Julian Assange has been imprisoned for 1752 days


Some news from Free Assange January Newsletter

In the past month Julian has lost one of his great friends and supporters, the indefatigable John Pilger. John spent much of his time in later years campaigning for Julian’s release and we convey our heartfelt sympathy to his family. Universally celebrated as one of the great journalists of our time, John’s passing at the age of 84 is not just a great loss to Julian Assange but all those who knew him, as well as a severe loss to journalism itself. John Pilger once said “It is only when journalists understand the role they play in propaganda, it’s only when they realise they can’t be both independent, honest journalists and agents of power, that things will begin to change.”

John Pilger also noted that Julian was “brave in starting a project that he knew would get him in trouble, the best kind of trouble. The kind of trouble that informs people, that respects their right to know about those who govern them, those that make war in their name…when Julian started WikiLeaks Julian knew it would be a rocky road…it was about seeking justice through letting people know what was going on“. Pilger understood the significance of Julian Assange‘s WikiLeaks project and the dangers he faced in championing the public’s right to know.

Julian faces pivotal court hearings which are to be held at 8:30am on February 20 and 21 at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. A new Julian Assange interactive map showcases Julian Assange’s awards for Journalism (more than 35) as well as regional and municipal honours and awards he has been granted.

The UK Conservative MP David Davis has spoken of his opposition to extradition saying “The successful extradition of Julian Assange would effectively criminalise investigative journalism as espionage. It would set a legal precedent allowing the prosecution of anyone who breaks the duty of silence on classified American information and state sponsored crime.’  Julian’s wife, Stella, told a public meeting that Julians incarceration and torture are a “deliberate signal to prevent scrutiny of authoritarian regimes“. 

In her ‘In Conversation’ interview series Stella Assange had a wide reaching discussion with former UK Ambassador Craig Murray. Murray talked of the “flagrant abuse and persecution of Julian as an individual that makes him an extremely powerful symbol of freedom.

There are two parts to the interview – Part one is titled ‘Demystifying Diplomacy and Espionage‘ and Part Two: ‘Foreign Office and intelligence agencies in Practice‘.  

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  1. Political captivity is one of the factors that shakes the political mechanism the most. The more transparent our laws are, the more justice we can provide in the public sector. The primary factor in democracies is that active politicians do not create new passive rival politicians. Otherwise, we cannot talk about the existence of transparent politicians in that country.

    • Yep, and all pricks deserve 1752 days and counting in prison for exposing government shenanigans. Between the two, its the being a prick that matters aye!

      • Jesus Christ, read my comment again – you’ve misunderstood the whole point. It’s not as if it’s a very long or convoluted piece of work.

        • Reckon I read it right – unfortunately – as your no comment here relative to your CB comment below highlights. You have brought the government kool aid, hook, line and sinker.

          Now, lets deal with the sexual assault. Julian had unprotected sex with two women. One of them, at least, asked him for a blood test, to rule out the possibility of aids. Julian refused. This, thanks to the wonders of the judicial system within the country this all took place in – Sweden – then led to accusations of rape. It was all a song and dance thereafter, aided and abetted by the country that Assange, greatly pissed off with his exposure of their war crimes – the USA.

          And, this song and dance still goes on today aided and abetted by all Western countries, at least, whom dance to the USA’s tune, whenever asked.

          As for the Clinton-Trump palarva – pure rubbish – but unfortunately, it worked a treat on most people, especially those with a penchant for mainstream media.

          And then there’s Julian himself….this, that and the other apparently – his character hammered – the government and their mainstream media acolytes really did a job on the guy that exposed more US govt crimes than anybody of his generation, thus putting to shame/annoying, not only govt officials, but his (mainstream) media contemporaries also whom parrot, rather than challenge, govt actions now days.

          And yes, you bought all this as your he’s a prick and nothing else mattered, compared, comment shows.

          • The meaning of my first comment was that being a prick is not a cause for imprisonment. The rest of your tinfoil hat ravings are bullshit.

          • Julian is a prick in your eyes, and this view overrides anything else you may think about him. This is the meaning I took from you initial comment and then you elaborated a little bit more as to why you think he’s a prick, to countryboy below. Thus, you got my tinny assessment of your b/s understanding of him.

            Meanwhile, he languages in prison – without charge – for exposing government crimes, but again, this does not matter to you because, well, personality trumps substance, aka, playing the man is always more important to playing the ball, in your eyes.

            Now, if you’re the GS from over the Rd, then I certainly, certainly know the last bit to be true.

            • “Now, if you’re the GS from over the Rd, then I certainly, certainly know the last bit to be true.”
              And what exactly does over the road mean? Jesus Christ it’s like arguing with Jordan Peterson fan boys here.

    • There’s no evidence of that, at least from 2006 on. And his service in exposing zionist/american crimes goes a long way towards repaying anything he might have done earlier.

      • Well, he’s been credibly accused of sexual assault at the very least. He (allegedly) offered dirt on Hillary Clinton to the Trump campaign through Trump’s son. He actually released hacked emails which helped the Trump campaign. He’s an arrogant bastard according to various people who know him.
        I set this against the obvious good he’s done by exposing things that needed exposing. But he doesn’t seem to be a particularly nice person.

        • There is nothing credible about accusing Julian Assange of sexual assault. Those charges was just a tool to silence wikileaks and has since faded.

          • Those were dropped because the charges ran out of the statute of limitations, and the Swedes couldn’t formally inform him of the charges because they got no co-operation from the Ecuadorians who I might add also got a bit sick of him as a personality.

              • Please point out where I said personality traits were a crime. I actually made the point that they weren’t a crime. The point being that if we imprisoned every prick, they’d be a hell of a lot of people in prison. Jesus Christ, do I have to spell everything out?

                • yeah ya do ‘cos you’re a dick!!!!
                  A tedious know it all middle-class dickhead.
                  The only evidence the Swedes had of rape was an unused condom and a rape complaint not made by the young woman concerned.
                  The Swedish prosecutor concocted the rape charge.
                  The Swedes let him leave the country even after he offered himself for questioning.
                  reckon you might be a prick too gs.

        • Nicky Hager has actually worked with him found Julian to be neither arrogant or ‘a prick’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hoRa9QP8CA ,,,

          the character assassination and smear jobs carried out against Assange have been swallowed hook line and sinker by many,,, and the purpose was to mute opposition to his persecution….

          guerilla surgeon has regurgitated a whole lot of falsehoods in a example of monkey see monkey do.

          Assanges crime was telling the truth and fighting dis-information from the most powerful liars in the world….

          • “When you are much smarter than the people around you, you develop an enormous ego — and you get the feeling that any problem can be solved if you put your mind to it.” Julian Assange

            As I said, his personality is not cause for imprisonment, but it is one of the reasons why he was kicked out of the Ecuadorian embassy.

  2. ….” the NATO states hate Assange–and seek his judicial murder–precisely for revealing truths that embarrassed their system of “conquest, pillage and slaughter” in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria and elsewhere.”

    Part of Julians legal defense …”1.1. Julian Assange and Wikileaks were responsible for the exposure of criminality on the part of the U.S. Government on a massive and unprecedented scale. The publication in 2010 and 2011
    of materials sent by a serving military officer, Private Manning, sit at the very apex of publicinterest disclosures. By publishing this material ‘WikiLeaks…exposed outrageous, even
    murderous wrongdoing [including] war crimes, torture and atrocities on civilians’”

    1.2. Julian Assange’s work, dedicated to ensuring public accountability by exposing global human
    rights abuses, and facilitating the investigation of and prosecution for state criminality, has
    contributed to the saving of countless lives, stopped human rights abuses in their tracks, and
    brought down despotic and autocratic regimes.

    1.3. Those who expose grave state criminality, defenders of fundamental human rights, are, and
    always have been, vulnerable to acts of political retaliation and persecution from the regimes”

    All dismissed by a corrupt, rotten, Usa dick sucking British Kangaroo court system.

    England is a corrupt shit hole …… Long live the king.

    • I said it at the time, and I’ll say it now.

      These sort of conspiracies always require a very specific level of evil from the U.S. government; one where it can make up phony charges to arrest someone it wants, but not just, yknow, kill them.

      Because it’s not like the U.S. government doesn’t know how to kill people.

  3. Countdown to the big day – aye Leslie speaking up on behalf of Julian.

    If you have listened on the internet to how the UK government through its Royal Mail and UK Post rorted good citizen Postmasters over a faulty computer system that they were too proud and arrogant to admit was faulty and lied and cheated – you get an idea how low the UK ethical standards have fallen.

    They lied over Brexit and medical costs under the EU, which were supposed to change for the better once out. Can they pull up their trousers, gripping their waistbands to clothe themselves decently, and stand firm for principles that override expedience to keep in with USA, where the best war business is to be had? Possibly ultimately, it is a business decision, either profit or lose out, no in-between. Assange is the meat in a gross sandwich.

  4. Someone who speaks from direct experience rather than through a hole in his hat is ex UN Rapporteur on Torture , Cruel and Inhumane Treatment is Nils Melzer.
    Read his book The Trial of Julian Assange’.


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