to find a common denominator for them. They include projects of British and French statesmen to establish a Jewish state; manifestos issued by obscure east European rabbis; the publication of romantic novels by non-Jewish writers; associations to promote settlement in Palestine, and to spread Jewish culture and national consciousness. The term Zionism appeared only in the 1890s,* but the cause, the concept of Zion, has been present throughout Jewish history. A survey of the origins of Zionism must take as its starting point the central place of Zion in the thoughts, the prayers, and the dreams of the Jews in their dispersion. The blessing ‘Next year in Jerusalem’ is part of the Jewish ritual and many generations of practising Jews have turned towards the east when saying the Shemone Essre , the central prayer in the Jewish liturgy. The longing for Zion manifested itself in the appearance of many messiahs, from David Alroy in the twelfth century to Shabtai Zvi in the seventeenth, in the poems of Yehuda Halevy, in the meditations of generations of mystics. Physical contact between the Jews and their former homeland was never completely broken; throughout the Middle Ages sizable Jewish communities existed in Jerusalem and Safed, and smaller ones in Nablus and Hebron. Attempts by Don Yosef Nasi, Duke of Naxos, to promote Jewish colonisation near Tiberias failed, but individual migration to Palestine never ceased; it reached a new height with the arrival of groups of Hassidim in the late eighteenth century.

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